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    [Intro] Burned City


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    [Intro] Burned City Empty [Intro] Burned City

    Post by Elyon on 3rd March 2020, 3:09 pm

    A figure moved through the green plains with utmost caution. There was nothing that would illicit a feeling of being threatened in sight, but his ears were at the ready, searching for any strange sounds. His gun was safely holstered, but a hand was placed upon the stock, prepared to retaliate. His feet made little to no sound, as he neared a large settlement. He narrowed his eyes, noticing signs of destruction having taken place. It must have been the city he was after - Hostia.

    The wolf eared man stopped to observe the city. Being located on the border of Bosco and Fiore, it seemed to have taken after both cultures. He had heard about a group taking over a city that was on Bosco's border in a rather violent fashion and it intrigued him. What kind of a group would just take over a whole city? He just simply had to see for himself. With a little sigh he would continue forward.

    The figure neared the city and thankfully, he noticed proper signs of life. It would have been a shame if the citizens became victims of the assault. His eyes were darting from right to left, as he entered Hostia's premises. Not every building held scars of the previous battle, but a lot of them had been marked with damage. There were people milling about, but he couldn't put a finger on the atmosphere. Some of the people were rushing about their business, some were just sitting on the curb, most likely contemplating their fate. None of those people seemed like they would pose a threat to the hunter, but he was not going to let his guard down. If the group was able to take over a city, they could not be underestimated.

    The wolf man would continue to walk through the streets, observing the different behaviours of the remaining citizens, as well as the extent of the damage done. He reckoned that the city had a way to go towards its recovery. The question was, whether the group cared for it to recover? The man would stop near a burned down church, as he pondered Hostia's fate.
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