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    Summoning Attack [Free Form Job Request]


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    Summoning Attack [Free Form Job Request] Empty Summoning Attack [Free Form Job Request]

    Post by Taiga 10th March 2020, 6:37 pm

    Since learning his new kind of magic, Taiga had been spending the last few days focusing on building up his magical power, meditating in hopes that his power would grow and become something that he could truly depend on. The young Sabertooth mage had always relied on his primary source of magic, a magic that his father taught him, Cosmic Magic and although it is great in the offensive stand point, he always did struggle doing jobs on his own. The introduction of the new kind of magic, the one his great grandparents used was warmly welcomed, although hesitant at first and with this new kind of magic, he would now be able to summon forth beings that could aid him. Multi-Dimensional Summoning Magic is a kind of summoning magic that allows Taiga to summon beings from different dimensions. So far he had only managed to summon forth one being but he had every intention of introducing himself to many more.

    Early in the morning, the young blonde made his way out to the nearby open fields where he summoned his first multi-dimensional being. It was a grand field of lush greenery and beautiful, exotic flowers that only seemed to grow in this season... Spring. Usually there would be a crowd of people, especially tourists, collecting flowers to take home with them but thankfully, no one was around, probably because it was only 7am. The young magical boy sat in what seemed like the center of the field and spent almost a full hour meditating, focusing on building up the magical energy from the pit of his stomach and outward. "What are you doing?" A very stern, male voice said from behind him. This voice instantly woke Taiga from his meditative state, catching him off guard and jumping a little. The boy quickly whipped around to see his very first summon, Keiji, looming over him with an unemotional expression upon his face. The man was incredibly handsome with long, dark brown hair, a dragon tattoo on his left arm and shoulder, golden yellow eyes and an incredibly sexy body with a six pack. "M-meditating." Taiga said nervously, trying to refrain from perving on his summon.

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