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    A Lord of Sin in the land of Sinners. - I n t r o


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    A Lord of Sin in the land of Sinners. - I n t r o Empty A Lord of Sin in the land of Sinners. - I n t r o

    Post by Barnabus on 21st March 2020, 10:11 am

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    Barnabus sat up in the back of the vehicle, awoken by the sounds of crunching and squelches from the front drivers seat. He blinked a few times, "Vixen, for hell's sake could you eat a little more quietly. I'm trying to sleep off the effects of last nights imbibing." He snapped, throwing a bitter glance to the front of the car, where the demonic servant was sinking her teeth into the fleshy heart of his latest concubine. "Vixen..." He whined in frustration, bringing his hands to the sides of his face, "When I requested you take care of her, I meant drop her off at one's of those overnight establishments, whatever they're called...ah, yes, motels. By no means was this instruction for you to eat her." He scolded, rubbing his temples. Vixen sat up straight, exposing the corpse beneath her, eying him with her attractive 'human face'; her ruby eyes glowing with demonic energy, horns that were usually hidden pressing up into the roof of the car, blood staining her chin, neck and the front of her clothes. She swallowed her bite before addressing him.

    "My apologies, My Lord, I misunderstood your request. I assumed you were permitting me to end her and took it upon myself to devour her. Forgive me Lord Icarus, it has been some time since my last meal, I found myself unable to resist." She answered stoically. Icarus sighed, albeit frustrated, he supposed she was right. On the notion of keeping a low profile, he hadn't permitted her to snack on any humans for a few weeks now, it was no wonder she hadn't snapped sooner. "It's fine. Just tell me in the future if you're hungry, we can find someone a little more disposable for lunch. Now tell me, where have we ended up this time?"

    "We are in the land of Sin, my Lord."

    Sin, how fitting.

    Icarus's lips curled into an amused smirk as he reflected on this. Its sweet irony was more than amusing to the human-inhabiting demon, as a hell-dweller, he knew plenty of sin. It's fundamentals, it's foundations, it's many, many sumptuous flavours. He spent quite a few month on the humans plane, the middle ground as it were. Enjoying months of living in reckless abandon in this new exquisite body of his, testing out the waters after such a long, long, time of the underworlds entrapments and duties. It seemed that the big man downstairs had yet to make any attempts to reclaim the Demon Lord, or perhaps he didn't know that Icarus was missing. It was highly unlikely.

    Perhaps he didn't care, or maybe it was just that he knew something would bring him back. But alas, not any time soon. Icarus had the full undeniable intent of enjoying his stay on earth for as long as he could salvage it, fleeing his duties from the family titles belonging to this 'body'. He had someone working there in his stead, who would be keeping him up to date with any matters to so as to not 'arouse suspicion'. In the meantime, he had decided to venture out and explore. Tasting the divine treasures of the world, and it had been a wild, and enlightening journey.

    "Tidy yourself up Vixen, I'm going to stretch my legs before we head back into civilisation." He told her, opening the car door, he stepped onto the desolate earth. Brushing down his expensive dark grey suit, he looked around, admirations the plains of Sin .. They felt so oddly familiar to him, elements of it reminding him of the underworld, some of the realms also like to adopt such looks of 'utter abandonment'. He strolled along trying to recollect last nights machinations, they had consumed quite a lot of alcohol, something called 'Absinthe' had been introduced to him and some how he'd ended up driving out here with this particularly delicious little human girl and enjoying several hours of intimate indulgence with her. He had summoned Vixen during his drunken stupor to take the girl away before passing out in the backseat of her motor. He chuckled to himself, "Another wild adventure." He commented whimsically to himself.

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    A Lord of Sin in the land of Sinners. - I n t r o Empty Re: A Lord of Sin in the land of Sinners. - I n t r o

    Post by Odhran Aegisbane on 27th March 2020, 9:43 pm

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    As humble as the safety of Elysium's hall was, Odhran was always the adventurous sort. He enjoyed his time wandering through the hellscape of a country that was Sin, seeing the desolate earth beneath his feet and often passing the time by flexing Perpetuus Sama's strength by turning the rubble and wasteland into merely ruins and sand. It was a subtle improvement, but an improvement nonetheless. Plus, the desolate landscapes of Sin left much room for training, whether it be against hostile wildlife or simply shooting lasers at the landscape, both of which the Celestial Spirit God found incredibly amusing to do.

    This day was no different. Odhran was wandering by himself amongst the shabby, downtrodden roads of Sin's feeble infrastructure and coming up to one of the closest signs of civilization aside from the town that Elysium had called their home, as well as a few other small colonial attempts made by other Earthland countries. Sitting desolately along the broken and busted road was a single rest station: Raum's Respite. It was little more than a shack, in all honesty, with two vacant rooms and an outhouse sitting outside run by hard-ass warrior who had managed to survive in Sin for several decades at this point. Odhran was good friends with the warrior, Raum himself, who often enjoyed the light show Hallow's Phantom could provide from time-to-time, and Odhran would often duel with Raum, or Raum with some of Odhran's Spirits, and he found the grizzled veteran a fun man to deal with.

    However, where the place was often laid desolate and barren as the plains around them, there was something different about this time. A car was sitting nearby, with a man standing next to it, looking to get a little bit of exercise or, at the very least, a desire to escape from the pains of a long journey. Undeniably giddy with excitement at the possibility of someone new to interact with, Odhran chomped at the bit to get to introductions, but there was more than just his own excitement he needed to account for.

    "What Spirits do I summon?" he said, panicking. "I need to make sure I have a good impression! Let's see...uh...oh! I got it!"

    Thinking "quickly" he pulled out three of his keys and summoned them in rapid succession: Scorpio, Amittai, and Noel. The devillish look of Noel and Amittai made sure that, should he be a coward, they could intimidate, while Scorpio, who was in his male form, was there to ensure that the glorious nature of Odhran himself was well-known. Walking towards the man with a hearty purpose in his stride, Odhran tried to look as cool as possible with his posse of party members following suit, Noel's towering form ensuring that, should Hallow's Phantom be disregarded, there was a tall, imposing presence around him, while Scorpio flanked Odhran's right and Amittai the left.

    Upon reaching the man, Odhran realized that he had no idea what to say, so, thinking that he had come up with a great strategy, Odhran simply said, "Hello, traveler! Welcome to Sin! Have you come here for a particular reason?"

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