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    Completed FIND THOSE PUPPIES! (D/Solo)

    Post by Ignacio 28th February 2020, 10:13 am

    Nico Dixon
    Someone needs to step up and do something.
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    "Let's see. . . there's one... two..."

    In front of a dirty, scratched Nico was a large box with a total of seven puppies inside. The puppies, although all hailing from the same litter, looked completely different from one another. Three had floppy ears, three had pointed ones, and only one had one of each. Some were pleasant cream colors while others had splotches of black and browns over grey coats. Some were boys, some were girls, but all of them were too adventurous for their own good.

    "—and that's seven! That's everyone, huh?" said Nico, watching the puppies tumble over one another and attempt to hop out of the box, only to be snatched and placed right back inside. The brunette sighed and shook his head, smiling, "You guys were a real piece of work, you know? Never thought that it'd be so much trouble to catch you all." Nico spoke at them. He knew they couldn't talk, but like all people, talking at animals was a normal thing to do. Picking up the box, he began to heave it to the seller with ease. "I bet you guys will get a bunch of cool stuff once you find a home!"

    For the last few hours of his day, Nico had been scrambling all over Magnolia Town in search of all seven of these puppies after the seller made a critical mistake in their keeping. Magnolia was one of the busiest, populated towns Fiore had to offer, though! It wasn't easy!

    "Oh God! Thank you so much, Nico!" yelped an older woman, her equally-aged husband standing sheepishly behind her, smiling. "After my idiot husband here forgot to close the pen gate, these seven little ones just ran off! I didn't know what would happen! I hope it wasn't too much trouble."

    Nico laughed heartily, casually waving his hand. "I had a lot of help from the townspeople, actually! Turns out lots of people fed them while they wandered around, haha!"

    "Is that right? Well, let me get those jewels for you. Harold! Get the jewels, you bafoon!" the older woman demanded. Harold only chuckled and went off to grab the small bag, handing it to Nico. "Here you go, son. You know, we wouldn't mind giving you one of those little ones. You did so much for us, after all."

    As Nico accepted his payment, his eyes floated upward as he thought about the offer. He loved animals—he was a sucker for dogs, especially—but being a vagrant of his kind, he didn't have a lifestyle that was pet-friendly. He didn't even have a house of his own. "I appreciate the offer, but I don't think I could take of one even if I wanted to! I hope they find homes, though!"

    "Is that right? Well," the old woman placed a business card in his other palm, "Come back if you ever want one. We breed them all the time. This bunch was just... a little bit much."

    Nico was grinning now. "EH? Totally! I definitely will!"

    After the pleasant exchange between the old couple and the bubbly vagrant, Nico continued on to solve various, rather menial problems across the mainland. A hero's job was never done, as he would say!


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