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    Areas of Tolgalen

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    Areas of Tolgalen Empty Areas of Tolgalen

    Post by Onyx Moon on 29th February 2020, 7:56 pm

    Areas of Tolgalen

    Hello and welcome to Tolgalen! Below are the various areas of the continent open for all to use in their RP experiences. The areas will be updated and changed periodically as Tolgalen is constantly changing and being explored. (OOC: sometimes we make mistakes and need to fix them.) Please feel free to use them and hopefully, they will fuel your RP adventures.

    Natural Phenomena
    Lunar Woods:

    Far inland on Tolgalen is a rare patch of forest known only to very few. The forest is known as the Lunar Woods and for very good reason, during the day this forest is seemingly normal if not very dark due to the dense trees but when the moon arises the entire woods change completely. In the light of the moon, the woods become alive with light as everything in this forest is Bioluminescent and reacts to the moonlight. While it is not a very dangerous area there are many things in the woods that can catch unaware mages and humans off guard. Inside the forest are many things that actually use the bio-organic light as a way to catch prey or catch things off guard before attacking them. There are also many plants and animals that use their bio-organic light to mesmerize things to keep them from being harmed or to ward them off. Though many things in the woods are dangerous not all of them are. Many animals and plants are useful in the woods as medicine or natural remedies. Some creatures light can be used to ease one to sleep while some plants are useful not only for sleeping medicine but also curing very rare forms of poison. However, it's important to have a good sense of direction when in the woods night or during the day due to how confusing it can be at night and how dark it can be in the day time. Some say the woods can choose those that it likes and dislikes and will lead those that it dislikes astray never to return. To those of inhuman blood, these woods are considered very sacred ground and know to not fight or take anything from it without offering a thank you or an offering to the forest


    In the center of Tolgalen, atop a mountain is a massive tree. A tree not only large enough to hold one entire village but two. This is Celestia, the Tree of Stars. The villages of High Branch and Homevale reside within its leafy confines. Homevale is set within the trunk of Celestia while High Branch has been built along the thickest branches high above the world. Celestia is 300 meters tall and its trunk at its widest is 70 meters. The roots of the tree dig into the mountaintop around it creating an impassible barrier. Only the specially constructed path can be used to reach Homevale. The tree of stars glitters when darkness falls over it. To anyone looking up, it appears as if the stars stream down to touch the highest point in Tolgalen. The largest of these apparent stars are the tsuki fruit. This fruit is a source of massive magical energy and its abilities/properties are why the people of Homevale and High Branch work together to protect it. Should the tsuki fruit ever fall into the wrong hands, entire villages could vanish off the face of Fiore in the blink of an eye.

    The first line of defense for Celestia is as already stated the roots. The form an impassible barrier from below unless taking a specifically carved path in the only root that reaches down smoothly. That path can be controlled by Homevale. The root can curve, make itself longer or even change the stairs into a slide if need be. Every other root has a two defensive abilities. The first is the outer part of the root is very durable and hard. It makes putting anything into the root whatsoever quite hard. The second is the pure amount of heat the roots generate. Celestia requires large amounts of heat to be siphoned off and the outer part of the root is used to do so. The inner parts of the root carry nutrients from the ground that is transformed into a floating liquid substance called hoshi juice. Hoshi juice is used in the alcohol, healing salves, ointments, makeups, perfumes, colognes, incense, and oils made by Homevale. Each of these products has a special quality, thanks to the hoshi juice, and they are Homevale’s main export. One bottle or tub of these products is usually quite expensive. It is after all the stuff of the stars.


    Homevale is considered to be the second line of defense for Celestia and the tsuki fruits. It resides within the hollow trunk of Celestia and supports a population of 3214 people. They have a small Home Guard of master mages who are used in the defense of Homevale. The Home Guard controls the pathway root and patrols the hollow of the trunk to check for holes that might need patching. The entire population is willing to jump to the defense of their home if need be. The center of the hollowed-out space is three columns that twist into one which leads to the top of the tree. Most of the housing is placed in the back of the hollowed-out space behind the column away from the entrance. Nearer to the entrance are the brewery, winery, apothecary, and beauty parlor. There are two collection centers on either side of the trunk. They each tap into three roots to collect the hoshi juice. There is a debate of a third one being built but at the moment nothing is in the works. Storage is near the entrance itself along with the shops for weapons, armor, food and other miscellaneous things.

    The people of Homevale are leery of outsiders. This might be because they aren’t quite human in addition to wanting to keep people away from the tsuki fruit. Their skin is an unnatural white color, tinged with shades of blue. Their eyes are usually purple, blue or green. Their hair can be any cold color. Upon their arms and backs is a thick coat of fur. The fur is generally a dark blue color. They have retractable talons on their third and fourth fingers. They also have sharpened teeth. There are a few humans within Homevale but they are generally people who have earned the trust of the Homevalen. The third line of defense is a simple illusion coupled with the trunk itself. The illusion hides the path inside Homevale that will lead to High Branch. It is hidden within the column itself opposite of the entrance to the village itself. The illusion hides the entrance that is 3 meters off the ground. The trunk contributes to this defense because all the heat in the trunk is drawn toward the center. This is why Homevale can exist. Also with all the heat on the inside, the trunk becomes so cold most people will get frostbite simply from touching the bark. The bark is sometimes collected for special weapons but the extraction process must be handled very carefully.


    High Branch lies among the branches of Celestia. It functions as the fourth and final defense if one counts the eight guardians as one with High Branch. High Branch is a small village of 300 people. The houses spread along the massive branches of Celestia. There are three massive forges built deep within the thickest branches to make use of Celestia’s inner fire. The people of High Branch are of all shapes and sizes. The only thing High Branch produces is weapons, elite warriors and mages. They trade their weapons in return for the goods they need. Anyone wanting training from High Branch is locked into a magically binding contract: five years defending the tsuki fruit and they can never tell anyone what they’ve learned nor may they ever touch the tsuki fruit. The weapons of High Branch are created from Celestia’s leaves. These leaves, in addition to the high altitude, are why it is difficult to penetrate Celestia’s defenses from the sky. Each leaf is made of a hard metal that burns with an inner holy fire. Scratches from these leaves deal holy poison damage. The craftsmen of High Branch have a special method to harvest and craft these leaves into lethal weapons. Some even incorporate hoshi juice to make the weapon lighter.

    The branches leading to the tsuki fruit have space-bending lacrima implanted into them. The demi-planes created by these lacrima are all interconnected. That means you are required to defeat each of the eight guardians, each and every time you want to secure a tsuki fruit. The demi-planes are also places of healing connected to the guardians. If the guardian is defeated/killed, so long as they are in the demi-plane they are connected to they will regenerate. The people of High Branch will do their utmost best to put a guardian back in its demi-plane if it dies outside it. The order in which you fight the guardians will change every time you go for a tsuki fruit. This prevents someone from memorizing the order and preparing for such. The journey to the tsuki fruit is called the Path by the people of High Branch.


    Tetalus, the original Siren Dragon, gave Cirven one of her eggs. He, in turn, handed the egg to the people of High Branch. That egg would become Trenatus, one of the eight guardians of the Path. He was raised by the people of High Branch and is fiercely loyal to them. Trenatus appears to be a rather small dragon of rainbow scales when he is first encountered. His spine is covered in a fin and his entire body seems more adapted to the water than the sky. His demi-plane looks like a peaceful lake surrounded by a thick lush forest. Trenatus is small enough to hide within the trees, given that he is the size of a large dog. His rainbow scales change colors giving him the ability of camouflage. He will hide and attack from cover if he is certain the person entering his domain is a threat. However, Trenatus can also change his shape into that of an ethereally beautiful man. His face still carries his scales and he still has his wings but besides those features, Trenatus looks to be human. In this guise, Trenatus lounges on the side of his lake. His hauntingly beautiful voice fills the air, muddling the senses of any who hear it for too long. Trenatus’ magic is tied into sound. He has a variety of attacks but his favorite are sound blasts and singing his opponents to sleep. Bones litter the bottom of his lake. They are those who underestimated this tiny foe.

    Golgalor is a monstrous creature created through the use of the tsuki fruit. It was originally an octopus but with the infusion of the tsuki fruit’s magical power, it became a guardian of the Path. Golgalor was trained specifically to be a guardian. He is highly intelligent though he has no personality. There is only the bestial side of Golgalor. Golgalor has three heads, is 15 meters long and has twenty tentacles. His demiplane is completely saltwater. There is no land whatsoever within it. There are reefs well below the surface but most mages won’t go there. Mostly because the reefs are made of the bones of Golgalor’s victims. Golgalor is usually used as High Branch’s executioner which means there are many bones littering the floor of his seas. He is able to regenerate at an incredible rate making it difficult to kill him. On top of that, he can generate lightning with his heads. When they touch, it shots off a bolt of lightning but if they are kept together, they generate a lightning field that will paralyze Golgalor’s enemies. Galgalor can also shoot boiling hot water from the tips of his tentacles.

    Hytabi was rescued by the people of High Branch and nursed back to health. In return, she offered to protect the tsuki fruit for all time. She is one of the few guardians who regularly leaves her post. For what, no one knows but Hytabi. Hytabi is a flying creature that is a mix of scorpion and crab. There is only one difference. She has no legs. From head to the tip of her tail, Hytabi is 5 meters long. Her claws are a meter in length each. Her demiplane is a ruined castle floating in the middle of the sky. This allows Hytabi to hide easily and ambush those who enter her domain. There are plenty of holes she can slip through that mages wouldn’t be able to fit an arm in. Hytabi isn’t magically gifted except in that she has extremely tough armor. Her tail also has a powerful poison that she constantly uses whenever she can. The poison not only drains away an opponent’s health, but it also has a psychedelic property that keeps them disoriented and confused. Hytabi will use her voice and sudden sounds to create fear within her victims. A leaf of from the Lunar Woods worn on the back of the neck marks you as a friend within Hytabi’s domain. However, she will speak with you from the shadows in order to keep herself safe. She doesn’t want to be stabbed in the back.

    When the necromancer was put down, the people of Homevale found they could not kill his creation. Not because they couldn’t but because the necromancer trapped an intelligence within the bones. Arius thus became a guardian of the Path. He has regular visitors from Homevale, descendants of those who originally rescued him. To mark themselves as friends, the descendants carry the symbol of their families when they enter Arius’ domain. They are also the only people he lets freely into his domain. Arius’ demiplane is a series of small islands in the center of nothing but ocean. There are 20 islands in all and the largest is maybe 10 meters across. None are very tall either, allowing Arius the ability to attack anyone on any of the islands. Arius is a giant whale skeleton with a length of 16 meters and a width of 5 meters. He is deviously intelligent and likes to attack relentlessly then make it appear as if the opponent won before he is even at half health. His magic helps him do so. Arius can manipulate his bones to attack his opponents in any way he sees fit. One of his favorite methods is to summon up human skeletons from his ribs, sending hordes of enemies at his opponents. He also likes to transform into a very long thick snake skeleton. This snake skeleton is long enough to let Arius attack every one of the 20 islands simultaneously provided he hasn’t summoned any human skeletons.

