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    Chapter 1.3: Have patience


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    Chapter 1.3: Have patience Empty Chapter 1.3: Have patience

    Post by Rainer 19th February 2020, 6:06 am

    Patience wasn't Rainer's strongest personality trait. It might be his worst, other than his laughably short fuse. Both of these flaws were on full display as the aggressive male waited in the long line in the port town. The last time he was in Hargeon he'd blown up a bad boss's face-- he survived-- and was fired. Obviously. The pay had been crap and the treatment of employees was worse than old mister fister back in the granite mines. He needed the money, but not bad enough to become a milksop for a slave driver.

    This was his fourth attempt at getting a passport. Such an item would open up the world for him. It was attractive the number of jobs he might be able to take if he could go anywhere that paid, but as it stood, he'd failed every time. There was always an obnoxiously long line. The first time he'd gotten into a fistfight with a dad unhappy with his personal grumblings in front of his daughter. Rainer had been talking to no one other himself! People needed to mind their own fricken business! The second time he'd managed to wait for three hours, but the line had barely moved and he ended up trying to disperse some of the people by setting off small explosions like firecrackers randomly in the line. When caught an explosive battle took place and it accomplished his purpose of thinning the line, but he could no longer join it as he had to run off to keep from being arrested. A waste of three hours and making him feel like some cruddy dark mage? Disgusting. The third time he palmed someone's face and exploded it because he repeatedly bumped into him the entire time he was in the line. Could people just stop being annoying? People needed to stop being trash!

    Now here he stood in the unrelenting sun having a staring contest with a snot-nosed brat ahead of him in line. The kid was flushed and probably in the process of burning in the star's rays, but Rainer was used to it. Sun up to sun down in the granite mines had toughened his flesh to the harsh rays. If one managed to move the collar of his tank top, they'd spot a pretty big difference between his subtly tanned skin and the extreme pale beneath. Wearing mostly black made him seem lighter than he was, but it was uncertain whether it was on purpose or just a coincidence.

    In a bizarre twist of fate, glaring so intently into the strangely blank face of a child who apparently lived for staring contests with strangers had taken up nearly all the waiting time for his passport this time around. When the parent darted out of his line of sight, Rainer blinked as if breaking out of hypnosis. What happened? Now he was staring at the table with some feeble and slow old people readying to take his photo and paperwork. Huh.



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