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    Ace Attorney Wizard Empty Ace Attorney Wizard

    Post by Yakone 7th March 2020, 12:19 pm

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    It had been a long travel but here he was back in town. Traveling through the city, Yagi found his Silver Wolf member Jarico being under arrest! Yagi immediately rushed over, speaking to the arresting officer while his partner was placing Jarico back inside his patrol car.

    "What is going on here. That's my friend Jarico."

    Jarico looking at Yagi and yelling out.

    "They have the wrong person! They have the wrong person!"

    Yagi looking back at Jarico and back at the officer who now is speaking to him.

    "Your friend here is being charged with a crime. He put the victim in a coma and now that victim is in the hospital."

    Based on the commotion around Yagi, he spotted a nearby bar with a crowd of people just watching. Based on the smell of alcohol being present, Yagi went over to the bar and the officer went back to the station. Yagi finding the bartender and speaking to him.

    "Hey I need your help. Was the man who was arrested in here?"

    The bartender nodded and replied to him.

    "That he was, however, he left the bar and soon after. All this happened. We don't have cameras in here."

    Yagi started to become doubtful, as he spotted nearby cameras all along the ceiling.

    "So your telling me you have all these cameras that just don't work?"

    The bartender nodded and started to sweat.

    "Listen, we are closing right now so you have to leave."

    Yagi looking at what time the place is closing.

    "You guys close in two hours."

    The bartender responding back.

    "Not today. We are closing early today."

    Yagi left and then felt a strange atmosphere around the place as he left. Instead of searching anywhere else, he decided to stake out the place. Within 30 more minutes passing by, he noticed the same bartender opening up the door. A shady looking man leaving the place and holding a tape in his hand. Yagi started to follow right behind the man and upon him entering a shady apartment complex and entering his door. Yagi was quick to enter his residential place by kicking in the door and grabbing a hold of the man by his neck.

    "Your going to show me whats on that tape now!"

    The man nodded, being in fear he showed him the tape. The tape showing that his friend was innocent all along and that the outside camera caught the real footage of the culprit attacking the victim.

    "Why do you want my friend to take the wrap for this? Who the hell is that suspect in camera footage."

    The man spoke in hesitation.

    "Thats the leader of a dark guild within this city. He didn't want to get charge for the crime because it would make his entire guild under suspicion. He threaten me to get the footage and erase it. I work in the bar as a waiter and.."

    Yagi grabbing the vhs tape and walking out.

    "Not a word to your boss or else."

    Yagi going straight to the courtroom where the case was about to begin. Jarico sitting down beside his lawyer as the prosecution lawyer rises up to the stand and questions the witness before everyone.

    "Now then, you said that you witness the entire situation take place. That the defendant here attacked the victim and placed him in a coma."

    The witness nodded and pointed to the man.

    "Yes, that's him alright."

    Yagi then approached the judge, with the bailiff and several officers stopping him from proceeding any further.

    "I'm sorry to intrude judge but, take a look at this VHS tape. Everything you need to free that man right there is on this tape."

    The judge looked to Yagi and then at the tape. Nodding as Yagi handed it over to the officer. Upon inspecting it within the courtroom, the evidence was as clear as day. The judge then looked over to Yagi.

    "How did you obtain this footage?"

    Yagi looked at the judge and folded his arms across his chest.

    "The bar that he had left. That is where the footage came from. They told officers that they didn't have working cameras. That is because the waiter was being framed by the Xara Guild of this city. And the suspect in that footage is-"

    Yagi didn't even need to say it, as officers arresting the leader within the courtroom and taking him in. The judge responding back to Yagi.

    "Yes, we all know who he is. Him and his crew have terrorized this city long enough."

    Yagi looked to the suspect who had a furious look on his face. Meanwhile the judge looked at the defendant and smiled.

    "Officers, take those cuffs off him and release him. As for you Yagi, thank you for bringing this to light."

    He nodded and within a few hours. Officers had stormed the Xara Guild, arresting all of its members and taking away their property and everything that they were plotting against the city. They all were charged with high end crimes and both Yagi and his friend Jarico were now at a bar. Both he and Jarico sat at the booth. Jarico chuckling to himself being grateful.

    "Thank you so much Yagi. If it wasn't for you I would of been behind bars. I probably would of gotten kicked out of the guild because of it. I really do owe you one."

    Two goons had shown up, grabbing a hold of the waiter and pinning him against the wall. One of them pulling out a knife and Yagi and Jarico rising to their feet and grabbing a hold of these two goons and tossing them against the floor.

    "What the hell are you two guys trying to do."

    One of the goons speaking up.

    "That fucking traitor. He's going to die for what he did! Selling out our boss!"

    Yagi and Jarico beating the living hell out of them, causing them to enter a coma of their own. Yagi looking over at the waiter and smiling.

    "Not to worry, once the cops come and you tell them the situation. They will have mandatory cops here at all times."

    The waiter nodded and before he could say anything, Jarico smile.

    "I will even stay here for several weeks in order to ensure your safety."

    The waiter was grateful to the both of them. The police had came, arriving on scene and after the situation was explained, both of them were arrested. The officer recognizing Yagi and smirking.

    "You know with your sense of justice and what you did in that courtroom, you should join the force."

    Yagi chuckled and folded his arms.

    "I am already on a force of my own. The Silver Wolf."

    The officer patted his shoulder and smiled.

    "I will make sure to remember that group and what you did for your friend here."

    The officer left, along with the several others that had arrived on scene. Meanwhile, Yagi shook Jarico's hand and said their goodbyes.

    "I will probably be heading out of the city Jarico. Perhaps we will meet again sometime under normal circumstances hopefully."

    Jarico nodded and shook his hand.

    "Of course, next time the beer is on me!"

    Yagi leave the bar and heading down the street, heading over to the old house in which he use to live. The memories were clearly there. Then he had walked over to his old job. The owner was there and with him was a snow wolf that had aged beautifully. The owner being shocked that Yagi was there.

    "Hey, what the heck are you doing over here!"

    Yagi smiling and placing both hands on his waist.

    "Just visiting you know. I see that the wolf grew up since I had left."

    The owner smiling and folding his arms.

    "You know he is yours you know. I know last time that you didn't want him to take him with you because he was just a puppy. But now with how strong you look and have grown. I'm pretty sure ten years is more than enough of a wait. How's about you take him. He's gotten strong you know."

    The wolf being by Yagi's side and licking him.

    "Alright will take him. Thank you."

    Both he and his new wolf leaving Motor City, on a boat where his friend was. He smiled as he saw Yagi and his newfound wolf coming over.

    "Ah, I see you have a new wolf with you! And he has taking a much liking to you. You probably have wolves like you, like a bond."

    Yagi chuckled and folded his arms across his chest as he sat down on the boat.

    "No, this is a long time friend of mine. He has grown since I left and now we will be traveling the world together now."

    The boat man looked at him and smiled.

    "So where to friend?"

    Yagi looked to the sky and smirked.

    "I'm going to take my B rank Exam right now. Hopefully I am ready to pass it! Take me to Phoenix Mountain. That is where I will be taking the test."

    The boat man nodded and the three of them were off into the ocean sea and headed straight to the destination.

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