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    Runaway Bike in Motor City


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    Runaway Bike in Motor City Empty Runaway Bike in Motor City

    Post by Kumiko 11th March 2020, 11:48 am

    The doors to the Motor City Police Department opened as none other than Kumiko stood proudly. With her agemaki secured to her shoulder and that lovely tail swishing behind her every step, she stepped her way over towards the front desk where an employee would have to lean over his desk to meet her eye contact. "Ohai-" she began before the man interrupted her. "State your name and purpose for visiting." Startled, Kumiko shook her orange head of hair. These people didn't seem like the type for formalities. "U-Um, Kumiko. I was sent by Fairy Tail for the bike-" She paused as the man standing in front of her would shoot her a look. "What?" she asked curiously, tilting her head at the person. "So a legal guild sent us a child for a potentially dangerous case?"

    "And if I were to ask for your identification?"
    "I don't know what that is, but the guild has it!"
    "Got a mark?"

    Kumiko held the back of her hand towards the man, which held her guild symbol inked clear as day. The cop didn't seem to enthusiastic about the display he had just witnessed. "What the hell is this world coming to that a guild just lets a kid in?" he muttered under his breath before shaking his head and giving into the madness surrounding him. "There's been a couple of bikes stolen that are up on the bulletin board. Go by certain tag numbers which you can see on this tool." He tossed Kumiko what looked like a square on one leg with a trigger. "If you see one, scan it with this and if it's a match, you'll know that it's one of the ones we've been looking for." Kumiko gave a nod before walking out while giving a salute towards the officer and closing the door to the main hall underneath the pained groans of the officer.

    And so it was that Kumiko parked herself underneath an umbrella near a cafe and would sit and wait for a bike to go by. She held the...thing to it and pulled the trigger to be met with a number which she cross referenced on a sheet of paper where she scribbled everything down on. A few bikes came here and there, but after half an hour or so, a red bike that looked like the one she had seen on the bulletin board. A shot of the device brought up a series of letters and the paper said...Yep! That was stolen.

    "Hey!" Kumiko cried out and raced towards the person on the bike. Hearing her cries, they took off faster down the road in an effort to lose her. Thinking quickly, Kumiko would steady herself and aim a quick, concentrated blast of light magic at the ground near the back tire. Nothing too serious but enough to send it off course. The magic did just that and sent the rider flying over while Kumiko caught up with them and retrieved the bike. "Don't ever let me catch you doing this again. Try and be more good, okay?~" she said cheerfully before hurrying to return the bike to police.

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