    A phoenix is normally born hot but once in a blue moon, the phoenix of cold fire will be born. These phoenixes are more powerful than their brethren and usually killed before they grow too old. Kritanta managed to escape before she was killed. She found refuge in High Branch. Feeling like she would belong nowhere else, Kritanta took a position as a guardian of the Path. She receives regular visitors from male phoenixes who wish to mate. It is unknown if she does mate with them. All that is known is Kritanta will leave every so often for a day or two. Kritanta’s demiplane is the scorched planes of an erupting volcano. Streams of lava pour down the sides. Pools form in a basin not far from where most people emerge. The blue phoenix flies over it all, bathing in the heat. Kritanta is a dangerous foe who uses her potential mates to attack as well as her own power. That means the seekers on the Path must face not just Kritanta but one or two phoenixes as well. The phoenixes’ attacks are straight forward: claw, beak, wings or stream of fire. Kritanta attacks with all of the above in addition to claps of fire, pouring lava upon her opponents’ heads, a sonic scream that paralyzes one victim and occasionally flying below the ground and using the volcano’s natural heat vents to attack her opponents.
    Unryth Tree:

    The people of Homevale almost died when a magically enhanced tree was placed into their midst. The people of High Branch managed to help them but there was no way to contain the powerful infection created by the tree. So they uprooted it and locked it within a demiplane. The Unryth Tree now serves as a guardian on the Path. There is no intelligence to the Unryth Tree. There is only hunger. Only the need to consume. The Unryth’s demiplane appears to be a peaceful meadow with a small pool surrounded by dark trees and squat dark bushes. Despite this, there is a sweet scent in the air that relaxes the mind. Once the intruders relax or if it seems like they aren’t going to relax, the trees attack. The trees have a hardened wood that reduce some of the damage that would be done to them. They try to drive the intruders toward a large clump of bushes. If the intruders brush against the bushes at all, a gray star will subtly latch onto them and drain their strength away. The bushes also do their best to trip up the intruders in order to cover them in these parasites. The stars reduce all damage except for water damage in half and remain attached until full. No matter how many trees, bushes or parasites intruders might down, they never do any damage to Unryth. For Unryth lies beneath the small pool in the meadow. It is a dark heart of the wood, appearing to be a beating wooden heart to some, and an oozing thing leaking black liquid to others. Once the intruders discover this, the trees do their best to keep them from ever entering the pool. The intruders must dive 10 meters to reach the chamber of the Unryth. All the while, tree roots attack them and star parasites shoot from the sides of the pool. Unryth itself is relatively weak but you have to get past its defenses to ever reach this dark heart itself.

    Skye was an accidental creation by a Homevalen alchemist. What he was trying to create was forgotten. What he managed to create was a sentient storm. She was quickly contained within a demiplane and made into a guardian of the Path. Many people are fearful that she will break free but some, like the alchemist’s descendants regularly visit her to help her grow in intelligence. Skye can easily recognize friend from foe due to their bioelectronic signals. Her demiplane is a flat field with a few steep hills along the edges. The entire thing is covered by Skye herself, drenching the entire place in rain. Skye attacks with lightning, wind and water attacks, all in the form of storms (i.e. tornados, high winds, lightning, waterspouts, snow and hail, etc). She hides the fact that she is sentient from the seekers of the Path for as long as she can. Once she is discovered, she tries to drive her opponents toward the edge of her demiplane. That way she can rain rocks and mudslides down upon them, in addition to her natural attacks. Skye can be defeated only by attacking her heart which lies within the eye of the storm. It is protected by a net of lightning which upon being touch, paralyzes the offender and causes Skye to move the eye of the storm.

    No one is sure where the drake, Incastas, came from. He appeared in High Branch and applied to be a guardian of the Path. He was granted the position but a close eye is kept on him. No one wants a dagger in the back. Incastas is the silent sort so he doesn’t exactly make many friends. Incastas appears to be a small dragon head with a snake-like body covered in spikes. Two small wings are on his back behind the frill of his head. His eyes are completely red though whether this is because he is blind is impossible to tell. His demiplane appears to be flat sand when first entered. However, the entire thing is networked in sinkholes. These sinkholes cause an intruder to suffocate, taking damage before they land them in a giant cavern beneath the sand. The cavern is filled with bones, gold and other treasures that might be lost beneath the sand. Incastas will attack both above and below the ground. When the intruders first enter, he’s sneaky, pulling them beneath the sand repeatedly. Once they discover him or fall below the ground, Incastas switches tactics. In the cavern, he fires multiple blasts of superheated sand that immediately turns to glass when it hits something. This has the potential to trap his opponents. When they are above ground, he acts like a dolphin, leaping from the sand. His tail snakes out to either strike an opponent or launch spikes at them. In either case, Incastas tends to fire off random sonic blasts that slow his opponents down. If he is ever pulled above ground, Incastas loses it. He fires off his superheated sand repeatedly along with a hail of spikes and sonic blasts until he is beneath the surface again. Incastas takes small amounts of damage when he is above ground for extended periods of time.

    The Weeping Forest:

    This forest was forever changed after the siren Tetalus spent many years crying within its borders. The trees now weep, showering water down upon whoever might enter here. As such, the forest is populated with many a beast who loves the water and the damp places of the world. The constant water might be a detriment to some adventurers but there are many magical plants that grow within the weeping forest as well. The beautiful Crystal Rose, the resilient Water Amethyst, and the strange Firewood tree are all found here. Soil from the center of this forest can help even the driest places produce a bountiful harvest. However, beware. For even in a place like this there is danger. You may never know the creatures or magic that might linger in a forest forever changed by the tears and cries of a sorrowful siren.

    Nightmare Tree:

    Near the center of the weeping forest lies a tree as black as the night. Its bark shimmers in dim light, appearing to disappear into the twilight. Many do not believe this tree even exists. However, there are those who have touched the bark, have plucked the moss from it. They were struck by nightmares of a terrible sort. A few of these also tried to dig into the ground around the tree due to the rumors of treasure and a powerful suit of armor. They were attacked by the tree’s roots in addition to have a great pressure placed upon their brain. This is where Tetalus buried her protector, the knight Gregorius. The tree is enchanted to protect his remains by any means necessary. It does so with illusion or perhaps it is a twisting of reality. Few try to get near it despite the bark and moss are good ingredients for sleeping potions.
    The Mourning Stone:

    There is a stone on the edge of the weeping forest, that glows blue under the moon. Banshees gather around it in the dark, and in the daytime, soft weeping is heard from within the stone. This is where Tetalus mourned the treachery of her lover, Jabez and the loss of her first clutch of eggs. As with the Weeping Forest, the magic in her tears seeped into the very essence of the stone. Now while the stone isn’t inherently dangerous, it does draw in creatures like the banshee and wraiths. It can make it difficult to approach the stone. The stone’s magical properties increase the potency of water magic, aids in finding lost things and have some relatively minor healing properties. The stone is also malleable allowing it to be shaped and used as if it were metal by skilled blacksmiths. The stone regenerates what is taken from it every night, making pieces of it coveted by alchemists, blacksmiths, and inventors across Fiore.

    Usawoti Lake:

    A huge dead salt lake, has small brine shrimp, a large variety of migrating waterfowl, some mangroves and reeds. Mostly devoid of life the lake is set in a windy prairie, miles away from the nearest urban city, and although the lake is known of, it is typically avoided by both people and animals alike for the fact that it is a big dead salt like and nothing really lives or grows there. The lake is large in size, 103 miles in length, 70 miles in width, but of various dips and depths. The high winds evaporate much of the water and make it hard for the lake to be replenished by rain, hence its high salt content. On very rare occasions scientists have visited for a short time to study the waterfowl. Despite being known, the lake is not mapped out on paper and until recent businessmen took an interest, it was not really visited for any particular reason. Matapo: The monster An old monster species lives in the lake, and has been there for many years. They never leave the lake, and nobody knows how they ended up in the lake in the first place. They are somewhat like crocodiles, 12 feet long, with massive claws, thick and sharp armor spikes, and two layers of sharp teeth. They have no eyes, but a good sense of smell, and can sense direction through use of pressure organs inside of his body (the same way fish that school can sense other fish in the area and move around without bumping into each other). Most of the original population has been dying out from starvation. The dead lake's bottom is littered with the bones of dead monsters, dead waterfowl, and various other animals who ended up at the lake only to die at the jaws of these monsters. There are likely around 10-15 in the entire lake. Those most familiar with the monsters live in an underground tribe locally, and they refer to the monster as Vak. To all others, scientists included, the monster is known as the Matapo Lizard or just the Matapo.

    Flute Reeds and Hale Mangroves:

    The flora Due to the location and the high winds, lake plants have had to adapt as well for survival. The lake is extremely low in nutrients required for plants to live, but the wind gives an opportunity for the plants to make a change. The tall reeds growing along all sides of the lake are hollow with various placed holes, creating natural ocarina or piccolo-like shapes and sounds. The reeds are identified has Flute Reeds. The mangrove trees gather in small clutches over more than half the lake, in groups of 4-8 trees, and they too have adapted for sound production. Various placed holes in their roots allow for wind to pass through and create louder deeper sounds. The mangroves are identified as hale mangroves. The reeds are slightly reddish in color, while the mangroves are actually white from the trunk down due to all the salt. Together, on windy days or nights, they can sound like a lullaby and entrance anything in earshot as the music is carried on the wind, to come to the lake. Once the victims (usually animals) hear the sound of music, go to the dead lake, they are attacked and consumed by the Matapo in the lake. Their dead forms add nutrients to the water and help the plants to survive.


    There is a small town called Whiteshire set a few miles away from the lake for visitors to the windy prairie and the dead salt lake. Its name refers to the color of the mangroves on the lake. It is mostly filled with transient tourists, musicians, artists, scientists, and salt workers. A large business is set up in the town which sells all local goods and needs to people in the town. The business and most of the town is owned by the same employer of the salt workers, who are making a ton of money selling the 'salt from dead monster lake' as a magical component or an unusual food ingredient. The town has a population of fewer than 500 people consistently but offers the same amenities as most towns due to the many visitors. It has an adventurous backwoods atmosphere and is filled with creative and industrious people.

