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    The Plague: The Unusual Weed

    Cierra Huxx
    Cierra Huxx

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    The Plague: The Unusual Weed Empty The Plague: The Unusual Weed

    Post by Cierra Huxx on 22nd March 2020, 9:57 am

    Another day, another job is and Cierra was already knee deep into this one. The task sounded easy enough. Find the plants, take a sample from and then take it to the herbalist. What the herbalist had not said was that they tended to dwell in large groups and were a pain to deal with when close to each other. It seemed that the Slayer's usual style of just beating her opponents to a pulp was simply not going to work this time, which annoyed her somewhat. Her first half a dozen jobs had awoken a desire for blood and carnage, a desire that seemed to grow by the day and one that her Godly partner longed for as well. Elysia was always thirsty for destruction, a thirst that was growing as quickly as Cierra's.

    Today, however, was not going to be a day for her to satiate that need and instead she found herself in front of a large group of the unknown plants, thorns sticking out from each one, a warning to anyone who would dare approach them. Apparently, they carried a particular poison that caused anyone stung to be in the hospital or something like that. Cierra was hardly sympathetic about that and she believed that anyone stupid enough to try and touch a thorny plant was deserving of whatever happened to them. Ah well, the world was full of morons and it seemed that Beanstalk Village had its fair share of them.

    Summoning her Godly powers, Cierra released a wave of blood which travelled towards the plants, clattering into them with great force and stunning them. She then swiftly clapped her hands, which summoned a geyser of boiling blood to rise up from underneath the plants and drench them in hot blood, burning them and causing them to burn. It was a simple combination but one that proved effective against them. Only one of the seven plants survived the onslaught and it certainly did not look all that healthy either. With a smile, Cierra then briefly inhaled moisture from the air, before launching it as a powerful torrent of blood, easily destroying the final plant, its resistance broken.

    It had been as simple as she had thought it would be and without a moment's hesitation, she swiftly moved forward, pulled out a vial and pair of tweezers that she had brought for the job and gently took a sample of the largest plant. When that was done, she turned away and headed back towards the village, where her reward would hopefully be waiting. The herbalist was pleased with her work and gladly took the sample, praising the mage for her diligence. In fact, she even offered Cierra the chance to become more involved in her investigation, which the purple haired mage eventually agreed too. She would return to the village once the herbalist had finished her investigation but until then, the pair parted ways.

    Back on the road again, Cierra continues her trek across the world, always on the hunt for thrills, spills and the promise of jewels.

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