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    Memory; my Worst Enemy

    Pandora Dagger
    Pandora Dagger

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    Memory; my Worst Enemy Empty Memory; my Worst Enemy

    Post by Pandora Dagger 7th February 2020, 3:39 pm

    "Pandora… Pandora…"

    The voice called her out, in the middle of the night, so loudly that it woke her from her peaceful slumber. Her eyes tried to scan the room enveloped in darkness and shades there where the light managed to sneak through the curtains. Aside from Rhadamanthys beside her, nobody was present in the room. As her eyes dwindled upon the resting figure of her husband she sat up, smiling gently at how calm and peaceful his sleep was. Pandora could still remember the first time this had happened; how she'd been scared by it as the voices kept calling out to her. How Rhadamanthys had comforted her, reassuring her that it was nothing to be scared of. He'd even helped her find out where the voices came from, joining her in her search. Quite the feat if you think about it, because Rhadamanthys couldn't hear those voices at all, still he had found its source. A well-kept secret among the guild; the true reason Vector Cross existed. Quite ironically called Pandora's Box, in fact the box of legends itself, filled with the greatest evils of the old world sealed within it. In the wrong hands these sealed evils could be released anew and grant their holder immense powers as long as it meant the utter destruction of this world. In the right hands the Box would remain sealed. And those right hands were of its keeper, one every cycle to guard the seals upon it, but burdened by it because the evil within would never leave its guardian alone. For that torment however, the voices would sometimes call out to their keeper for a conversation of wits, and to warn them if the Box was in danger. After all, destroying the Box would mean destroying the evils within for good, allowing for an imbalance so great that it would offset the entire world.

    This night was the first one in months since the Box had called for Pandora, which in itself was a strange thing to happen. Most of the time it would call out at least once a month, so its continued silence had been an omen to the keeper, who now waited for her name to be spoken again.


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