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    Strange Beasts In Sevenland


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    Strange Beasts In Sevenland Empty Strange Beasts In Sevenland

    Post by Kalama 13th March 2020, 11:17 am

    The chase was on and boy was it a good one. The creature was swift, cunning and surprisingly attractive if the mage was honest with herself. She had expected to find her quarry to be some kind of beast but it was actually almost human like in appearance although she reckoned it was some kind of nymph. She had managed to find it after a few hours of searching through the woodland but the second it had noticed Cierra, it had turned and fled, much to the mage's annoyance. It had led her on a merry dance all the way through the woods until it came to a large clearing, where it had now come to a half, waiting for the Goddess to appear. It could well have been a trap but Cierra doubted that, instead believing that the creature had realised that it just was not going to out run her.

    Coming out into the clearing, Cierra made her presence known and the creature turned her emerald gaze on to the mage. Tilting her head, the pinkette rose an eyebrow as she gazed at the figure but before she could say anything, the creature charged towards her and threw a punch. Surprised slightly, Cierra just managed to avoid the strike, before striking the creature with a powerful blow to the side. Activating her support abilities, she then moved in and started exchanging blows with the creature, it was a mass of fists and feet but the mage definitely had the upper hand, scoring the harder and more decisive hits. She caught the creature with a powerful combination to the body, before launching a powerful uppercut to the head which knocked the creature back.

    Taking full advantage, she then unleashed one of her more formidable combinations of water attacks on her opponent. First, she created a cyclone of water which erupted from underneath the creature, knocking it up into the air, before continuing by creating a geyser of water which burned it with scalding water and then finishing it off by spinning in a circle and unleashing a powerful barrage of razor edged blades of water which caused the creature to bleed. Battered and beaten, it tried to make a run for it but Cierra then created a sphere of water around it, capturing and causing it to start suffocating.

    Grinning, the Deity approached the suffering beast and deactivated the spell, leaving the creature gasping for breath on the forest floor. Before it could do anything, Cierra was on top of it and started battering it with punches in order to stop its resistance. It had been quick and brutal but in what had only been a couple of minutes, her opponent lay defeated underneath her. Rather than finish it off with punches though, the Goddess instead bent down and captured the creatures beautiful lips with her own and the moment she did so, a dome of water surrounded the pair of them. When it vanished, only the mage remained, having fed on her helpless opponent.

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