    Siren's Cove:

    This accursed place is the site of a massive blast of power from the Djinn of Discord, Taxen. No one knows if this was a targeted attack or simply an act of malice but the Djinn certainly left his mark. His magic forced a schism in the mermaids, causing one half to become violent almost obsessed with death. The other half became serene devoted healers, protectors of nature. Obviously the sides clashed brutally over their differences. The bloodbath stained the sand and the waters to a permanent red. The magic in the mermaids’ blood created a strange spell as a result of the battle. The spell separated the different mindsets of mermaids to either side of the cove while also granting them the ability to walk on land should they wish. Over time, they evolved into different cultures as well as different subspecies of mermaid. The boundary spell as it came to be called, keeps violence within the cove to a minimum. Each side does occasionally step over the invisible line the spell creates but there are severe consequences for any mermaid that does so with the intent to cause harm. Their eyesight dims, their hearing weakens, their body becomes numb with each symptom growing worse as they traverse farther. However, this only happens if they cross over the center of the cove. Going around the outside of the cove has no adverse effects. Such an attack is easily detected however. Both sides are not above hiring mages to do their dirty work for them whether it be a little sabotage or some murder of key figures in the opposing community.
    The serene healers called themselves the Aicaya. They built their settlement on the left half of the cove on the shore and within the 30ft deep waters. They appear to have light shades of hair, their fins appearing to shimmer as they swim. Their skin is of light tones, ranging from a light tan to an off white.  The Aicaya delight in trading with humans and helping them out wherever they can. Despite their rather peaceful existence, the Aicaya have a highly trained unit to repel any attacks from the other half of the cove. That unit is also meant to protect those they can without putting the Aicaya people in danger. The Aicaya are split into pods of 20-30 mermaids. Each pod inhabits a single building either above or below the water’s surface. The pods have two leaders, one male and one female with each have an advisor or two generally of both sexes. One of these two leaders makes all the decisions for the pod itself, deciding what work the pod will do, when the pod will have time off, when they will eat etc. with input from the other leader. This other leader represents the pod on the Conclave, a collection of pod leaders that decides what is best for the community. The Conclave will meet every month under the full moon in a secret location to prevent an assassination attempt. When either of the pod leaders dies, the rest of the pod ‘uplifts’ what they believe to be the worthiest candidate for the job. That candidate then chooses two advisors from the pod and life continues. The job is for life regardless of whether the mermaid or merman is a proper fit. More often than not, the two leaders are mated but that is not a requirement of the job by any means. What mated means depends on what is agreed within the pod. It can either be a lifelong commitment to one person (mermaid/merman or not) or it can merely mean a joining of houses to which each can take multiple mates if they so wish.
    Cecealia was the name the mermaids of the right half gave themselves. They are very nearly entirely black from head to tail tip with bioluminescence lights down their sides and along their tail. Their hair is generally a dark color but they can also have a shocking white head of hair. A rare few have evolved from having fish tails to having octopus’ tentacles. Some blame settling in the depths of the cove while others think it is a strange side effect of the boundary spell. Whatever the reason, these mutations are stronger than the other Cecealia and capable of magic. The Cecealia live under the belief that Might is Right. Therefore, the five strongest warriors called the Vehemans gather as many Cecealia into pods under themselves as they can. These five make up the ruling body of the Cecealia people. The reason they do not have a king or queen is to prevent constant assassination attempts from both the Cecealia and the Aicaya. The vehemans tend to have some 50 mermaids within their pods while claiming to rule any smaller offshoot pods that may emerge. The offshoot pods are generally lead by either a child of one of the vehemans or by a potential rival looking to take one of the current vehemans’ place. The offshoot pods led by rivals are most often sent into battle first with the hope that the rival will die or lose all of their support. This can be a double edged sword as it can potentially make the rival even stronger. The Cecealia tend to send out war parties every so often to try and claim bits of the coast for their own. They aren’t overly concerned if those parties don’t come back. The Cecealian society is namely a twisted net of lies, treachery and assassination and they feed upon the dead. If a Cecealia isn’t killing something for food or training themselves to be a better warrior/mage, than they are usually plotting something to increase their power. Might is Right.


    Beneath the land of Tolgalen, there is a creature. One that appears to be a black whale covered in overlapping natural plates enhanced with metal. A mass of tentacles rings its neck draping nearly the entire body. There are four apparent openings in the creature. Its mouth, two slits in the side that appear to be gills which can open and shut at will and something like a blowhole. The blowhole appears to be two metal doors which only open periodically when the whale thing is above ground. This creature is a moving, breathing prison owned by the Black Legion. The Black Legion is an organization that gathers supernatural beings and studies them. This creature, called Garganta, is where the Black Legion keeps those they capture. Garganta feeds off of the prisoners’ mana, leaving them with just barely enough to keep themselves alive. That combined with the fact that Garganta spends most of its time under the earth make escape difficult. While the prisoners could try to take the whale, they are weakened from the mana drain and the Black Legion are all highly trained non-magical warriors. The fight would be over before it even began.
    The inside of Garganta is split into four sections for the prisoners and the Black Legion. The first three sections are cells for the prisoners, taking up most of the area inside the whale. These ‘prison’ sections near the top and middle of Garganta hold 20 cells each. These cells are made of antimagic material both in and out. They cover a 6 by 8 space. The cell delivers nutrients to the prisoners as needed from an opening in the top of the cell which connects into a tube system. This tube system also is used to clean the prisoners as need be. The bottom prison section holds 10 specialized cells meant to hold the strongest or most powerful ‘inmates of the Black Legion. These ten cells are not only built to hold the prisoners but keep them barely alive and paralyzed. They are built like the other cells except for the added protections and a tube that inserts into the prisoner’s mouth to deliver nutrients. All the prison sections have multiple locks on each cell and entrance to the section. There is always one mundane lock, one magical lock and one lock that is both mundane and magical. Only the Commander of the Black Legion has an override for all three locks.
    The section for the Black Legion resides in an enlarged brain cavity. It functions as a barrack, an armory and a rec room all in one for around 30-40 off duty Black Legion soldiers. Garganta usually holds double that number and they switch off shifts. The entire section is built around the brain of Garganta. The creature is intelligent but subservient to whosoever controls the panels. That just happens to be the Black Legion at this moment. With the panels, the Legion can cut off any area of the creature. Garganta’s muscles respond to the commands given from the panels. The panels are also used to direct where Garganta goes along with weaponizing various functions of the creature if need be. However, weaponizing Garganta causes the creature to buck against the controls so it is only done with extreme prejudice. The armory of this section is built toward the nose of the creature with the barracks and the rec room flanking either side. The armory holds enough to arm twice the number of Black Legion soldiers that are on the Garganta at any given time. It has higher security with three locks on either side of the door and two elite soldiers watching it at all times. The floor of the armory also has an enhanced mana draining ability. This is meant to keep any revolting prisoners from ever seizing the weapons. Though there would have to be a revolt for that to happen first.
    Five systems keep Garganta alive or moving. The first two filter air and nutrients the creature requires through its entire body. This prevents the creature needing a stomach or lungs in order to function. The third provides Garganta with the ability to move through the earth or water if need be. It’s an undulation along the outer layer of the plates covering the creature. This moves the earth around and behind Garganta, propelling it forward where it wishes to go. There is also a slight electrical field used to gently push living things away from Garganta until it passes. The final two systems use the mana absorbed from the prisoners. The first system regenerates Garganta from any damage caused to it. This does not include the metal enhancements of the creature, merely the organic material. The more extensive the damage the longer repairs take but the whale cannot die. This is due to the second system. An immortality clause so to speak. If Garganta does not have enough mana to regen, the creature will collapse in on itself, becoming smaller first. This tends to either make the damage superficial as the extra flesh fills in where the damage was or moves it to a less critical part of Garganta. Woe to anyone inside as the creature cares only to preserve itself at that point. Should that fail, Garganta places itself into a coma drawing tiny amounts of mana from its surroundings until the damage is fixed. This generally means Garganta can disappear for years, even centuries at a time.
    Every three weeks, give or take a few days, Garganta must emerge to load/unload prisoners and/or replace Black Legion soldiers. This is to prevent her from accidently digesting the prisoners, as the constant mana drain can liquefy them after too long. There are several Black Legion strongholds around Tolgalen with areas built specifically for Garganta to surface in. These locations are a secret known only to the leader of the Black Legion, Black Legion captions and a few trusted members. The Black Legion members have their memories wiped when they are rotated out of Garganta to ensure that the location is kept secret. Each location is laced with magic-dampening lacrima as well as being manned by more of the Black Legion to prevent any prison escapes. The only entrance in or out of the cavern, besides Garganta’s ‘pool’, even has lacrima intended to collapse the entrance should any prisoner escape. For most strongholds, this is an unnecessary precaution as they were built using Garganta and have only one alternative way out besides the creature. Garganta can be called to the surface by the Black Legion leader or captains. Each of them carries a specialized whistle that only the great prison creature can hear. This allows them to call Garganta for an emergency instead of waiting three weeks for it to surface again.


    Deep in the center of the country of Tolgalen, where the stream becomes river and the hill becomes mountain, where the plains turn rugged and the sea rushes to claim the land, there lies the Scars. These scars are the result of a great battle fought between the Dark Fire Phoenix, Arsiatra and Taxan the Djinn of Discord. That great battle went unwitnessed by mortal eyes but the scars tell a tale of their own. The fey can always be asked about the story if one wishes to pay the price. The Scars are a perilous place taking mage and mundane alike for their prey. Few beings can walk freely about them without being effected by their strange phenomenon.
    The scars appear grey to the eye, blank to the senses. It’s as if they don’t exist. The five of them are clustered together, creating an area known to the common folk as the Rictadon. The Rictadon is 10 miles in radius. The scars do not cover the entire area but to pass between them is considered folly. The Rictadon is kept clear of visitors by a family of wyvern riders called the Kurtama. They consider it their sacred duty to keep people away from the dangers of the scars. Their wyverns are raised from a young age, entrusted to them by the parents only after the pass a lengthy test. The test is designed by the wyverns to test the worthiness of the potential rider. If the potential fails, they will never ride a wyvern. That is why they train for years before attempting the test. After the test, the new rider must spend 3 years bonding with their wyvern. It is possible to fail in this as well, resulting in the wyvern flying off into the wilderness. Once the rider and the wyvern have become a team, they help patrol the borders of the Rictadon. The Kurtama and the wyverns work together to keep people out of the RIctadon. A council of Elders, both human and wyvern, oversee the entire operation.
    All the scars constantly absorb any magic that is cast within its borders into the ground. Lacrima are slowly drained of their charge. Magic weapons have a chance of working but more often than not, their abilities are also absorbed. This is why the Kurtama work diligently to keep people out.
    First Scar:

    The first scar is the largest cover 4 square miles give or take a few meters. This was the first place that Arsiatra and Taxen hit in their battle. Taxen attempted to trap Arsiatra against the ground by making the ground come alive. When that failed, he tried to turn their blood into creatures to hold her against the ground. Arsiatra sent her black flame into the ground. The regenerative ability of her flame caused flowers to sprout. Their roots trapped the ground allowing Arsiatra to take to the skies once again. In this scar, absorbed magic makes the ground comes alive. It rises up attack whoever cast magic within it. The perpetrator is swallowed into the ground and slowly suffocated, squeezed until their bones crack, their blood watering the ground. That blood is turned into creatures that roam about the scar, aiding the ground in consuming intruders. The creatures range from small to large and none look like any normal creature. They are amalgamations of various animals. They tear non-magical intruders apart for the ground. The creatures cannot leave the scar lest the magic that sustains them be ripped away reducing them to red sludge. A special plant, the Trasiimu, lies in the center of this scar. It is a beautiful plant that looks like a red heart when fully grown. This plant is mainly used in love potions but can be used for powerful rare healing agents as well. If worn into this scar, the ground weakens and the creatures do their best to only drive the wearer out of the scar.
    Second Scar:

