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    Not a Hiatus, but...


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    Not a Hiatus, but... Empty Not a Hiatus, but...

    Post by SlayerMathis 19th February 2020, 9:48 am

    So despite me changing what I’ve wanted to do for a career IRL multiple times, the one thing that’s stayed consistent is that I’ve wanted to do Let’s Plays on YouTube, and now I’m actually getting around to doing that. Starting this Saturday, my posting will be a wee bit slower because of the whole “YouTube” and “School” thing.

    So ye. This isn’t actually a hiatus, just a warning that I’m gonna be posting a bit slower than I already have been. I’ll still get at least one post out on any of my accounts per week, but that’s at the very slowest, ideally I’ll have every other day having a post, but yeah.


    Not a Hiatus, but... DcM8us5

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