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Epiphany: An Original Warriors Forum


Epiphany: An Original Warriors Forum Empty Epiphany: An Original Warriors Forum

Post by fretdeer 27th February 2020, 8:16 pm

[div align="center"][tbody][/tbody]
[div style="padding-top:10px;text-align:center;"][img src="https://i.imgur.com/bxuEtpe.png" style="max-width:100%;"]
epiphany[/div][div style="font-size:11px;text-transform:lowercase;color:#515852;text-align:center;"][a style="font-size:inherit;font-family:inherit;color:#515852;" href="http://epiph.freeforums.net/"]home[/a] | [a href="http://epiph.freeforums.net/thread/2" style="font-size:inherit;font-family:inherit;color:#515852;"]rules[/a] | [a href="http://epiph.freeforums.net/board/6" style="font-size:inherit;font-family:inherit;color:#515852;"]clan lore[/a] | [a href="https://discord.gg/2B8kTZb" style="font-size:inherit;font-family:inherit;color:#515852;"]discord[/a] | [a style="font-size:inherit;font-family:inherit;color:#515852;" href="http://epiph.freeforums.net/board/127"]link backs[/a][/div]
[div style="padding-right:10px;color:#9da0a5;border-left:#515852 solid 5px;margin:1px 40px 1px 40px;font-size:12px;font-family:arial;text-align:justify;padding-left:10px;"]Epiphany, or "Epiph" as we like to call it is a roleplay site based off of the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter. But we have added a bit of a twist. Our site has three clans, ChasmClan, DuneClan, and GlenClan, who all have vastly different religions, governments, and territories. And instead of being set in England like the canon clans, our clans reside in rural Australia. Here's some info on each of them:

  • ChasmClan has an oligarchy and resides in the manmade tunnels and caves under a mountain, seeking enlightenment from their ancestors and cherishing the gemstones that house their souls.[/li]

  • DuneClan has a diarchy and settles the sparse and hot desert, worshipping their many diverse gods and moving in a never-ending cycle throughout their lives like the moon and the sun.[/li]

  • GlenClan has a democracy and lives in a lush and mysterious rainforest, devoted to their single goddess. They look to her in times of both trouble and harmony, and must praise her every day lest they upset her.[/li]

The clans did know of each other long ago, but those memories have been lost to time. Distance and innocent forgetfulness is not the sole thing to blame for this loss; a bitter taste taints the separation. What will it take for the clans to discover one another again? And what will happen when they do?
Our site has been in the works for over a year now, but we are quite new when it comes to roleplaying! If you're looking for a fresh start, rich clan lore and plot, as well as a friendly and passionate member group, this is definitely a site you should check out. We strive to have a plot that is member-driven; the actions of your and everyone else's characters have the power to change the outcomes of the clans... where will you choose to lead them?[/div]
[div style="font-size:11px;text-transform:lowercase;color:#515852;text-align:center;"]no character limit | one account per person | purchase items and upgrades with site currency | open high positions | realistic litter rolling system | rng for battles and events | 100 word post minimum ic | liquid time | PG-13[/div]
[div align="center"][div style="width:320px;background-color:#515852;padding:5px;font:8px georgia;color:#f8f8f8;text-align:center;text-transform:uppercase;margin-right:5px;margin-bottom:5px;"]why don't you join us and find out?[/div][/div][/size]
[div style="width:375px;text-align:center;font:10px helvetica;color:#9da0a5;"]credit to nat of [a style="font-size:inherit;font-family:inherit;color:#515852;" href="http://adoxographyv2.boards.net/user/15"]adoxography[/a].[/div][/div]

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Epiphany: An Original Warriors Forum Empty Re: Epiphany: An Original Warriors Forum

Post by Althea 24th March 2020, 9:42 pm

Linked back, thank you!


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