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Reviving the light (a power rangers rp)


Reviving the light (a power rangers rp) Empty Reviving the light (a power rangers rp)

Post by gaaranara1 7th March 2020, 8:10 pm

[align=center]Reviving the light (a power rangers rp) SJv9UJ

Evil is a powerful thing.  It can shatter the universe as we know it like a vase, destroy everything we hold dear, everything we thought we knew.  And that was exactly what Interus did, rewriting the universe in his own, dark image.  Valoria—the light to Interus’ pitch darkness—along with the Power Rangers, restored the universe, but nothing will ever be the same.  Will you join the side of the light, continuing to try to repair the fractured universe, or will you side with those who would see it all turn to dust?



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Reviving the light (a power rangers rp) Empty Re: Reviving the light (a power rangers rp)

Post by Althea 24th March 2020, 8:55 pm

Linked back, thank you!


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