    The second scar is where the battling behemoths smashed into the ground a second time. This time, Taxen smashed Arsiatra into the ground. Thus this scar is a crater in the ground. People say that Arsiatra’s magic seeped into the ground to create the scar. Whatever the reason, this scar produces a black fire low to the ground. Its movement is mesmerizing, hypnotic The more magic is used here, the stronger the hypnosis of the flames becomes. The ground of the crater is soft, like quicksand. When combined with the flames of the scar, people don’t realize they are in danger until it is too late to pull themselves out. A creature known as the Caretaker feeds on the bodies of those trapped by the ground. It piles their valuables around the center to entice more people into the scar. It will also fan the hypnotic flames to try and increase their effects. No one has ever seen the Caretaker in its entirety and it almost never stoops to fighting. Someone will always come along to be trapped. It only has to wait. Then it will feed. The most anyone has seen of the Caretaker is a mouth full of teeth and three or four tentacles that splits into three near the tip. The closest creature anyone can place the Caretaker as, is an octopus.
    Third Scar:

    The third scar was a trap set in place by Taxen before the beginning of the battle. It was meant to absorb all magic within a person. Instead, when Taxen activated it, the scar created the Nithlings from the tribe that had been resting on that land. This altered the intended purpose of the scar as it wasn’t meant to hold so many different magics at once. Now when magic is used within the scar, it absorbs the emotions of a person. This may not seem like a dangerous thing but the more emotion a person loses, the more likely they are to make decisions that might haunt them later based purely in logic. Eventually, if someone stays too long in the scar, they become a Nithling themselves. A Nithling is a creature of pure magic and logic, unable to feel emotion without siphoning it from others. They appear look like genies, possessing no legs and a powerful torso, that lack a face and emit black wisps of smoke from their bodies. A Nithling looks fuzzy around the edges almost as if they aren’t entirely there. Their bodies are shot through with blue veins whenever they use magic. These creatures run a highly regimented society within the scar. They nurture the land while keeping their numbers at a healthy medium between a strong community and allowing the scar to flourish. This means there are 30-50 Nithlings in the scar at this time. The Nithlings treasure new knowledge as this helps them to make the most logical decision. Thus Nithlings are sent out in pairs to search for new knowledge. It is out in the world that a Nithling can discover feelings, emotions.
    They need only siphon them off of others using their magic. Their magic mimics the scars in that they absorb magic and emotions. Unlike the scars, the Nithling can then copy what they absorbed for a short amount of time. Emotions are like a drug for the unfeeling Nithlings and they tend to take too much which kills the person they are taking from. Most often, the Nithlings that become addicted to emotion are put down by their partners but occasionally, one will escape. What that Nithling becomes, no one can say. Knowledge brought back to the scar is stored within a building the Nithlings have erected within the center of the scar. The wealth of knowledge held there is astonishing, holding many ancient secrets. It tends to draw many people to it. The Nithlings allow people to see their accumulated knowledge but try to take anything out of their library/storehouses and they produce powerful magic items to kill the thief as they see it. They will stop at nothing to recover the item taken, pursuing the perpetrator until they have recovered it. If the item is handed over peacefully, no harm will come to the person.
    Fourth Scar:

    The fourth scar is an unknown mystery out of all the scars. People go in and seldom come out. Those who do manage to come out have no memory of their ordeal. It is said a great treasure lies within this scar and even if it didn’t, the number of mages and noblemen who have died there have belongings worth the trip. The only known information about the fourth scar is that magic used within it causes memories to become hazy. First why you came to such a place then slowly going backwards the more magic you use. Yet this doesn’t account for all the missing memories. Experiences, languages, even how to use magic vanish the longer one uses magic in this scar. Some speculate that a creature is born from the ground every so often. These Natlings steal memories as a source of sustenance. Perhaps they devour until the mind is no more and the body expires. That is just a rumor however as no one can confirm it.
    People have vanished into the scar but that is the extent of their disappearance that is known. Others think the scar steals the memories and uses them to create the fog that permeates the scar. This has a little more credence as those who enter merely the edge of scar find themselves remembering things they never experienced. There lies a certain kind of danger in that fog. It lures people who wish to forget and live a different life. There is no telling what really lies within the fourth scar of the Rictadon. The Natlings are very careful to keep it that way. They are weak and fear retribution for those who disappear into the scar. They do take memories but never anything that is vital, from their point of view. Memories are harvested from those who enter the scar and planted. They blossom into a flower, then into a fruit that the Natlings eat. To anyone that beholds the fruit, it appears wispy, see through. Yet when one tries to pick it up, the fruit solidifies in their hand. The Natlings, should they ever be beheld, appear to be spindly creatures with four legs, a body belonging to an extremely skinny humanoid and long thin arms with fingers to match. Natlings can move at high speeds for a short period of time but that is all the magic they have besides the ability to harvest memories.
    Fifth Scar:

    The fifth scar was a desperate attempt by Taxen to steal Arsiatra’s ability to fight. It was meant to steal her youthfulness. Unfortunately for him, a trio of hags found more use for the scar. Arsiatra’s ability to regenerate herself kept his desperate attempt from ever really working. Magic used within this scar causes the body to rapidly age. Youth and beauty are drained away with each spell cast. This can be reversed by exiting the scar but the person will always feel a little older, have a few more problems, then they would have had otherwise. The hags draw this youthfulness up out of the scar to enhance themselves. At the center of the scar, they have created the Citadel of Sorrow. The citadel is meant to protect them should anyone try to attack. The paranoid creatures also have several vampire servants who feed upon the decrepit that wander far enough into the scar. A few of those wanderers are transformed into zombies to increase the defenses of the citadel. Occasionally, the hags will have these servants fetch them something to eat – usually a child or a teenager. That way they can drain the young one’s youth before eating him. If no children can be taken, the hag sisters will eat one of the poor people that lost all their youth to the scar.
    The three hags are called, Vera, Dalia, and Anima. Each have a different kind of magic. Vera, the youngest, appears to be a buxom redhead when she has stolen enough youth. She is the adopted sister and wields the magic of the mind. She can project illusions, speak into someone’s mind and influence what they see to a certain extent. Dalia looks to be a lithe blonde with a mischievous smile. She wields the magic of emotions, allowing her to manipulate others, or cast misfortune upon others. She is the most intelligent, carefully making other see her as weak. However, Dalia augments her abilities with various potions to shore up her weaknesses. Anima appears to be a tall brunette and she wields the magic of the elements. She tends to use water and earth most heavily. When the three work in tandem, they have complete dominion over a limited area. Animals, people even the very elements bend to the sisters’ wills within this area. Only a fool would engage all three at the same time without proper preparation.

    Credit to Kyran, Adalinda, Yona & Sol

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    Areas of Tolgalen Empty Re: Areas of Tolgalen

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    West Fiore Trading Company:

    Docks and Passages:

    As you find yourself first approaching Tolgalen it is easy to see that the place has different ports, three in fact, now to the uneducated would likely be wondering what the point of this as it may seem like the trading company may not know what it is doing due to the illusion spreading itself so thin, and the answer is quite simple if the correct question is asked of course. They haven't...

    The docks to the west are able to host up to forty large ships of any kind at anyone time. These ships are generally all merchant and fly the trading company's symbol and colours showing their allegiance and that attacking them would likely not be a good idea as everyone knows there are a good few strong mages within the ranks of the trading company. This being said however, it has been known that if weather has been bad that other ships have been allowed to dock (for a fee of course).

    The docks to the east are able to host up to twenty medium airships, for those who are willing to pay a bit extra to get their cargo to their destination quickly for whatever reason. These docks are strictly for the use of the trading company alone, anyone getting to close to these docks without the symbol of the company have been dealt with harshly as trespassers since the company's flagship is located here. This dock also doubles as a dry dock allowing ten large sea baring ships to be in at anyone time for repairs and maintenance.

    The middle dock is the dock visitors to the island whatever their business may be with the company. On occasion it has been people trying to buy shares, just wanting to camp in nature, to gain a job or there to put in a request something being traded for them. On the rare chance even those wishing to give mages jobs from the magic council or other individuals have came just to place the jobs on the job board in case someone is looking for some extra funds while they wait to be back on duty.

    Regardless of which dock you end up at each well maintained with their own shielded path which are highly defended by guards most of which know some sort of re-quip or weapon magic. To become a guard is no easy task as you have to show your up to the task by fighting the president or one of his representatives and proving your worth and well lit by lacrima which no one but a few know double as secondary defence that uses elemental magic.
    External Building:

    You can see the area closest to the headquarters for the West Fiore Trading Company is in a tropical climate. A mixture of palm trees, shrubs, and forests upon the nearby mountains mark it for a Mediterranean style biome with several sandy and rocky beaches fringing this edge of Tolgalen.

    The distance between the docks and the trading company's headquarters all depends on which dock you come from, as one could imagine the distance from the sky dock only open to company members is closer to the main building than the supply or visitor dock. This being said no dock is more than fifteen minutes away from the headquarters. As previously stated the paths are well lit by lacrima (that also have elemental properties that will activate in case of invasion or intrusion) and guards who specialise in re-quip or other melee based magic for the safety for all who are there on business, pleasure or call the island home. Due to the path it's very  hard to get lost and a silent motion sensor will go off alerting nearby guards to anyone who decides to venture off the path to places they shouldn't be and will apprehend them to find out what is going on.

    As you approach the main building the first thing you may notice is the giant diamond shaped lacrima floating above the headquarters of the trading company and wonder why it is there, the answer to this is quite simple, it acts as a guiding light to ships at night, what only a select few will know is that it also acts as an early warning system for the trading company in case of invasion and has also been imbued with elemental magic to help defend and slow down any would be enemies giving the mages of the company  (and guild) enough time to get innocent people to safety while mounting an attack and defence to get rid of the idiots attacking the island and those who call it home. (So attacking this place is never a good idea, but hay, they should feel free to try their best...)

    As you get to the bottom steps you are met with a large white building, that you would swear was one giant block of white sandstone that has been made hollow. This is of course not the case just the illusion the architect went with as it makes it harder to see weak points and any flaws the building itself may have unless you are trained in what to look for. Just by the simple elegance of the exterior it would be very easy to see that the building very well maintained and may come across someone checking over things to make sure that there are no issues, taking notes on issues or fixing issues that have been found and reported. The steps leading up to the large double mahogany doors are made from white lime stone but if you look close enough you can see small twinkles almost as if stars have been caught within the stone helping with where each is in the darkness.

    Walking up the steps you will see a large glistening wall of marble filled with names, at the top you will see the words 'Souls lost but not forgotten' to many this will seem like a memorial to those who lost their lives while while at sea or in the air, and their bodies could never be found so were remembered in the best way the company could devise; but to those who know both sides of the coin will know it has a deeper meaning. Doing anything that is classed as inappropriate to this memorial wall will not be tolerated and will instantly get you an armed escort off the island with whoever you are with. Your and those who were travelling with you names and images will be added to a book that allows everyone to know in the company that trade with them is forbidden. (Best advice be respectful to those who have passed and no issues will arise, remember chances are you need the company more than it needs you.)

    At the top of the steps you will be met by large mahogany double doors that have been carved with images of the company's history. Right from it's humble beginnings all the way to how it ended up to be how it was that year. You will see no space for additional images but  if you were to ask a member you would find out this is not the case, the company has at least one mage that tends to the doors alone moving the images each year so more information can be added so the history is kept. (Be mindful of the  doors, they're old and though can be replaced the ones who do the work on them will be more than a little annoyed.) The doors are kept open during the day so trade and such can be dealt with, but during the evening they are usually closed and are only able to be opened by people with one of the two marks for the safety of all inside.

