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    And Justice... For All? (C/Solo)


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    Completed And Justice... For All? (C/Solo)

    Post by Louie on 18th March 2020, 5:51 pm

    "So this is where you left off to?"

    It was late at night, darkness swallowing up the sky and replacing its cerulean hue with indigo, a strand of stars speckling the night sky. It was far too beautiful for what was taking place tonight, and its darkness was comforting for those who craved its concealment. For one individual, apparently, it was a time of activity and action. He was a wanted man for crimes of sexual assault, but Louie didn't care enough to learn any more about the man even though he was staying the night in the same town as him. Why would he care, after all? As rumors tell it, he only targeted young girls between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, and Louie was no broad! Though, he couldn't understand the desire to lust after him even if he wasn't at risk. He was beautiful, after all.

    In a dirty and narrow alleyway drawn far away from the busy streets and nightlife of Hosenka Town, Louie found himself meandering into its depths with only one street light's brightness shining against his backside. He was wearing his more formal attire tonight—his obsidian tux with his onyx dress-shirt underneath and ink tie to bring it all together. Dangling from his ears were thin golden earrings, and a variety of platinum and ruby rings hugged his fingers. His golden hair slicked back as it normally had, completely displaying his gorgeous visage in full. He looked like an expensive item himself!

    "Who are you and how did you find me? What do you want from me?" said another younger voice. It was a hooded man straddling something on the ground. Beneath him was a young girl, tied up and gagged. It had seemed like Louie had interrupted the beginning of something.

    Louie stared at him, revulsion on his visage and fire lighting the blood in his eyes. "Don't get so full of yourself, imbecile. Why would I be interested in trash like you? I was after that broad right there." he pointed at the girl beneath him, who looked both relieved and terrified to see Louie. But that was to be expected! They did have some brief history, after all.

    The hooded man suddenly flicked a pocket knife out into the open, its blade glimmering in the dim light. Anxiously, he held it to the girl's throat as the color drained from her face. "Take another step and I'll kill her!" he threatened, raising his voice just a little.

    Louie's eyebrows rose, continuing to walk toward him, inching closer and closer with each word. "You animals really all do think the same, don't you? Why would I care if she's alive or dead, fool? It's no business of yours, but I suppose I'll tell you anyway."

    The hooded man paused. "What?"

    "The broad you're straddling right there was one I drugged earlier tonight. I was going to help myself to her, but by the time I returned, she had been whisked away. I followed and... well—" he started to smirk, grabbing his glove by a single fingertip and slowly began to slide it off of his unblemished, perfect fingers, "—funny how these things turn out. It seems that I'll be taking two lives instead of one, tonight. How fortunate! Louie stepped into the darkness, a red hue began to glow through his clothes, outlining his newfound markings that sprawled across his body into one intricate pattern. The crimson of his eyes burned brightly in the darkness, as the did curse mark on the back of his hand. Now all three of them had been secluded in this alleyway, too far for even the street light to embrace them.

    The hooded man suddenly sprung up, wielding his pocket knife anxiously, like a cornered beast. His eyes were concealed, but the frown of his face made it clear that he was angry. "Oh yeah? I'd like to see you try!" he lunged forward, aiming for Louie's head. But it was useless.

    "Gyaaahhnnng!! My wrist! MY WRIST! LET GO OF MY WRIST!" the hooded man screamed, watching the flesh around his wrist burn and slowly turn into cinders, withering away with the lightest of breezes. Holding him was Louie, whose hands had finally been released from the confines of his gloves, toasting the man's flesh with his own.

    The smirk that had contorted Louie's face had vanished and transformed into hatred, a blood-curdling macabre on his visage. "Who are you? To talk to me like you are somebody, to speak to me with such lightness, to take what is mine as if you are even worthy to look at it... you must be someone of value to do such things to me! But you're not." Louie cursed at him, hatred in his eyes.

    Like the hooded man begged, Louie freed him of the agonizing scorch of his wrist, dropping the pocket knife as he gawked at the blackness of his flesh, burnt beyond repair. He held it sympathetically, staring at it with tears in his eyes, the pain still surging throughout his body like millions of needles piercing into him and his organs. But the moment was brisk, and before the hooded man could even crack into sobs and shouts, Louie had swiped his entire face into his palm, holding him up into the air.

    He trembled as he felt the pressure of the millionaire's fingers dig into his skull, shaking his entire skeleton and the organs within. The girl behind them watched with horror, sobbing until the ground beneath her face was wet. "Aggghh!! Put me down! P-Put me do—" he choked, his words stifled with pain.

    "You're nothing."


    In a single instant, the man's body was sent ablaze, a brilliant orange fire lighting up the alleyway so that Louie and the girl merely silhouetted in its radiance. The man had tried to scream, but his throat had fried so quickly that his voice had, too, turned to ash. It had only been a couple of seconds, but the hooded man with white, dirty skin wasn't even recognizable anymore. His entire body had turned into a soot-black, parts of his fingers and toes crumbling away in the breeze.

    Louie dropped him, the burnt corpse making an audible thud as it hit the ground. Although it was satisfying to put the man in his place, Louie's displeased expression remained as he smoothed his hair back again. He had been so entangled in the man's lackluster demise that he hadn't noticed the girl freeing herself of her gag, sobbing and screaming as she witnessed the murder. When her squeaky voice fell onto his eyes, Louie turned his attention to her.

    "If I had known you'd be taken away, I wouldn't have bothered drugging you. I would've just broken your legs right then and there." he started, leaning over the corpse and hovering his hand over what remained of his head. Slowly, a white, transparent sphere the size of his palm began to rise from the body and into his hand. It got closer and closer until finally, Louie had swiped it away and crushed it within his grasp. His fist softly combusted with flames, and the marking on the back of his hand glowed. The frown disappeared from his face as he watched the soul be sucked into his very being, like the blood the flowed through his markings. Suddenly, his visage seemed triumphant and amused as a smile ran over his plush lips. "As worthless as you are, your death will have shown me something of some value."

    "P-Please God, no! Please, I don't want to die! Oh my goood!!" she screamed, squirming around furiously in her binds.

    Louie stepped over the body and over to her, looking down at her with his self-serving smile. "Drugging broads like you and going through all this trouble to kill a few pigs... it's not my style. In fact, it's below me. Why would I, Louie Calvin Klein, be doing a servant's work? Even a hog like yourself could understand what is so wrong about that! So, you've given me a grand idea!" he chuckled, placing his hand on the back of her head, raising her up in the same fashion he had lifted the hooded man up, "Why work this hard to kill a few hogs when I could be making a slaughterhouse? Brilliant, right? As expected of myself!"


    The girl's body had turned soot-black as fire combusts from her being in an instant, her screams silenced as her body roasted like a pig over a fire. Her body, inside and out, fried until nothing but ash and cinders remained as she dropped to the floor, dead and forgotten. This was her fate, after all. One way or another, her body and soul would have been his for the taking at some point.

    The curse mark on the back of his hand glowed as he absorbed her soul into it. Louie's glare softened as a sigh fell away from his mouth. He looked disgusted. "How dare they make me do such work? Doing this in an alleyway? Unbelievable! Never again!"

    After his tirade, Louie left the bodies in the alleyway for whomever to find. It's not like he cared whether they were discovered or not, after all. Why would he? He simply needed their souls, and who were they to refuse him? Louie Calvin Klein? They were simply a filler for his destiny, and after tonight, the blonde guaranteed that they would not be the last. His takings would be on a grander stage, and that much he promised!

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