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    Lacking an iLac

    Bastila Kisagami
    Bastila Kisagami

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    Lacking an iLac Empty Lacking an iLac

    Post by Bastila Kisagami on 14th February 2020, 11:33 am

    It felt rather weird not being able to summon her spirits and Sienna felt a little isolated as she headed through the Neutral Grounds. She’d become so dependent on having his spirit friends around her that being alone felt a little intimidating. Still, she did her best not to let that bother her too much and instead focused on what she’d come to the area for in the first place. She’d heard of a free item being given out to mages, an iLac and the redhead was curious about picking one up for herself. She wasn’t an expert when it came to technology and she hoped that there would be a lesson or tutorial in the use of the thing. To have the item suddenly blow up in her hand or something wasn’t a nice thought but she couldn’t get the idea out of her mind for some reason.

    Eventually, the summoner would find herself walking up towards a large building, surrounded by a lovely colourful display, showing off an item that looked a little like a mobile phone. Assuming that was what she’d come for, the redhead would cheerfully approach the building and enter, to find herself surrounded by even more posters of the device. The place was absolutely heaving, with mages of all shapes and sizes being given and shown the uses of the device. There didn’t seem to be anyone free to speak to and so Sienna simply took a seat and waited, smiling at the looks of delight that were spreading across the faces of the mages receiving their gift.

    After about ten minutes of waiting, a woman would approach her, a polite smile on her face, “I’m sorry for the wait, we’ve been swamped this morning. I take it that you’ve come for an iLac too?”

    “That’s right,” the redhead said cheerfully, standing up, “My name’s Sienna and I’d love to have one if there are any left.”

    “Oh, don’t you worry, we’ve got plenty to go around,” the employee answered, “If you’ll just come over here then we can sort things out.”

    Following the woman towards the desk, Sienna would do her best to understand the sudden wave of information that came crashing against her. Her informant was very thorough when it came to explaining things and while the mage thought that she understood most of it, she knew it was going to take some time to get used to this thing. When the explanation was over, she’d be gifted with her own iLac, a rainbow coloured one that she absolutely adored.the look of. With a fond farewell, she’d then head for the exit and head back the way she came, wanting to leave the place behind, so that she could regain her magic.

    A sudden buzzing from the iLac and with a blink, Sienna would pick it up and place it by her ear, “Hello?”

    “Hello. This is a message from The iLac Corporation. Your connection is due to be cut off in seven working days. Please press one to get in contact with one of our executives.”


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