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    Luna Fennec
    Luna Fennec

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    Post by Luna Fennec on 15th March 2020, 12:59 am


       Name: Luna Fennec

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       Luna had been working on a few new projects since returning from the Gardens of Eden with the twins, who were now her bosses. When the job application came in, she was thrilled to have another opportunity for some field work, and happily signed up. People seemed to be disappearing overnight, and this raised more than a few concerns for the Rune Knight, but those concerns would not keep her from doing her civic duty. Setting aside her projects, she made for the training room, as she wanted to make certain that she was in her best condition before she embarked on her journey. She had a week before she had to meet at the designated location, so she would spend the majority of that time sparing with some of the combat corps members before she departed.


    On the day of her departure, she made sure that she had everything she needed before leaving. She carried with her only what she absolutely needed. The only real equipment that she carried was an Ice whip that she had purchased from a specialty shop. Her magical capabilities were still growing, and she seemed to be getting stronger with each passing day. Other than her uniform and her whip, she carried a bedroll and a sack containing a few days rations as she marched towards Motor City.


    She could get there in a matter of hours thanks to her time spent with the Rune Knights. She had learned a few shortcuts along the more common routes. She hadn’t been on many actual jobs as a Rune Knight, but each one that she had gone on gave her a lifetime of experience, and she was forever grateful to those who had helped her grow. She had learned a great many things from both her jobs, and her training. Never again would she allow an enemy to take her by surprise, not when she could see them, at least.


    More importantly, she would never give up, either on herself, or on others. Her tails swayed as she moved towards her goal. She would make sure that this threat, whatever it was, did not go unchecked. She didn’t know who else might show up, but she was certain that they would be just as determined as she was to see this through to the end. Upon her arrival, she stopped at a croquette stand, purchasing a few to snack on as she waited for the clients to show up.


    It had been a while since she had been out anywhere, but she was more focused on the job than anything else. Until they were ready to get started, she would do her best to conserve her energy. She didn’t want to waste any that might be needed later on. The clients, known by the names Kenta and Yuka, apparently wanted to become Rune Knights, so she hoped that she would be able to make a good impression on them. She didn’t want to seem too relaxed, but she also didn’t want to seem unapproachable.


    While she waited, Luna reminisced about some of the jobs that she had been on. Her first with another guild member had been a rather strange one, carrying them into a strange mirrored world where one of them became a magical fighting servant, and the other became virtually powerless, with only the ability to give commands to the one designated as the servant. It was certainly a strange experience, but it paled in comparison to what followed. Luna was reminded of how she had acted when she first met Masha, as if she were absolutely smitten with the red haired woman. Her feelings had not changed, but it had been so long since they had seen one another.


    If she were to meet her again, would Masha even remember her? There was no telling. But more important was what had happened on that job. Luna had acted in a manner most unbecoming early on, and paid for it later, when one of her tails was quite literally ripped from her. Just the memory of it caused the hairs on each of her four tails to stand on end as she continued remembering her career up to this point.


    She was still bothered by that particular event, but she had done her best to move past it, and was happy to have escaped with her life, on top of getting the job done. The next job that she did involved breaking some robots who had apparently decided to terrorize a peaceful town in a place known as the Gardens of Eden. She had been prepared to die then, as she always was. Not that she actively sought it out, but if it was her time, then so be it, she would go down fighting at least, or trying to save someone. Somehow, she was able to get through it, and the twins, now her Generals, had been able to evacuate everyone.


    Overall the mission had been a success, and yet she still felt some form of emptiness when she returned home. It wasn’t from any of her jobs, though. It was more that regardless of her situation, she felt alone. She had nobody to lean on, nobody to welcome her home, nobody to spend time with. But, she did her best not to let that get in the way of her work. She attacked every situation with the utmost determination and tenacity.


    She didn’t see the point in doing anything with any less than one hundred percent of her attention. No matter what, she was determined to ensure that at the very least, her task was accomplished. It was this unfaltering diligence that had earned her her commission within the Rune Knights, and she wore her ranks and awards proudly, wherever she went. As she finished remembering what had led to her getting this far, she was beginning to wonder what was taking the others so long to show up. She hoped that she wouldn’t have to wait too much longer, as she sat on the edge of a fountain, eating her croquettes.


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    Post by Masha on 1st May 2020, 10:05 am

    Masha marked off a question in her little book. She placed it in its holster at her hip. "That didn't work at all the way I thought it would!" She said cheerfully looking down at her patient. Patient. Dark mage. Prisoner. They were all the same to her. The redhead had been working on her for over an hour. As per guild rules, Masha had gotten permission before beginning. The woman had simply had no idea what she was signing up for. That wasn't Masha's fault in any way. The doctor prodded her patient once more. "Hey, are you alive? Or should I have them toss you in the incinerator? Can't have anyone stealing my work!" The woman groaned. Masha clapped happily. "Oh, goody, you are alive! I wasn't sure since that last bit went awry." The doctor snapped her fingers, summoning the Rune Knights. They looked around the blood soaked room with horror. Masha pulled her apron off, hanging it by the door with her gloves. "I'm all done with her today. Can you take her back to her cell? Oh but don't touch any of those discolored bits. Kay thanks! Bye!"