    You're eyes will now likely wander to the white walls of the building once more now you're closer to it given that before it looked like nothing more than a hollow large white block. It's now you see large bay windows equally spaced, it is easy to see that each window regardless of it is stained or clear it is clear to see that all the glass is hand crafted and well tended to. You can throw things against the glass within reason and it will not get damaged, it however it's still not advised  because if caught the company will see it as an attack and you will be given a one way ticket off the island and told not to return in the politest way possible. Just by the sheer size of the place it's easy to see that the headquarters of the trading company is around four perhaps five floors tall. Each floor seems to have an extended roof allowing those who work or live within the rooms below able to go out on their balconies while keeping the one below slightly dry.


    As you pass the set of large set of mahogany doors you are met with a large reception area. The first thing that would be seen was the floor that consists of the finest polished stone, at certain places such as from the front door to the main reception desk there is a regal red and gold carpet. It is now that your eyes would be drawn to the silk golden crimson curtains on each window held back by golden silk corded tassels, following them around it is easy to see a large grandfather clock but you would notice a faint glow coming from it; this is because if you where to ask the clock what time it was at a certain spot within Earthland it would show you.

    The walls themselves are of flawless white marble but it is easy to see that a lot of love has went into  maintaining them due to the murals that have been painted upon their surfaces. These murals show both good and bad scenes, not all of which may seem relevant to the trading company; if asked why these were painted you would be met with a unanimous answer regardless on who you asked, this answer would be 'So we don't forget the past, good or bad.' Just by the wall on the way to the front doors, the mahogany doors themselves and the murals it would be clear to anyone that the trading company was very close and refused to forget things they deemed relevant though those outside the company may not understand why; to be honest it is hard to know if everyone within the company would be in the loop as to why certain scenes would be painted on the walls but they wouldn't tell even if you asked.

    Continuing to look around you will see people constantly moving around picking up or dropping off items at the reception desk. This desk has at least five receptionists on at any time, if you go to the woman in the middle she will introduce herself as Alisha and welcome you to the the West Fiore Trading company. Depending on what you say to her depends on what would happen next, if the business is something simple then you would be taken to one of the offices to the left of the ground floor and be tended to by one of the junior members, if wanting to place a job request on the board you leave it at the reception desk and Alisha herself will deal with which board it will be placed on, if looking for a job you would be placed in a waiting area to the left of the reception area and one of the senior members will tend to you.

    On rare occasions the company has been known to allow tours to be taken around the building but many areas are kept of limits for security reasons and there are always plain clothed members who tag along to make sure that no one is there to cause mischief or espionage on them. Doing such a thing has given many the desire to join the ranks and have even done so very do or if they have been children when they took the tour decided to join when when they became old enough as the company gives many different opportunities, as they have many different sections and specialised fields.

    At the back of the hall there are three doors that seemingly stand separate from everything else but they are as elegant as any other door and don't seem to stick out other than there is a regal royal blue banner between them embroidered with gold thread showing the company's sign. These doors are only permitted to be entered freely by those of the company, others may only enter when accompanied by someone and even then a visitors badge must be worn at all times. Within this badge there is a small unseen lacrima tag in it that lets the executives and guards know where people are at all times. Taking off the visitors badge in any place past the allowed area will instantly send a signal to these people and it will be dealt with swiftly as will any detours.
    Dining Hall:

    Continuing to the back of the reception hall, if you where to take the door to the seemingly plainer door to the left your sense of smell would instantly be assaulted by the smell of different kinds of succulent meats, vegetables, freshly baked goods, while your ears would find that the hall was filled with laughter, music, singing and conversation. The kitchen of the company is never closed due to ships and personal coming in and going out at all hours, so the staff work on a router to compensate for this and are well compensated themselves for their playing their parts in the upkeep of the company as well as the moral of everyone within it.

    The company understands that people have certain needs after being on a task for their home wither it was by land, sea, air or acting as a diplomat for whatever reason, so do stock alcohol within the mess hall. To make sure that nothing gets out of hand by order of the management there is a limit on how much a person may drink within the mess hall before they are cut off and must change to something softer, to prove that everyone must follow this rule the president has made it clear that he and his vice presidents will also only be able to drink to the cut off amount, which seems to make everyone happy as it is not one rule for one and another rule for another because they hold rank.

    Now you have entered the mess hall you can see large bay windows like within the reception area, but unlike in the area before that had elegant curtains these windows have redwood shutters, though it would really be hard to tell if they where inside or outside the mess hall due to the magic that they where imbued with. The reason for this is the shutters will change to be internal or external dependant on what they are needed for; if a storm was to hit or in the evening they would find themselves outside to protect the glass and those inside, if on some rare occasion for some reason a fight was to break out or if the sun was to bright they would find themselves inside to protect the glass or be closed so the gaze wasn't so bright.

    The walls of the room are two toned with the top being an almost ice crystal blue and the bottom being white being an antique white. The mess hall always seems to have people in it due to the working patterns of those within, but even if they have a normal nine to five work day they are able to come at any time and eat. The floor of the hall is buffed redwood that shows no scuffs nor damage of any sort, in the large hall there is eighteen large tables able to seat fourteen people at each. There are many tables on the outside that is filled with sandwiches and cold foods kept protected and chilled by the runes on the tables. To the left there is a window were the hot meats and foods sit allowing people to cut off or take what they want.

    The tables are made of mahogany and covered in white linen cloth, on top of it there is the required cutlery, glasses, cups and condiments required for whatever maybe on the menu at that time. The chairs themselves are high backed mahogany upholstered with what seems like blue velvet allowing comfort during the downtime of those who are using it.
    Magic Training Hall:

    From the reception hall if you where to go to the right door, you would notice that this door was not made of any type of wood it was merely an illusion, what it actually is a door of runes. This may seem strange but you either walk through or are escorted through the rune door and find yourself at the beginning of a corridor that had a small window on either side. What you will see is that the windows themselves have runes etched into them and the walls have seals, if you were to enquire as to why there where runes you would be met with one answer “To do as little damage as possible.” now that answer in itself will likely have you thinking 'Do little damage as possible?' but you follow your guide or walk down the corridor on your own (if you are new to the company) the corridor brightly lit by light lacrima but one thing you may notice is that you can't hear your own footsteps on the stone floor no matter how much you try to make sound.

    Instead of asking at the current moment you just continue to walk for what seems like five minutes until you come across another runed door, unlike the first door this door is exactly how it seems and will allow you though if you have the correct markings or being escorted. What you will see as you walk through would seem somewhat a disappointment given the grandeur that you have seen everywhere else, but nothing is exactly as it seems in the large empty room as you look around you notice like the hallway there where runes covering the walls. On asking about them you would be informed that this is the magical training hall, the runes do several things such as sound proofing, preventing damage to the walls or anything beyond them, preventing any true harm if there was a magical sparring match going on and most strangely that it acted as a room filled with multiple scenarios that could be activated for training purposes.
    Physical Training Hall:

    From the recreation room if you take the door closest to the windows on the left you would find yourself in another training room of sorts, this time however you would see nothing is really special about it. This room is brightly lit and has a complete wall as well as the roof made of glass allowing the light to enter, when it becomes night however the glass once again changes to being stone but there are large windows allowing moonlight in as well as the light lacrima that keeps the place bright no matter what time it is.

    Around the room there are all manner of machines to help with stamina, strength and speed not to mention spots to work on flexibility and acrobatics if you believe you need those. There are company members who on their off time even volunteer to be trainers, so if you believe you need a little bit of a push or some advice on what is best for you, there will always be someone there to help.

    At the back of the room there is a door, to go through there you would find yourself in what seems like a spa. This place is pale green and white and smells of incense, it has ten doors, four of which are used for massages each room able to house up to four people for such a thing, a room that has a mud bath able to sit six people, a swimming pool and two saunas. (One for men, one for women.) Regardless on how a person likes to relax it can be found on the first floor of the company's headquarters.
    Recreation Area:

    From the reception area if you take the door in the middle you would find a square that has a strange sparkling stone at both the top and bottom, this is something that the company themselves have developed to get from point A to point B with as much ease as possible. (After all carrying boxes up the stairs is a pain and not everyone has been blessed with levitation or flight.) You just need to say the number of the floor you wish and this will take you to the floor in an instant, it is as simple as that.

    You however being new decide to go to the first floor to see if there is anything interesting there and much to your surprise you find yourself in a large lounge. The walls are of a pale sky blue where the carpet was of a deep azure blue making it almost seem as if you where out on the ocean. As you look around the room you see two sets of large double windows with white silk curtains held back by silver silk cords outside it seems as if there are the redwood shutters you seen in the mess hall and believe that they must be there in case of storms. You also notice five elegantly carved redwood doors but you decide to look around this room a little bit more first.

    You notice that there are several reclining white sofas and chairs that have regal blue and gold silk cushions, a two large viewing lacrima showing the goings on or a movie on them, underneath them there is a large crackling log fire wither this is magical or not is not clear until you go closer and notice the same sort of barrier that kept the food protected and cool was there making sure the fire could go no further than the fire place. You would notice that there where several large tables with eight seats around them, some of them would have games half played but you notice that even if there was no more room for a game to be played instead of clearing the game away the new group would just start playing on the floor, when asking why they didn't clear away one of the other games you would be met with “They'll finish it when they get back, it's wrong to disturb an on going game.” before they start going about their own business.

    It is also in this section if you walk further in that you notice that there's a section for pottery, painting and even crafting be it with wood or some other material. As you move to the door in between the two sets of large double windows and look through it you will see a thriving garden filled with all sorts of flowers, herbs, vegetables both day to day and more exotic. (They are a trading company, it only stands to reason that they would have more exotic things growing within their garden.) The strangest thing you may think about is that the garden is one floor up instead of the ground floor but given there is a garden much like it right under it's not overly odd. The garden you are looking at having what seems like a magical stream going through it with a bridge and a few trees giving it the illusion that it was on the ground floor. You would be assured that there was nothing to fear that the garden had runes around it to prevent anyone falling off.
    Dream Room:

    From the recreation room if you take the door to the right that is closer to the window you would enter what would appear to be a room that you may find in one of the many books you could read in the library. This room has a comfortable shaggy white carpet and white walls, unlike the rest of the building this room has no windows or lacrima within it to create any sort of light. In the beginning you feel like you have stumbled upon a dark secret within the company but then you come to realise if it was really a secret why would it be on the first floor in an unlocked room that any member or visitor could open, wouldn't that kind of thing be kept in a basement lab.

    Slowly moving deeper into the room you see a dull glow, proceeding with caution you find yourself amongst twenty-four capsules big enough to house one adult frame, now you think there is something dark going on so you go to one of the pods and feel around allowing it to open. As it opens you find it looking almost like a bed so decide to look around only finding the words 'Dream capsule', unsurprising you find yourself confused so go to the thing in the middle of the pods to see if it has any information on what exactly these things are used for.

