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    Retrieve Of Package


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    Retrieve Of Package  Empty Retrieve Of Package

    Post by Yakone 14th March 2020, 5:51 pm


    The Unknown Lands, rumors has it that its full of mysteries both good and bad. Yagi was walking along a dirt path road along side his new companion wolf, or what he likes to call Nine. With his hands placed into his jean pants pocket, he idly looked around and spotted a nearby village. Upon entering and trying to look for a nearby tavern, he spotted a group of Neko like individuals. From the looks of it, they were cooks. Pushing a small cart along side them, two in the back and one in the front, they were indeed struggling to move along. Just when he was going to just idly ignore the group, a group of drunks had shown up just outside the bar and decided to steal from the group. Weak and frail they couldn't do much, but Yagi wasn't going to just wait around. One of the drunks was grabbed by his collared shirt and hurled straight into a nearby bush. Nine rushing over to the other drunk and biting down on his leg. Being so strong in size, he twirled his body around and tossed the other drunk in another bush. The last drunk had witnessed the action and looked to his defeated friends and decided to leave. Yagi folded his arms and with a grin, he looked to the cooks and smiled.

    "You won't have to worry about those guys anymore. Well I must get going now."

    The cooks had looked desperate and one of the cooks being a female, swallowed her pride and approached Yagi.

    "Thank you for helping us mister, but we also need help. A month ago we were suppose to receive a shipment. We never got it and we were hoping that you would be able to retrieve it for us. We are willing to pay a big sum of money for it."

    Yagi smirked and patted the Neko's head.

    "Not to worry, I will help. Where was the shipment suppose to come from?"

    She pointed to one direction. Yagi nodded and hoped onto Nine's back.

    "Alright, I will be back soon."

    Yagi left and traveled about five miles until he discovered a broken down cart with blood leaking from underneath the cart.

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