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    Ignorance is Bliss (David Bell/Event)

    Gisen Ceostra
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    Ignorance is Bliss (David Bell/Event) Empty Ignorance is Bliss (David Bell/Event)

    Post by Gisen Ceostra 16th February 2020, 1:00 pm

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    ”And you’re sure this isn’t being too overdressed for this? Or maybe under dressed?” Her head tilted a bit off to the side as she looked over herself in the mirror. Not having been one for her own appearance worries, she was never too careful of the way she dressed for situations be them important or not. At least, that was more the case before she was a part of the Rune Knights. Sure, she had Serilda to help her and Silvia to teach her what a normal wardrobe was, but sometimes old habits died hard... and others were everlasting. Something easily applicable to the idea of her carrot obsession. Though that was much more explanatory than the clothing concept for sure.

    A girly giggle escaped before a head popped up over her shoulder to look the reflection over. A pair of perky, pink animal like ears popped up from a head of bubblegum pink hair along with a supportive nod of her head. "Toootally, Gigi! You look great and I’m sure they’ll appreciate you showing up so nicely dressed, too!" The bubbly voice replied, hopping down from the elementals back and spinning around on her heel until she got to the side of the elemental. Meanwhile, Gisen’s tongue prodded the side of her cheeks as she looked herself over for a moment longer and just gave a small shrug. If it was good enough, she was sure her little plus one choice would be a final deciding vote~

    A smile formed on the generals face as she thought about who to invite to this. Being that the client was the same man from the prior years event, she had thought to reach out to Samira. But... the summoner was a little more unreachable at the moment. Besides, she’d probably rather go out for a lunch or something to catch up with her some time. Veronica was another option, but after the winter festivities, she thought it better to let her come to her. Then there was David Bell. He’d been in a tough spot with their recent job together, as unexpected as it was that she tagged along, she wanted to show her thanks. Her only hope had been that he would be willing to accept the invitation. More like a note she had slipped into his locker that would read,

    ”David, I know this is sudden, but can I take you out to a special place? Think of it like a date! Don’t worry about uniforms, either. Just dress nicely! I’ll be in my office if you want to go with me!


    However, unknown to her, the significance of the word “date” and “somewhere special” weren’t really the keenest of multiple uses of the words in her mental dictionary. Something that could easily be misinterpreted.

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