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    Even Gods Need Cellphones

    Odhran Aegisbane
    Odhran Aegisbane

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    Even Gods Need Cellphones Empty Even Gods Need Cellphones

    Post by Odhran Aegisbane on 30th January 2020, 7:25 pm

    While Odhran had many harrowing tasks in the past, this one was perhaps the most intimidating of all. It was a mission he was not sure how well he would fare. His task: to retrieve an iLac for free. It seemed like an easy task at first when Yuiisai had told him. Until he found out it was in the Neutral Grounds. Odhran would not have access to his Spirits. He would not have access to his Ark of Embodiment. Those fears piled up until he realized he had the power of Perpetuus Sama and the other secret weapon he had found. He still found little joy in entering the Neutral Grounds. It made him feel weak. Vulnerable. Only great instead of perfect. But it was a mission tasked to him by the ace that had taken him under her wing. He did his best to keep appearances of strength, despite the wobbly nature the lack of magic gave him.

    Stepping to the booth, the man seemed somewhat shocked to see Odhran. "Y-You're that fella that killed the entire wedding party, right? Omar?"

    "I am glad my feats are being recognized, but the name is Odhran. You had best remember it, lest I strike you down with my divine might!"

    The man with the incredible mustache trembled in fear for a moment before a wave of smug realization took over his face. "As if you can do anything here! This is the neutral ground! I bet even I could beat you up here without your magic!"

    Odhran sighed, slamming his hand on the counter of the booth, shocking the man back into submission. "Look, I am simply here for an iLac. I have been tasked with such a thing, and the rumors state you are giving them away for free. Grant me one and I shall deem you worthy of not incurring my wrath, and I shall leave this destitute place alone."

    The man behind the counter smiled smugly still. "I don't have any obligation to do so, evildoer. In fact, I oughta call the authorities on you! You're a menace to society! You've slaughtered hundreds, maybe even thousands! It's for the benefit of the world that you be put under arrest!"

    Odhran's face of bliss seemed to off-put the man's rant. "Wonderful! I'm already getting recognition for my actions! It truly is a wonderful thing to behold! Now, if you would not mind, I am here about the free iLac. That is what matters. Give me my offering, and I shall be on my way, if you don't mind."

    Perhaps as a desperate bid to get Odhran to go away, the man behind the counter reached underneath and grabbed a perfectly brand-new iLac for Odhran to have. It seemed as though, regardless of Odhran's burgeoning notoriety, the iLacs were for all and the Neutral Grounds, unsurprisingly, were neutral. When he inevitably planned his world conquest, to make the world dance at his fingertips, he decided that he would spare the Neutral Grounds for their neutrality, though Arnaluuk suggested that it was for the purposes of cowardice at the fear that he would not be able to use magic. Odhran immediately put down that possibility, though Arnaluuk seemed far from convinced.

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