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    White Dragon Slayer


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    White Dragon Slayer Empty White Dragon Slayer

    Post by Kumiko on Wed 5 Feb 2020 - 23:17

    White Dragon Slayer

    Magic Type:

    Time Flow is magic that specializes in time manipulation. The magic can manipulate the fabric of time in many ways, which its users exploit to meet their goals. Much like Time Arc magic, it can almost instantly speed the age of many inanimate objects. Even though it’s limited, Time Flow can also affect living beings as well. Mythica knows this and has learned to use it. She can use it to speed the flow of time in a certain area to enhance her own reflexes or slow it. Nothing is immune to the flow of time, save the void. So any faults in the battle are always the wizard’s. Mythica can channel this magic through her two weapons. A flintlock pistol and a musket rifle.

    Magic Name: (The name of this magic).
    Magic Type: (What type of magic is it, Caster, Holder, Takeover, etc. be sure to note which magic type is what in this category.)
    Description: (Describe your magic in detail: First being a description of what the magic he/she is using, and then a second paragraph of how he/she uses it.)
    Unique Abilities: (List the abilities it provides, make sure to separate each ability! Abilities are like passive traits, or a hidden power that can be activated for a very limited amount of time. These abilities are Unique to your characters specific use of the magic! As a starting D rank character, you can have 1 unique ability.

    Slayer Perks:

    • +50% passive increase to Strength, Speed, and Spell Damage.
    • Greatly enhanced Hearing, Sight, and Smell.
    • Ability to Consume Magic of the same element as the Slayer Magic to regain MP as well as the Force Ability (See below).
    • Inherent Damage Resistance to their slayer element based on the rank of spell/ability as follows:

      2 Ranks Above Character: 0%
          1 Rank Above Character: 10%
          Same Rank as Character: 25%
          1 Rank below Character: 35%
          2 Ranks below character: 50%

    Unique Abilities:
    Mythica focuses on her enemy and tries to feel their time flow. If she can focus for long enough, she can see a glimpse of their future through her clock eye. She can use this to predict her foe’s next move within the immediate future, increasing her chances of avoiding it. This spell requires OOC permission to affect PCs or player owned NPCs.


    D Rank Spells:
    Clock Work:

    Name: (Name of the Spell )
    Rank: (What rank is your spell? D, C, B, A, S, or H)
    Category: (Offensive, Defensive, Supportive, Auxiliary)
    Type: (Single Target, Multiple Target, Area of Effect, Burst.)
    Damage: (Put the amount of damage the spell deals here, see the magic rules for how much damage each spell type deals. Alternatively, change "Damage" to "Durability" for defensive spells and "Healing" for healing spells)
    Range: (Put the range of the spell, see tables and faq thread in the rules area for the range each spell type has)
    Speed: (Put the speed of the spell, see tables and faq thread in the rules area for the speed each spell type has)
    Duration: (How long does the spell last?)
    Downside: (An optional field, a downside applies to the spell specifically in order to attempt to increase one of its aspects for an impactful trade-off)
    Description: (How the spell is cast, what it looks like, what it does, extra info. )

    Spells: As a starter character at D rank, you start off with 3 regular D rank spells and one D+ rank advanced spell.

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