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    Leona Jarnefeldt
    Leona Jarnefeldt

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    Earthshaper Empty Earthshaper

    Post by Leona Jarnefeldt 25th February 2020, 11:59 pm

    Name: Earthshaper
       Rank: Strong (+)
       Type: Weapon, Bo Staff
       Proof of purchase: This weapon was traded to me by Eoduun Eero (now V). Request (Page 10, Post Number 233) Approval (Page 10, Post Number 234)
       Description: A standard bo staff handmade by Eero from the wood of a Dark Oak. The staff is slightly longer than Eero is tall - roughly 175cm (68.8in). It has been infused with the essence of a Death Vine, which gives it its magical properties. To make the staff a bit more personal, Eero took the liberty to carve swirling ornaments onto its surface.




    Earthshaper KjmbioC

    Golden Lacrima is valid until 9/24/2022. Proof of purchase is here. Page 2, Post Number 29

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