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    Do You Like Darkness?[Open guild join]

    Rekka Hecate
    Rekka Hecate

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    Do You Like Darkness?[Open guild join] Empty Do You Like Darkness?[Open guild join]

    Post by Rekka Hecate on 22nd March 2020, 3:20 pm

    Rekka smiled as she had gained some important information while being outside of a guild was fun, it was much more fun to be with others with the same mindset. While out of the light of the world she had kept track of many guilds and one, in particular, that was a rising star got her attention. It was called Errings Rising. Due to her particular skill at getting information from people she was able to discover its location, a mountain she could remember from her past for sure.

    She would head to the location they supposedly were at, as she waited as she knew dark guilds didn't exactly like unannounced guests, she would simply shout who she was, this always seemed to be her best method.

    "Do not worry I am not here to come after you my name is Rekksa Lawless, some of you I am sure have heard of my actions, but I am not here to fight I want to join you. If you wonder what I have to offer, well I did help with several legal guilds downfalls, it was quite the joy to fight them. We have for far too long played hide and seek, we have let this world return exactly to what it was before I had disappeared into the shadows. I had hoped the world would change, it simply went back to its twisted sense of justice and discrimination, those that are wealthy continue to abuse those that are not. Many sick individuals hide under the mask of being legal, those type of people anger me. So let us talk and see if we can come to an agreement."

    She waited for a response as she was well above the settlements and in the mountains behind it. She did wonder how much they wanted to change the world, Rekka deeply wanted to change the world. To unite the world under one guild, no more than a guild to force all nations to obey their rules and their laws.


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    Do You Like Darkness?[Open guild join] Empty Re: Do You Like Darkness?[Open guild join]

    Post by Sanguine on 28th March 2020, 11:17 am

    It wasn’t much of a problem for work to be done within the main area of the hall. Surrounded by other moments lounging around, one would think a high seated member would not be here among the others cleaning as though she were just some hired help. No, this was to help show that despite her title, she would not allow that to change what she enjoyed doing. In her mind, being a maid was as much as being a nun had been. At least, the way in which she had been trained and taught was the reason behind it. Still, the white haired maid did not let the looks and whispers get to her. Instead, she just showed them the same kindness from which she showed anyone else. That was just whom she was; nice to a fault until she didn’t have to be. An angel of mercy or a devil of destruction.

    But just then, the doors bursted open and a sole woman stood in the hall entrance. Beginning her monologue reminded her much of Ohdran and his attempts to seem like some all important being. But her name... it struck her memories well who she was. While a few members snickered and chuckled at her announcement of accomplishments, the head maid shoo’d them from the room, leaving only herself and the new arrival. ”The catastrophic cannibal of Savage Skull is still alive, huh?” She mused, chuckling to herself, but also aloud as she did find this wonderful to see. Whether it was true was another story, but she would surely find out if this woman was the real thing or not.

    ”Well, allow me to be the first to welcome you to Errings Rising, Mistress Rekka.” The maid gave a full curtsy, her head lowering as well before she would return to her former position, hands rested in front of her. ”I am the head maid of the guild. You may call me Sanguine if you please.” She returned the greeting, remaining where she stood from the moment of her greeting as the doors would close on their own with Rekka still inside the building. ”Please do come in, take a seat if you wish and if you’d like a drink or food before we begin, I’ll be happy to fetch it for you.” Her offer carried no malice or concern. Though, the only concern would he having to begin stacking up bodies to help feed a cannibal... occasionally. She was a wanderer after all, one capable of hunting her own meals. Still, it would be an interesting addition to this already dysfunctionally functional family.

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