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    Thief In Ca-elum

    Jaesa Fenrir
    Jaesa Fenrir

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    Thief In Ca-elum Empty Thief In Ca-elum

    Post by Jaesa Fenrir on 13th March 2020, 8:14 am

    On her travels across the world again, Cierra today was in the country of Ca-elum, a fancy country, where jealousy and greed seemed to run rampant. It was a perfect recipe and easily attracted the Deity to the area. The job was a simple one in truth, break in to a blacksmith's shop, steal a hammer and then take it back to her employer. The issue was that there were about a hundred bloody blacksmith's and she had already spent the best part of a day trying to find the right one. Her employer had been incredibly helpful, telling her that his rival's shop insignia was two black hammers in a cross shape but what he had failed to tell her was that it was a popular one. As in, most of the blacksmiths used it.

    Eventually though, just as the sun was beginning to set, she came across a rather shabby looking place that was just closing up. The blacksmith was just locking up for the day and was soon wandering off down the road. Perfect timing for the mage as she approached the building and looked up at the shop sign. It certainly matches the symbol and as she peered in through the window, she could see a large hammer hanging up against the wall. It was actually a nice looking piece of equipment which seemed to clash with the rest of the dingy rubbish that decorated the place. Well, it would not be hanging there for long and after checking that the coast was clear. Cierra used her evaporation skill to turn into moisture and then reappear inside the shop.

    Once she was inside, the mage quickly walked across the room and took hold of the hammer, taking it into her hands. She was no blacksmith but it was indeed a beautiful looking item and Cierra briefly wondered about how he had managed to get hold of it in the first place. There was almost a magical feel to it although she was unable to figure out anything more than that. She then quickly moved to the back of the shop in order to make her exit, finding that the fool had stupidly left a window open, one that she was easily able to make use of with her magic. The Goddess was outside in a flash and quickly made her way back to the employer. No one batted an eyelid as she walked down the street since half the people she walked by were clutching hammers and such items.

    She soon returned back to her employer's shop who gratefully thanked her for completing the task and paid her what he owed. It had been an incredibly easy mission but a profitable one and after a brief farewell, she was on her way again. There was always another job to do and the Deity was just as eager now as she had been on day one. Perhaps she’d stick to travelling from country to country for a while, as she’d taken a liking to exploring new places.

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