    She skipped out of the jail. Private jails were so much fun! Talk to the Warden, convince the prisoners and you could preform medical experiments all day long! She checked her watch. Oh, no! It was nearly time for her job. She'd completely lost track of time in there. Masha tapped a finger to her lips. Would it be alright to be a little late? Probably not. She'd like to not get a reprimand from her superiors. They might take away her free time! That simply wouldn't do. Now was it better to go meet the clients or her partner? A slip of paper came free of her little book with a jerk. The clients looked closer but the partner... Luna Fennec. The name seemed vaguely familiar. It might be a connection to the past she'd lost. Drat! What a hard choice. Professionalism or the key to her past?

    The doctor decided to head for the clients. If Dies Irae kicked her out, she'd have to manage funding her own experiments. Or at least, finding patients without a legal guild's backing. That didn't seem possible given how hard it was even with that backing. She'd barely made any headway with her experiments due to the stonewalling. The nerve of these people. How could they be so rude?! All she wanted to do was make people's lives better. Improve the little imperfections they had and possibly enhance their better qualities. There was an endless amount of people that didn't have access to magical treatment or didn't get it in time. With her experiments, even non-mage doctors could help patients they normally wouldn't be able to.

    Masha's feet had begun moving while she was deep in thought. They did that sometimes. It was like they had little minds of their own, knowing where she wanted to go. Good Feetsies. She giggled at herself. Well, with her feet doing their job, she could focus on other things. The redhead closed her eyes and started humming to herself. A few minutes into her power walking, someone called out to her. "Lady, look out!" "Hmm?" Her eyes popped open. A man wrapped in shadows was charging her. He wasn't a powerful mage. Maybe C rank at best but likely still D rank. The knife in his hand however was filled with substantial magic. A rank at minimum. That weapon might actually pierce her skin.

    A young boy threw himself in front of her. The doctor blinked. The young man had his arms outstretched, no visible way of defending himself. The redhead felt rather irritated at his attempt to protect her. "What do you think you are doing?" She asked yanking the young man out of the way. Her stomach rumbled for some reason when she touched him. "Throwing yourself in front of someone is useless if you can't defend yourself." Her free hand closed on the attacker's wrist. A twist snapped the forearm bones. Masha threw the man down and planted a foot on his back. "You shush up and stay there. I'll get to you in a moment." She rounded on the boy. He looked in awe of her. It was a look she was used to seeing. "I say again what were you thinking? That knife could have killed you. You probably didn't even realize it was magic, did you? That was unbelievably stupid-"

    A small girl carrying a massive mace moved in front of the boy. "Leave Kenta alone! He was only trying to help you!" She glared at Masha. The doctor was taken aback by her ferocity. The name also flickered in her mind. Ah, so these children must be... "Kenta? You must be Yuka then. I'm Masha Dymonrel, the DI representative who took the job with you. I'm sorry for yelling at you, Kenta, but you must think before you act." Little Yuka continued to stare at Masha. The doctor realized she wasn't getting through to the girl. Kneeling down on the dark mage, she picked up the knife. "Look at this, Yuka, with your magic sensory abilities." Masha saw Yuka's eyes widen. A small smile touched her own lips. "Do you see now? Kenta didn't have any way to defend against this when he jumped in front of me. It could have really hurt him." Masha saw Kenta peeking out from behind his sister. His eyes were filled with horror. Good. They both understood.

    The doctor mage got to her feet, stowing the knife in her belt. "Shall we go meet Ms. Fennec? She is the only person not here at the moment." Kenta looked down at the man under her feet. His lips opened to ask a question. Masha answered it with a sharp stamp of her feet. The man's neck snapped, killing him instantly. "I think we should be going now." The children - teenagers really - nodded. They looked like they were trying to understand her actions. "I'm in Dies Irae. We don't suffer dark mages, believing the best one is a dead one. He attacked me, he paid the price. I'm not one to leave an enemy running free." The redhead led the way toward the rendezvous.

    A woman was sitting on the edge of the fountain where they were supposed to meet. Masha waved happily to her. When they got a bit closer, the redhead stuck her hand out toward the woman. "Hi there! I'm Masha Dymonrel! Are you perhaps Luna Fennec? Cause if you are, that's fantastic! I have Kenta and Yuka with me right here." She stepped aside, revealing the children. That was that. They had all met. They could get moving. Kenta's actions had made a few ideas pop into Masha's head. Experiments to accomplish regarding defense in unpredictable situations. The faster they got this job done, the more specifics they could work out. \

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