    It is then you stumble upon a lacrima tablet that holds all of the information on what this room is actually used for. You find out that the room is called 'The Dream Room' and is used for mental training for up to the maximum of twenty-four people and there is scenarios that can be placed into the podium in the middle, from there you set which pods take part in such a scenario. These scenarios can be anything from fighting to solving puzzles, while in the pods themselves the participants are in a dream like state and will awake refreshed feeling like they've done nothing more than shared a dream with guild mates, it also allows them and the executives know where they are lacking and what they need to work on.
    Virtual Training Area:

    If you go to the first door on the left from the recreation room you would find yourself inside what looks much like the magic training hall. There are windows etched with runes as are the walls, like the magic training room this is to prevent damage to the rest of the building and prevent the glass from being shattered by someone being thrown into it.

    This room unlike the magical training hall however has practice and live weapons, a gauntlet that could do harm but nothing overly serious (will still hurt the persons pride though), training dummies that have a tendency of hitting back, you might be afraid of doing damage to these dummies but don't they have no qualms on doing damage to you, not to mention as they're imbued with magic they will fix themselves as they are damaged much like being under a permanent healing spell.

    There are fire traps to help people work on their speed, and yes it will hurt if you get hit by the fire so be sure that you want to do that training before you go ahead and do it. Like the magical training hall, this hall is also equipped with scenarios that are like mock jobs or even physical exercises that can be used to help someone get better bearings on ship duties under stressful times such as bad weather or coming under attack so they don't panic and lose their head, after all all it takes is one person and a battle could be won or lost, or for a ship to sink.

    Around the room, ropes can also be seen hanging from the roof, many members use this to find out who is paying when they go for a meal or even who is having to do overtime when it comes to guard duties. Also dotted around there are mats for people who want to improve on hand to hand combat or even grappling. At the far end of the hall there is an fire range that is magically enhanced so the target will move further away even though the room will remain the same size for those who specialise in projectiles.
    Spa and Gym:

    From the recreation room if you take the door closest to the windows on the left you would find yourself in another training room of sorts, this time however you would see nothing is really special about it. This room is brightly lit and has a complete wall as well as the roof made of glass allowing the light to enter, when it becomes night however the glass once again changes to being stone but there are large windows allowing moonlight in as well as the light lacrima that keeps the place bright no matter what time it is.

    Around the room there are all manner of machines to help with stamina, strength and speed not to mention spots to work on flexibility and acrobatics if you believe you need those. There are company members who on their off time even volunteer to be trainers, so if you believe you need a little bit of a push or some advice on what is best for you, there will always be someone there to help.

    At the back of the room there is a door, to go through there you would find yourself in what seems like a spa. This place is pale green and white and smells of incense, it has ten doors, four of which are used for massages each room able to house up to four people for such a thing, a room that has a mud bath able to sit six people, a swimming pool and two saunas. (One for men, one for women.) Regardless on how a person likes to relax it can be found on the first floor of the company's headquarters.

    From the recreation hall you decide to take the first door on the left and find yourself within a place you didn't think you would find so soon and that is the vast expanses of the company's library. You decide to walk in and look around but find that this place is bigger than what you expected given how big the outside of the building appeared at first but this is due to the magic of some of the members expanding the spaces of certain rooms where it is found to be needed.

    You find that the floor is a polished marble and that there are many pillars encrusted with light lacrima keeping the place well lit as there isn't that many windows given the room is packed with shelves from floor to ceiling with books on all sorts of subjects some of it fictional for those who just want to let their minds wander of things that were nothing more than a fantasy or wanted a scare. When looking around you find that there is a section of books that seem unpublished, on opening one you see it is hand written and suspect that every book in this section is the same way. These books are left as reminders of those who have left either to find a new path or through doing their duties to the company. They like the other books cover a vast selection of subjects, some of them even even starting in one persons handwriting and continuing in another's as if trying to finish the story or research in the absence of the one who started. These books are not permitted to be taken from the library by anyone and willingly defacing them is an immediate dismissal from the company, not to mention whatever punishment that comes with it.

    You will notice three marble and light lacrima staircases, two at the bottom, one to the left, one to the right and a spiral on in the middle of the room that has a path leading to each side of the upper library. On the bottom there are comfortable, elegant lounge chairs with their own lights so people can read without becoming sore or bothering others, there are also several different tables around the place that can be used for studying or reading, each table has a single rune in the centre of it that when touched will create a bubble of silence that can be activated if a study group or discussion is taking place so as not to disturb anyone else that is using the area.
    Clerical Department:

    From the elevator within the reception or recreation area will take you to the second floor. This floor is unique as it seems like a well decorated room with two doors on each side. The polished granite floor having an elegant red carpet going down the centre, at the end of the hall there is a window covered in netting with red silk curtains pulled back with golden silk tassels holding them back allowing light to get in. At the side of each door there is a hovering light lacrima that will automatically light up as the hall becomes darker. The walls of the hallway is in two parts, the top of the wall is white where the bottom part is varnished oak giving it an almost office look. Here and there you will see different kinds of plants and some seats to allow people to wait until they can be seen.

    To the left you would see a sign that reads 'Item's in' while on the right the sign would read 'Items out'. The door closest to the window on the left is where end of assignment reports are handed in and dealt with. It is unlikely that you will ever go into this room due to it being the only office with a small post box that allows for people just to post it in and go; if for some reason you did go in the room you would that it was staffed by a dozen people. There are eight tables each manned by one person while four people do the leg work putting things where they should be for future reference if information was needed.

    This is also the section that deals with any expenses that the assignments would have needed while away from the company. Every jewel is accounted for and if they believe that the expense isn't something that shouldn't be on the company account, they will make sure it comes out of the pay of the one who was in charge of the assignment. In addition they make sure that a black mark would be put next to the persons name, gain three of these and you are receive disciplinary action, a forth removes you from command of assignments permanently and perhaps even dismissed completely. That falls however under the the discretion of the president and the vice presidents that work directly under them.

    The other door on the left has a plaque on the door that says 'Auditing and Banking' in there there are a around two dozen people dealing with the expected finances of each expedition or job, if there is any discrepancy within a task these people will know within a matter of hours and will want to know why. It is also with these twenty four people you would want to speak to if you wanted to put some of your wages aside, needed an advance on your monthly wages for whatever reason or if you needed financing for a project. Just remember like all accountants and bankers they are beyond strict on things so you best be upfront with them or it could turn out bad because at least two of them knows gravity magic and four of them know some sort of restriction magic.

    The furthest door on the right is a plaque that says 'Assignments' this office housed all jobs accepted by the company and ready to be designated to a specific crew or person. It's this office that decides who gets what task and if you screw up they're the ones you deal with given they're also the internal affairs for the company though this is only known by the CEO and their VP's.

    The door beside that has a plaque on it that says 'Personnel and Appointments' it is within this room that job applications are looked over; given just how many people apply for a job on a day to day basis there are around twenty people working within this room weeding out those who would be less than desirable before handing them to Alisha to dwindle it down further before handing it off to the CEO and VP's to give the final decisions. It is also this section that does scheduling for trips, tours, festivals, parties, entertainment and the liked when such things are called for.
    Business Offices and Boardroom:

    As you exit the elevator on this floor you will walk into a wide open space, at first it will seem like the reception area with how open it appears. In the centre there is a large cherry wood reception desk with a single employee behind it taking calls and who directs clients to where they should be when the higher management is ready to see them. This floor has six rooms on it, four of them are for meeting clients, each of these rooms looks like your standard office with a window looking out over the nearby area, the fifth room is a waiting room, this is brightly coloured and has several different newspapers and magazines sitting for people to read while they wait for their meeting; within the waiting room several refreshments are on hand for clients also. The final room has a long table with nine chairs and is used for when decisions are being made or when a client wants an audience with the entire management.

    Even though the rooms allow those on the outside to look in, when in use the glass becomes frosted so that full confidentiality is kept, To add to this so that no one walks in the doors are sealed and can only be opened by those inside of them. It of yet has never happened, however the company likes to have all bases covered for the protection of their guests and themselves. This is why all rooms are classed as anti magic areas, all weapons are instantly sealed thus unusable and if any fists are thrown then lacrima crystals activate and begin recording what happens, added to that though people may not be able to use magic a gravity seal appears below the trouble maker bringing them to their knees until security can make their way and apprehend them.

    Onyx Moon:

    The Lair
    Located through a secret entrance inside of the West Fiore Trading Company on Tolgalen, there is a underground cavern known as home of Onyx Moon Guild. There is another entrance that may only be accessed during certain times of the day on ships with diving capabilities. Upon finding a way underwater and through a system of watery caverns, the ships will find their way into a cavern where the main base of Onyx Moon reside. The ships brought in from the underwater caverns will be brought to a well designed underground cavern dock where they can be left so that those on board can make their way to the Lair. The dock can house a large amount of boats that are capable of making the trip. Those who make the underwater trip will also be welcomed by members of Onyx Moon on guard duty who are ready to welcome you as either friend or foe.

    The remodeled cavern came to be known as "The Lair". The Lair houses the members as well as provides entertainment for them. It is usually the best place for anyone to hide out and to stay in that is not a member of the West Fiore Trading Company or to hide away any possible certain people who need protection from the world. This cavern was here before the creation of Onyx Moon, so it was assumed that the Guild merely took over the remains of the previous owners. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything left over as an inheritance other than a Black Book and the eerie chamber that is was found in. The Lair used to be much like a eerie cave but has had upgrades done to it so that now it takes on a more higher classed look for the members of Onyx Moon which makes it more like a upper class hideout for them. This has caused the hallways to be remodeled into proper ones with straight slopes and being clearly lit for those in them.

    The Lair has multiple items used to look outside of it to check on anything going on around them. This is done through the many cameras placed around Tolgalen and through magic that allows the user to see through those cameras either through items or through their own eyes. Further into The Lair is a door with a large bronze figurehead is seen above the door. The figurehead is that of a topless mermaid with bountiful assets sticking out of the cavern wall. Once you have reached this figurehead, you will have to verify that you are a member of the Onyx Moon by showing your guild mark to the mermaid and the door will unlock and open for a short time, otherwise the door will remained locked and you will not be allowed access unless someone else lets you in. The entrance from the West Fiore Trading Company is hidden inside a hidden door that leads to a elevator that goes down to a small hallway with a similar mermaid door that requires the same 'key' to open it. Once inside, you will have found your way to The Siren's Song; the bar of Onyx Moon Guild.

    Siren's Song:

    Areas of Tolgalen Ug-interior-2

    The Siren's Song is the name, passionately given, to the bar within The Lair.  Many shanty are sung and drinks are drunk within the Siren's Song. When the men and women of Onyx Moon aren't out getting money honestly (or dishonestly), they can be found here. This is also the first room found within The Lair, working similar to a gateway before going inwards to the rest of the guild.  

    The Siren's Song is a large bar, capable of comfortably accommodating up to 120 individuals with seats and glasses to ensure everyone that appears has a good time. The Siren's Song also comes with instruments for those men or women of the guild brave enough to play an instrument without getting boo'd off the stage from their fellow privateers. The bar itself has been remodeled to look like a amazing underground area complete with tables for those who want to sit with others, places for those who want to sit alone, couches, and even a stage for those who want to perform can get up and show their skills to everyone in the room.

