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    Guild Spell Registration


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    Guild Spell Registration Empty Guild Spell Registration

    Post by Admin on 24th February 2020, 11:31 am

    Guild Spell Registration 8BvBOJ4

    This is where you come to register guild spells. All of the information about guild spells are here

    • A guild spell is H++ (an H+ spell that is 100% stronger).
    • Aces have access to one spell, they must be S rank to learn it.
    • A guild is allowed three guild spells for free, four more may be purchased after that from the shop.
    • Use the spell template below, as always they can't be used until they are approved.
    • Previous Guild Spell Registration thread can be found here.


    [b]Name:[/b] (Name of the Spell )
    [b]Rank:[/b] H++
    [b]Category:[/b] (The Spell Category/Categories this guild spell includes)
    [b]Type:[/b] (Single Target, Multiple Target, Area of Effect, Burst.)
    [b]Damage:[/b] (Put the amount of damage the spell deals here, see the magic rules for how much damage each spell type deals)
    [b]Range:[/b] (Put the range of the spell, see tables and faq thread in the rules area for the range each spell type has)
    [b]Speed:[/b] (Put the speed of the spell, see tables and faq thread in the rules area for the speed each spell type has)
    [b]Duration:[/b] (How long does the spell last?)
    [b]Downside:[/b] (An optional field, a downside applies to the spell specifically in order to attempt to increase the range or speed. You can only increase either range or speed for a spell, so only 1 true downside is needed, naturally you could add more if you are inclined with no further effect.)
    [b]Description:[/b] (How the spell is cast, what it looks like, what it does, extra info. )

    Janet Cinderfeild
    Janet Cinderfeild

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    Guild Spell Registration Empty Re: Guild Spell Registration

    Post by Janet Cinderfeild Yesterday at 11:12 am

    Name: Deconstructing Touch
    Rank: H++
    MP Cost: 420 MP
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Single Target, DoT, Debuff, HP Drain, MP Drain, Immobilization
    Damage: 315 HP per post
    Range: Melee
    Speed: Melee
    Duration: 5 posts
    Downside: Sacrificing range and speed for 50% more damage. Costs double base MP to cast in exchange for 50% stronger debuff
    Description: The user of the spell mutters a short arcane incantation, their guild symbol beginning to glow in an eery, dark aura before eventually turning completely black. One of the user’s extremities is coated in an aura that embodies pure destruction, glistening with radiating, dark energy that appears almost like a black smoke. The user can touch an opponent within their melee range and at their own speed with this aura, the aura dissipating harmlessly should they miss. If they strike a target successfully, however, the spell will take hold, the affected target immediately experiencing a rush of pain throughout their whole body unlike anything they’ve ever felt before. The area where the spell touched them will turn black, their skin brittle, and their flesh rotten before disintegrating entirely. This spell, almost appearing like a particularly virulent infection, spreads further every post, dealing 315 HP in damage every post it is active, the magic sapping any and all strength from the affected opponent. They lose 5% of their HP and 5% of their MP every post this spell is active, suffer from a 345% debuff to their strength, and are immobilized by overwhelming pain on the first post of this spell.

    Name: Elysium, Garden of Creation
    Rank: H++
    MP Cost: 420 MP
    Category: Supportive
    Type: Burst, Buff, HP regen, MP regen, Counter-Effect
    Healing: 630 HP
    Range: 1,000 m
    Speed: 800 m/s
    Duration: 25 posts
    Downside: Costs double base MP to cast in exchange for 50% more healing
    Description: Concentrating the essence of creation within their form, the caster’s guild mark begins to glow in a deeply warm, gentle aura. The user spreads their arms, an aura of golden light bursting outwards from their position, even transforming the terrain within the spell’s range. Flowers, grass, and trees will begin sprouting from every nook and cranny, no matter the user’s current location, and cover the area around the user entirely, transforming it into the fabled garden of Elysium, Paradise, a feeling of warmth and comfort filling every ally of the user within the range of the spell. As long as individuals the user considers allies remain within the garden, they heal 630 HP per post. Regardless of whether individuals stay within the garden or not, they can choose to receive a 230% increase to either their strength or their spell damage for the duration of the spell. They are additionally enveloped by a golden aura, the gentle and comforting warmth of the user’s will to protect and safeguard them regenerating both 5% of their MP and 5% of their HP once per post for the duration of the spell. Lastly, the user and every ally is blessed by Elysium’s boon, the wish to ensure that they remain strong and healthy, granting them a counter-effect to debuffs, which reduces the potency of every debuff placed upon an affected party by 50%.

    Name: Extraplanar Construction
    Rank: H++
    MP Cost: 420 MP
    Category: Defensive
    Type: Burst, Anti-Piercing, Negation, Buff, Counter-Effect, Teleport
    Durability: 630 HP
    Range: 1,000 m
    Speed: 800 m/s
    Duration: 25 posts
    Downside: Costs double base MP to cast in exchange for 50% more durability
    Description: The user embodies the core of construction, the universe around them bending its shape at their very whim. Once the spell is activated, the caster’s guild mark begins to glow in its natural color, endowing them with the will to protect their comrades. While this spell is active the user receives a 230% buff to spell durability, along with a counter-effect to immobilization effects, meaning that immobilizations affecting the user will instead reduce their base speed by 50%. While this spell is active the user can control the shape of the terrain around them freely and use it to create a defensive barrier once per post, which can block up to 630 HP in damage and cannot be pierced by piercing spells. The shape of this barrier is entirely up to the user, as long as it occurs within the range of the spell at the spell’s speed. Only one barrier may be created per post. If that barrier is destroyed, the barrier cannot be reformed until the user’s next post. Once per post, if an opponent’s spell or ability hits the barrier, the user of this spell can chose to spend MP equivalent to the original cost of the spell or ability hitting the barrier in order to instantly negate that spell/ability and all associated effects. Only one spell or ability may be negated per post, and only spells or abilities of H++ rank or lower. Additionally, should the user find themselves in peril, they may use the power bestowed upon them by the spell to merge with the terrain around them and reappear from the terrain anywhere within a radius of 1,000 meters around them instantly once per post.


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