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    Sage's B Rank Exam


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    Sage's B Rank Exam Empty Sage's B Rank Exam

    Post by sagey on 24th February 2020, 5:49 am

    Health Points260/260
    Magic Power260/260
    Melee Damage57
    Spell Power100%

    Celestial Body: Comet

    HP Lost:N/A
    MP Used:N/A
    Buffs: +30% HP and MP
    +277% Speed
    +195% Strength
    Other Notes:N/A

    That morning, Sage had been assigned to track down a ship and its crew that had been reported to attack other ships and stealing from them. The ship was reported that it was operating around the Azure Sea, just around Amber island. Sage walked his way to the docks, wearing his white cloak over his shoulders and a red uniform that has Dies Irae's insignia on it. The breeze from the sea was quite strong that day, it felt nice to feel it brush against his face, his cloak dancing in the air due to the wind. The breeze smelt salty, it must've carried the tiny droplets of water from the sea. As he reached the docks he could hear a sudden explosion. He looked towards the direction where he heard the noise and he could see two ships battling each other out in the open water. He clenched his teeth, one of the ship must have been the one that he was assigned to investigate.

    He crosses his arm and moved both of it forward to activate a spell. A pair of bright glowing wings then emerged from his back. He took a deep breath, and hopped off the ground taking flight into the air. He flew in the air and headed towards the two battleships. Before he land, he circled above the ships first to see which one was attacking and which one was just passing by. He noticed that one of the ships had cargo on it while the other did not. So he landed on the one that had no cargo on it as it made sense that that ship wanted to steal the cargo of the other ship. As Sage landed on both his feet, his wings caused a ripple in the air, causing the crews of the ship to notice his presence.

    Sage stood up and looked at the crews with dead looks from his blue ocean eyes. "Stop this madness.", he said with seriousness. There was a short paused, everybody was looking at him. Then there was a burst of laughter, everyone was laughing, they probably thought that a child like Sage was too young and too child-like to say something like that. Then one of the crews spoke up, still teary from laughing, "Hey, I know that sigil, you're from Dies Irae aren't you? I can't believe they sent a child to handle us." he said and continued laughing. "Well and this 'child' is asking you to stop stealing and attacking other ships, or I'll have to do it the hard way." he spoke, trying to be diplomatic but it didn't seem to work at all as the crew of the ship laughed harder afterwards. "Alright, the hard way that is." he said, not heard by the crews as they were laughing so hard.

    Sage held his hand high above in the air, trying to grasp something. His palm would then start to glow, he closed his eyes and focused his mana all over his body. He then slammed his hand to the ground. The light that was on his palm then spread around him to form an 8 pointed star magic circle, with Sage in the middle of it all. The crew members all noticed this and the laughter stopped immediately. Sage's eyes began to glow softly in blue. Blue marks spread across his body, glowing as well. A pair of wings grew from his back majestically. The magic circle then disappeared, and is if time was stopped when Sage was transforming, it started to move. The crews noticed what had happened and began to rush, grabbing the nearest weapon to them.

    They then started to run towards Sage, with their weapons in their hands, ready to strike. Sage took flight with his wings high into the air. Causing a ripple in the air that blew the crews away from him. Like an eagle hunting its prey, Sage swooped down to the crews and started to take them one by one. He swung his fists, kicked his enemies and even used his wings as a weapon, knocking his enemies down. As the fight goes on, Sage single handed-ly took down the entire ship. Or so he thought.

    As the last crew was knocked out. The creak noise from a door swaying open was heard. It was another man with thick mustache  and a windpipe in his mouth. As he got out from there, shock could be seen all over his face. And his face grew red as it got mad. "WHO DID THIS?" he shouted angrily. He looked around and noticed Sage. "You..." by using his magic, thick smoke then escape from his windpipe and formed a hand moving towards Sage and tried to grasp his leg, which it managed to. The smoke then threw Sage to the side of the ship, before he could fall into the water, Sage managed to stay dry by using his wings to stay up in the air, after regaining his posture, he dived towards the man, who seemed like the captain of the ship, the leader of the pirates. Sage flew so fast that the man did not had the time to react. Sage knee met his face and he hurled across the ship, hitting one of the ship poles. He was hit pretty hard and couldn't get up. Sage flew towards the man, standing before him, the sun behind his back. "You and your crews are going to stop all of these bad things you're doing. Or else you'll see that I won't give you mercy anymore." he'd said intimidatingly, his aura was different from when it was during the normal days. With his wings he flew back to land, where he formed back to his original self, dropping to his knees, panting for a while. He wasn't quite used to his magic yet, and it depleted most of his energy. But with this experience, he will keep on getting and better. He then went straight to his house to rest his body and gain back some energy.

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