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    D to C


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    D to C  Empty D to C

    Post by Yagi on 5th March 2020, 5:39 am

    Username: Yagi
    Link to Previous Exam:
    Current Rank: D
    Applying for: C

    Completed Threads:
    https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t40952-the-second-morning-clean-it-up-guild-job - 50exp
    https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t40951-the-first-night-welcome-recruit-guild-job - 50exp
    https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t40959-the-monster-challenge-quest-part-01-job - 50exp

    Total EXP: 150exp

    Additional Information: I'd like to skipp the roleplay part of my exam.

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    D to C  Empty Re: D to C

    Post by Saraphina on 5th March 2020, 2:03 pm

    Approved, welcome to C Rank!


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