    Areas of Tolgalen GLgAbXv
    Inside of the Siren's Song is the very popular bar-maid, Alisha, who is able to cater to Onyx Moon Guild's needs when it comes to drink or even lap-warming. However, she isn't THAT kind of girl, so don't bother asking. She is also known to sing and dance for the members of Onyx Moon. Don't worry, she knows what she's doing and she's free to go as she wishes; she works at the Siren's Song on her own free will. Just be sure to keep your hands from roaming where they shouldn't and she won't clobber you. This is the same Alisha that is the Secretary of the CEO of the West Fiore Trading Company which she helps to run. Her presence in the Siren's Song is always welcomed by everyone.
    Personal Rooms:

    Cabins are, what you land-lubbers would call rooms. These personal cabins are given to each member of Onyx Moon upon joining the guild. Not only will they be given a room, but they will also be given a key to protect their valuables. While Onyx Moon honor a code to not steal from one another, extra safety precautions are kept in the instance it ever happens.  

    Each member of Onyx Moon are given a decent sized room, big enough to house 3 people. However, due to allowing each member of Onyx Moon a bit of privacy, it is only 1 to a room. Co-habitation IS allowed at your own discretion. Each room is furnished with general amenities such as their own kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. The rooms can be personalized with other amenities as the member likes as these rooms are all fitted with electricity.  

    Each room has been sculpted into the cavern itself leaving the area to be remodeled to be much more comfortable than the jagged walls that used to be the area the rooms would have been in.

    There is no separation between male and female living quarters, meaning that your next door neighbor may be someone of a different gender. When roomed near someone of the opposite gender, each member is to respect their space and not sexually harass them.  

    Each room is also the same size regardless of station within the guild. The Captain/CEO (Guildmaster) will have the same size room as the Quartermasters/VPs (Aces); The Captain and Quartermasters will have the same size room as everyone else. It is the Captain's belief that the room sizes being equal would make the members of the guild also feel equal without giving off a superior air to the rest of the crew.
    Glowing Pool:

    Areas of Tolgalen NCfh47y

    What is a guild of pirates without a way to soothe and soak their bones. Deep inside of the cave there is a pool of water that has a strange blue glow to it. This water came to be known as "The Glowing Pool" due to the bio luminescent algae that is found in the water. Not only is this pool a fresh water spring in the middle of the ocean, but it is also on top of a volcanic area, giving the water a nice and warm temperature all year round. The heat of the springs excites the algae to giving off it's eerie blue glow.  

    A room had been carved out and lockers installed for the storing of clothing and other items. Towels are placed in a neat pile for those wanting to go in. This is a co-ed bath, but strict regulations prevent any "hanky-panky" from occurring within the spring. After dipping in the spring for a while, the algae stick to the person, causing them to glow for a short while before the algae ultimately dies when out of the water.  

    This spring also has strange healing properties, accelerating the healing of minor injuries to beyond a natural pace. Cuts instantly close, body aches instantly disappear, and even massive gashes could close up. This is a popular place for the members of Onyx Moon to come and socialize (whether covered in a towel or completely naked). Remember, there will be no "hanky panky" in this hotspring.
    Council Hall:

    Areas of Tolgalen Latest?cb=20170913110258

    Located a ways beyond where the rooms are of the members is a room situated for the CEO/Captain, the Quartermasters/VPs, as well as any prominent members go to discuss any plans or other operations that are to be done by their entire guild. This can include the grander operations where the entire guild can be involved or be where they discuss their plans for any sort of new changes to be done to the guild. Either way only certain members are allows access into the area when it is being occupied and when they are finished inside the atmosphere around the guild changes a bit.

    The room itself is a large room with a circular table in the center that has been cut from the cave walls itself and made into a brilliant table. This was a way for the CEO at the time to use what they had from sculpting the rooms for something else they could use instead of just throwing it all out.
    Hidden Chamber:

    Areas of Tolgalen CzB23p5

    Hidden behind a secret panel inside of the well designed cavern is a chamber that has magic power practically pouring out of it. This place was here prior to the discovery of the Lair around it. It is a large, black, circular room with ancient pillars holding up a dome-shaped ceiling. Upon the ceiling a mural had been painted upon it depicting a great horror coming from the ocean. The same horror depicted on the mural had a massive statue standing directly in the middle of the room. A large creature with a strong body and a tentacle filled face.  

    Carved runes surrounded the large statue of the might giant, written in a very ancient, dead language. The statue has one hand that is held forward and open with a black book inside of it. The Black book had a lock upon it, not allowing those who do not have a key to open it.

    The room was closed off to those around it and for the newer members of the guild it is unknown to them that the room exists. No one is permitted access to the room unless they want to help discover what is going on in it and why. The room at one point had been decided to be destroyed and remodeled into a Meeting room for the guild but just before they could do it each member felt suddenly compelled to avoid it at all costs.

    The room has an eeriness to it and because of its unknown origin there have been members brought in to investigate it and figure out what happened there to cause such strong magic power to be felt there. Theories given are that the room hosted sacrifices to some type of God but nothing has been set in stone.

    The room is only known to those who need to know of it and has been a major thing that the CEOs of the past and present have wanted to figure out for themselves but have not been able to do so.
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    Areas of Tolgalen Empty Re: Areas of Tolgalen

    Post by Onyx Moon on 20th March 2020, 6:21 pm


    About a mile away from the West Fiore Trading Company headquarters, nestled in the heart of the forest, grasped by the reaching arms of a nearby hill is the small town of Cloverdale. This quaint little town is exclusively for the employees of WFTC and their families, in case they do not wish to stay in the provided rooms at headquarters. It holds many of things one might want for their family to enjoy or ways to relax after a stressful day at work. The first thing that meets your eyes when you enter the town is the school. Across the road is the day care. This is to enunciate the emphasis on family the many people of Cloverdale have. Despite the nature all around Cloverdale, there is a little more of it placed near the centre of town. This functions as the town’s park. The centre of town itself is paved stone around a massive tree and many important festivals take place in it. The area was made quite large to accommodate visitors as much as the entire town. Near the hill, at the back of the town, the winery, brewery and vineyard are placed. Around the entire town is a wall manned by mostly skilled re-quip mages and a few elemental mages for artillery support. The wall is a durable plant that appears to be made of stone. It is magicked to grow taller when it is under attack and extends under the ground. The roots of the plant provide a defence for any assault attempted beneath the ground. In this way, the 8492 people of Cloverdale can feel safe. It also allows the town to grow as the plant-wall can be encouraged to expand to make way for more housing or other features being added to the town.


    When one looks at the school of Cloverdale, they’ll see a two-story building and two three-story buildings that holds all the grade levels for the city. The two-story building is long width wise and faces the road, serving as the entrance to the school, and has brown and tan walls with a red roof. The building has a diamond awning in front of the front office off to the right as you look at it, and an awning for the first floor on the outside for the children to stand under when waiting to be picked up and the like. Behind the two-story building, there are two three-story, tan, brown, and orange buildings that are modernized and look rather blocky in the front. On the sides where stairs were, there were ‘covers’ around the them on the outside that have holes cut out as odd-looking windows for the students to enjoy looking through when they passed by them as they used those outside stairs. The two-story building, closest to the road to the school, will have ‘Administration’ across the top of its main front doors, as well as ‘Building 1’ up just above everyone’s head off to the side. The other two buildings would have ‘Building 2’ and ‘Building 3’ where everyone can see as well. All along the outside of all the buildings, you’ll see large windows for every classroom.


    A couple blocks away from the nursery is a large square brick building with a red trim on the roof. One corner of the building has an indent for the blue front door, and above it is a blue slatted steeple, giving the building a classic school house vibe. On the left side of the building is a playground, with another behind it. Its’ clear that the playgrounds are meant for children of different ages and sizes. Right on top of the door is a sign that says ‘Cloverdale Daycare’ with stylistic stick children on the sides smiling and seeming like they’re having fun. Front entrance Walking into the daycare, you walk right to an area that has two hallways, and a room in the center of the whole building with a door. On the door the door in front of you, says ‘Admissions’ as well as the directors name on a plaque next to it. The walls in the hallways are adorn with various posters encouraging a healthy lifestyle for children and promise of being well cared for within the daycare. During the day, sounds of children laughing can be heard through the halls as they’re all enjoying themselves. Admissions Office Going from the front entrance into the admissions office, there will be a desk with the directors’ name plate right in front of you, a couple chairs, a filing cabinet in the back corner behind the desk, and a basket of toys for younger children off to the side next to the door. There will also be various personal knick-knacks around the room to give the office a more personal feel to it. The director will show you around if you request a quick tour and will tell you that children who are too small to go to school or to the nursery while the parents are busy working, will go here to be watched over and cared for. Classrooms The director will tell you that the classes go by ages and that the older four age class rooms are near the playgrounds for those children who can.

    The rooms in which the older children are in during the day when it’s not their outside play time, or it’s not raining, are all fairly big, at least for the children. The floors are covered with square foam puzzle letters, and the walls have various posters up on the walls of things a majority of children would like to see, like dogs and characters from books and the like. There’s no tables except for small round tables that are for arts and crafts and little ‘writing’ projects. There are various cabinets along the walls that store things for the children, like the sleeping mats during naptime, toys, and crafts. Some of the bigger toys are in a toy bin off in a corner. In another corner is a little ‘library’ for the children to read books in and enjoy story time. The director will tell you that there are two teachers in each of the six classes for them. The class rooms for the younger kids who aren’t able to play on the playground yet are all equipped with playpens and bassinets and various toys and bottle and formula supplies for the younger children. The floor has the same foam flooring like the bigger children’s room and have characters from books on posters around as well. The younger children’s room usually have an extra pair of hands helping out in those two rooms to keep the work even. Playground The small playground closer to the entrance of the daycare has low equipment for the smaller children to climb up easily and not fall off of as far if they misstep. There’s a swing set, climbing tunnel, a couple small slides, and even a little ‘steering wheel’ for children to play driving with. The bigger playground is very much the same, but up higher for the bigger kids to play on. There’s a bit more climbing equipment though, like monkey bars and a rock climb to get up on the main part of the playground.

