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    I need a what now?

    Bastila Kisagami
    Bastila Kisagami

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    I need a what now? Empty I need a what now?

    Post by Bastila Kisagami Fri 14 Feb 2020 - 15:10

    “Crud, crud, crud!” the red haired mage panted as she darted through the streets of Hargeon, running as quickly as she could in her usual multicoloured dress. She’d overslept like crazy that morning and by now it was already into the early afternoon, meaning that her time was rather short if she wanted any chance to pick up a passport. Honestly, the summoner didn’t even know she needed one until the previous evening and now she was just desperately trying to cover up her mistake before things got out of hand. This kind of thing always seemed to happen to her and Sienna just had to wonder if the gods were against her or if maybe she was simply cursed.

    Smiling, she’d simply pass off the thought with a shrug of her shoulders and eventually managed to make her way to the port, where the passport station was supposed to be set up. The place was absolutely packed and a brief pout crossed her features as she noticed just how long the line was. This was going to take an age to get through this lot and as she joined the back of the queue, it soon became apparent that waiting would be the least of her worries. The people in front of her were loud and pushy, with some of the more rowdy members of the crowd starting to barge and swear at each other, while the port workers tried desperately to keep things orderly. A tough task for sure and as members of the public started to line up behind her, Sienna couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable, especially when she felt a foreign hand on her backside, causing her cheeks to turn bright red and utter a surprised squeak.

    Time passed very slowly and after a while, the redhead would briefly tap into her magic and summon one of her spirits to her side. With a bright flash of light which caused the crowd to gasp in awe, a cream coloured, cat-like animal would appear at Sienna’s side. With a happy cry, Sylveon would rub her head against the mage’s legs before waiting for orders. “Things are getting a little too heated, Sylveon, please help these folks relax,” the redhead asked with a small smile, looking down at her spirit. Jumping into her summoner’s arms, Sylveon would nod eagerly, take a deep breath and then begin to sing soothingly, her voice echoing across the port.

    The effect of her spirit’s lovely singing soon began to show itself, as the impatient crowd stopped pushing and shoving, instead becoming far quieter and orderly. The staff meanwhile would look up and smile in appreciation, as the song seemed to calm their nerves, which in turn helped them to work more efficiently. The queue quickly began to shrink and after about half an hour or so, it was Sienna’s turn, her happy spirit still singing gleefully in her arms. The process itself was easy enough and the port staff had to laugh as they took the picture, given that Sylveon decided to kiss her summoner on the cheek just when the flash went off, leaving a rather flummoxed looking mage.

    Once it was all done, the redhead and her summon would take their leave of the place, with a very grateful set of staff members happily seeing them off.

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    I need a what now? ROWMLkF

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