    Hatchling's Sorrow:

    Hatchling’s Sorrow was once a town that was filled with powerful magicians. The town was purposed to help people with whatever they needed. It was in essence an ancient version of today’s guilds. That changed when a group of mages got greedy. They stole eggs from a dragon, believing themselves too powerful to suffer the dragon’s wrath. They were wrong. The mages didn’t account for the innate magic of the dragon eggs. As a result, two were lost and the third refused to hatch. The mages only got one dragon hatchling. When the dragon mother found them, she cursed the village for each of the hatchlings that had been lost. The Curse of the Crushed, the Curse of Red Death and the Curse of the Unhatched smashed the mages’ sanctuary. Those directly responsible died by fang and claw and fire. The three curses continued to effect the town through the years. This once prosperous place has turned into a town of hardened survivors who are wary of any outsiders. They have no wish to bring more misfortune down upon their town and they have long given up hope that they’ll break the curses. An additional issue has recently sprouted within the town, infecting the massive sewers beneath with crystalline creatures. The creatures can bring people back from the dead and are highly resistant to magic making the infection difficult to get rid of. So Hatchling’s Sorrow trudges along, biding its time until it finally collapses in on itself.
    The Curses:

    The first curse, the curse of the Crushed, imposes a restriction on every citizen born inside Hatchling’s Sorrow. No citizen can step foot outside a two-mile radius without suffering from a jolt of pain. The jolts become more and more frequent as they get nearer to the edge of a twenty-mile radius. If they pass the edge of the twenty-mile radius, the jolt of pain is continuous until the person dies. Passing the two-mile radius can be fixed by passing back over the boundary. Passing the twenty-mile radius means an instant death regardless of if the person comes back over the boundary. Both boundaries are marked by stones set in the earth for the sake of children. The second boundary marker line is a few feet away from the actual boundary and is constantly broken up, either by time or from simply not having enough stone. Mages born within Hatchling’s Sorrow are not subject to this curse and can pass freely over the boundaries.
    The second curse, the curse of Red Death, causes all benign plant-life within the twenty mile to die. The plant life is then replaced with only poisonous or mutated plants. The mutated plants eat flesh and move wherever they wish to. The animals are also mutated within that twenty-mile radius, their intelligence and their ability to hunt increasing tenfold. The curse keeps the mutated animals and plants out of the two-mile radius. This forces the villagers to step outside of the two-mile boundary to hunt, either the mutated plants or the monstrous animals. A select group of villagers with high pain tolerance are sent out to hunt for food. Some are sent out onto a nearby lake while others are sent to hunt on the surrounding countryside. Hunters are the highest class of citizen in Hatchling’s Sorrow as they provide a vital service. Many novice Hunters tend to die due to inexperience or stupidity. Yet there are always more people willing to risk the pain of passing the first boundary in order to feed the village.
    The third curse, the curse of the Unhatched, focuses on the tragedy of the stolen eggs. It makes it so that Hatchling’s Sorrow will never have another mage. The unhatched egg lies beneath the surface of the town near the fountain in a chamber built for it. Its magic permeates the soil and the people of Hatchling’s Sorrow. This magic directly effects only any mage born within the boundaries of Hatchling’s Sorrow. Mages born within Hatchling’s Sorrow generally live normally until about twenty-five. Around this age, the effects of the curse take hold. First, the mage begins to lose their mind. They start seeing things, start hearing things, start feeling things all of which aren’t actually there. On top of that, the mage’s ability to think begins to degrade. The mage begins to see the village inhabitants as enemies at a certain point. They turn upon Hatchling’s Sorrow, attacking it with their magic before fleeing across the boundaries. Most mages born of Hatchling’s Sorrow are killed well before they reach this point. However, those who manage to survive and escape mutate. They become cold, logical beings with massive magical abilities. Their hands become clawed, their skin a chitinous black, their head becomes covered in a smooth detailed mask and they sprout horns. These creatures are referred to as the Perdita by the villagers and are studiously avoided by them. Mages who haven’t succumbed to the curse are used to bring new blood into the village so that inbreeding doesn’t happen and the village doesn’t collapse altogether. Some overzealous villagers tend to try and kill mages the moment they are discovered due to a rampant prejudice against mages in the village. However, there are a few who hope to find a cure for these poor unfortunate souls. Thanks to the history of the town and this curse, magic is viewed with suspicion and mages born here are encouraged not to use their abilities.


    This little ruined town is all that is left of the Enkiitu kingdom of old. It consists of maybe five buildings, with the ruins of others sinking into the swamp all around it. This is Fairshadow. The few people that live here work hard to tear their living from the swamp around them. Others try to expand their village and rip what has been lost back from the swamp. The dangers here threaten the small population but thanks to the wealth from the old kingdom, they can afford to hire protection. Yet that money is running out. They must reclaim what they can of the Enkiitu Kingdom or surrender Fairshadow to the swamps.
    The buildings of Fairshadow are by no means small. Each building is the equivalent of three or four standard houses, on the bottom level alone. Then each reaches two or three levels into the sky. It gives the inhabitants of Fairshadow enough space to survive but not to flourish. Three of the buildings serve as homes for the population. The other two serve purposes to keep Fairshadow going and both are set nearest to what most call the town center. One serves as a storehouse, rec hall and other various functions as need be. The other is home to exclusively smithies and a storage for things recovered from the Enkiitu kingdom. It pays homage to what the ancestors of Fairshadow were famous for. Unfortunately, the people of Fairshadow no longer remember how to make weapons out of pure elements rather than simply infusing the elements into the metal of the weapon.
    The people of Fairshadow are hardworking individuals that will go out of their way to help other people. They tend to be a friendly lot, though tough and more than willing to get into a scrap should a situation call for it. They are endlessly curious about their ancestors and are willing to pay for information or for someone to go explore various areas of the mountains around Fairshadow. The mountains are said to contain several hidden forges used by the Enkiitu to make their wondrous items or weapons or armor.

    Credit to Kyran and Adalinda
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    Areas of Tolgalen Empty Re: Areas of Tolgalen

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    Natural Phenomena Pt.2

    Moonshadow Falls:

    The Moonshadow Falls is a beautiful area, hidden in the inner parts of Tolgalen, close to a mountain range. Before someone can get to the falls they would have to navigate the thick wooded area that encircled it. Once passed they would reach a big pool. Multiple lakes could be seeing flowing into it. At the top the water is calm and crystal clear, and at night it is beautifully lit up by the Moon. Around the edge, where the water is cascading a large drop could be seen into another smaller area that is quite deep.

    The rocks at the lower pool are covered in moss due to the constant moisture from the cascade above. Small fish could be found in both area's but nothing dangerous that could hurt the people that decide to visit the Waterfall or even take a swim in it. The water itself is salty and could get quite cold especially at the bottom part where it is mostly hidden from the sun.

    The lower pool also has a smaller waterfall that is not cascading and is flowing in a steady stream, due to the larger area beneath and slower flowing of the second waterfall, the water there is knee-length at best. A wrecked ship almost in the middle completely surfaced. No one knows how the ship got there, there are still some notes and maps left. From the treasure chests and such it indicated that it was once a pirate ship. Maybe a treasure was hidden somewhere around the area? There is also a hidden unexplored cave under the larger cascading waterfall, the cave's inner length is unknown.

    Areas of Tolgalen E9034af74b210fc3121823258c235f82

    Miscellaneous Buildings

    Exotic Emporium:

    The Exotic Emporium is a glorious place filled with wonder and awesomeness! Deep within the island of Tolgalen lies an area the size of a small city,if not larger, surrounded by mountains and forest. Carved with magic, this small city sized area is in fact a zoo!  A zoo filled with  exotic creatures from all over the world. Each exhibit is made specifically for a mythical or special animal, carved and made from magic enhance stone, glass, and metals. Around every corner could be a new beast you may never have seen before! Could it be a Chimera? Or maybe a Manticore! Or maybe it’s a wee baby dragon.

    Now, you may wonder who would dare have such a bold and extravagant endeavour?! Why it is run by none other than Jaeger Krüger and Pandora Dagger of the West Fiore Trading Company! They have carefully constructed, crafted, and designed the world's best zoo to house these marvelous beasts. To get there, one must start off in the HQ town for the West Fiore TRading Company then head east, following a paved pathway through the island. In the distance, as you travel, one could see the Myazhe castle that overlooks the sacred province of the former Vice President.

    All along this path are benches and gardens, creating a very peaceful zone and atmosphere. Eventually, you’ll come up on a Midi styled gate, opened during visiting hours, and it is very large. Large enough to walk Elephants, or other large creatures and large enough to be seen from the ocean. This gate is the entrance and has a large sign with thezoo’s name on it “The Exotic Emporium”. Upon entering the Zoo, you’ll be greeted by the ticket office and then other shops, concession stands, and consumer based buildings, all in a Midi style. Further in are the exhibits, which looks like they were dug into the ground and stone to form the base of the enclosures. They are then likely built up of magical stone and wood that extends up about 20 feet above the top of the holes. Magically treated glass panes are placed and supported throughout for visitors to look in on the animals.

    Around the zoo is a forest and mountainous area, protecting and creating a nice kind of… serene enclosure. The forests are a mixture of oak and cherry blossom, flowers and bushes all over the forest floor. There are a few pathways the swerve around the entire zoo,  with benches every so often for travelers to sit and just look into the entire place as well as trash bins for those having lunch around the area. The zoo employees those from all over Tolgalen as well as mages for jobs such as “Crap, where did the basilisk go?”, “Come on Griffin…. Out of the HQ please.”, and “Manticore, stop eating the guests!”.

    The zoo has policies to both protect the exotic animals as well as the patrons. First and foremost, do not try and get into the habitats. The zoo and animals are not liable for your lack of critical thinking. Animals will not be put down due to your bad decisions.

    Areas of Tolgalen Ba_Sing_Se_Zoo
    Areas of Tolgalen 1494893181-best-zoos-redo
    Sanctum of the Remnants:

    Several miles away from Cloverdale, out among the rolling hills and mountains, there's a patch of ruins. It looks to be the site of a very old village that is long gone, but that's not to say the area is unused. While everything is overgrown, mostly reclaimed by nature, a sanctuary is situated amongst the trees at the base of a mountain in the back of the ruins. It's a small structure made of some sort of blessed stone. It has barely lost any of its structural integrity, even though vines and moss are trying their best to cover it. It's a domed structure with a single arched entrance. Inside it is filled with more arches and pillars as support. In the highest point of the dome, where there should be a steeple, it's left open and circular. Light from the sun and moon alike filters through to the center of the sanctuary, putting all the emphasis on a lone winding tree. Its pink foliage never wilts or falls, no matter the season. It's as if it is always frozen in the season of rebirth: Spring. The cobblestone floor of the sanctum is hardly noticeable because of fresh standing water, since it rains in the area quite a lot.

    The Sanctum of the Remnants is a place of meditation. A few robed monks mill about the grounds, meditating, praying, and otherwise keeping an eye on the sacred place. For all visitors who ask, monks will quietly explain that this is a place for those seeking answers from and to come and commune with those who have already passed. The tree at the center is an immortal symbol of the hope found in life's cycle. Even from death, life continues on. The sanctum blurs the line between life and death for those able to clear their minds. It is a place of grief and knowledge. Some visit to say their goodbyes and lay unfinished business to rest. Some come for answers, either from loved ones or ancient scholars. Some come to just find peace or forgiveness. Some come to rest in the comfort of lost family. While it is generally a place for those who have been left behind, it is also open to those who just need a place to think, a place to breathe and seek the calm aura of the tree. It's a place of reverence, quiet, happiness, and sorrow. It is a place to speak with the dead.

    Occasionally though, it is a place of war, a place of rage and bitterness. The dead are not always at peace. It's not unheard of for vengeful spirits to use the thinness of the veil between life and death in the sanctum to wreak havoc on the living. They can possess the monks or reanimate the countless bodies beneath the ruins. Fortunately this only happens on full moons and blood moons, nights where the sanctum monks do their best to keep visitors away far away. For the safety of all.


    Areas of Tolgalen OTiqsuj

    Credit to Nekros, Sara Ravencrest & Rainer

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