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    A tale of two slayers

    Sarah Stone
    Sarah Stone

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    A tale of two slayers Empty A tale of two slayers

    Post by Sarah Stone 26th January 2020, 11:55 am

    It was a quiet day in Ace of spades, or rather it would have been, had people not been accusing Sarah of doing countless terrible things, most of which consisted of destruction of property. There was one thing that she happened to take note of, however. They all seemed surprised that her hair was as it had always been, commenting that there was no green streak down the left side. This led Ms. Stone to a conclusion of her own. Whoever this was that was committing these atrocities had apparently done a rather poor job of assuming her person.

    Had they done their homework, they would have known that Ms. Stone's hair was completely red, and that she had no intention of modifying it's color any time soon. In fact, if they had truly done their homework, they would have come to the conclusion that she would have figured them out rather rapidly. It did not take long for Ms. Stone to track down the culprit of these crimes, this impostor claiming to be her. All she needed to do was follow the screams and outcries of the townsfolk, who seemed to be running from this mysterious doppelganger with increasing velocity as she drew nearer. What neither of them could have known was that they would come face to face with one another as quickly as they did.

    Sarah was running around a corner, trying to get to the center of all of this when someone slammed into her, seemingly by accident. As she rose from the cobbled street, she noticed that this person fit the descriptions given to her perfectly. When her counterpart stood, they seemed to realize that they had been caught by the very person that they had been impersonating. "Well, you certainly got my figure. Honestly, I'd love to perform a more detailed inspection, in a more private venue, but only with your consent."

    The other chuckled lightly before responding. "Maybe, but first, let's see if you have what it takes to capture me." As soon as she had finished this statement, she raised her voice so that all might hear. "You've done a rather poor job of impersonating me. You might not have been caught if you hadn't been causing trouble. On my authority as a member of Sabertooth, I'm placing you under arrest!" With that said, she inhaled deeply, and Sarah knew what was coming next, so she braced herself for it.

    When the woman exhaled, she created a cloud of toxic gas, which nobody seemed to get caught in, quite luckily. Sarah, couldn't help but smirk before inhaling the cloud, and making a rather unladylike sound as she stored the energy for later. "Thanks, I needed that." The next thing that Sarah would do would be to inhale sharply before emitting a ghastly wail that could probably be heard from the guild hall. She wasn't certain as to why this had happened to her, but her curiosity about this copycat had been piqued, and she would not rest until she knew every intimate detail about them, about how well they had copied her, and about how they had managed to gather their information.

    The fake Sarah, whatever her name was, didn't seem to see that attack coming so soon, and had apparently taken the full force of it, looking somewhat peaked, but she recovered soon enough. "Haven't you figured it out yet? I can do anything that you can do, only I can do it better." This caused Sarah to raise an eyebrow. Surely there had to be some portion of her abilities that was lacking, some sort of limitation to her mimicry. Still, the fact that they had chosen Sarah as the one they copied did bring a smile to her face, if only because she felt a little flattered by their imitation.

    "Well, you can certainly copy my abilities. But I wonder, how hard do you hit?" She should not have asked this question, as it seemed to cause her counterpart to accelerate towards her. Luckily, they swung wide with their left arm, which Sarah was easily able to counter with a straight punch. "You should try to be more compact with your movements, if you are going to copy me. I generally avoid wide swings. Anyone who's been to the arena would know this." That was when something clicked in her mind. As a regular at the arena, Sarah had a very public profile. She could have easily been recorded, but that alone wouldn't cover everything. It was now her turn to go on the offensive, unleashing a barrage of well placed punches before she backed off a bit, allowing herself some room to breathe.

    "Knowing my moves, and knowing how and when to use them are two entirely different things, as I'm sure that you have already figured out." The other simply smirked, and there seemed to be a shimmer around the bare parts of her where Sarah had landed solid blows. She had obviously been able to copy Sarah's ability to coat herself in candy. This was troubling for the hybrid slayer as the other woman launched into an assault of her own, knocking Sarah through a few walls. Luckily, nobody seemed to have been injured, as they had all evacuated the immediate area. "Okay, so you hit pretty hard. That's good."

    They launched an acidic attack at Sarah, which she was able to inhale, taking only half of the damage from it, but not showing much other than some reddening of her skin in places. Once again she made the sound that she had made before as she stored the energy up for later use. "I will say this, though, you seem a little too eager to finish me off. We could always slow down a bit, maybe even take a break, and get to know one another a bit." The other chuckled as she approached. "Much as I'd love to, how about we save that for later and just focus on the fight." She could tell that Sarah wasn't taking her seriously, and wasn't certain as to why. "You haven't quite figured it out yet, have you?"

    This made the copycat stop in her tracks. "What do you mean? What haven't I figured out?" Sarah laughed loudly as she got back up. "What makes me a proud member of Sabertooth. I'm proud of my guild, of this town, of my friends, and yes, even of myself. I won't let myself lose to someone like you who can't come up with their own attacks. Sure, you know all of my moves, but so do I, which means that I know how to counter them. I know this town, because I've made sure to take a different path back to the guild hall after each job, memorizing each route. The people here know me, and they know that I wouldn't do even half of what you've done. And more importantly, My friends, my fellow Sabertooth members, they know how I act, they would spot you in a heartbeat."

    "So even if you do manage to win, you won't get very far. Hell, only reason we haven't been stopped yet is because they understand that this is a matter of pride for me. I can't just let you go around dragging my good name through the gutter, now can I?" It was at this point that the copycat took a few steps back. That was the sign that Sarah needed, the one that let her know that they hadn't done their homework as well as they thought they had. "What, you thought that just because you had seen me in a fight, you could copy me? I'm more than a fighter. I'm a mage of the great guild known as Sabertooth, and you had best respect that name, as it's one you won't soon forget."

    As she approached her copycat, she was met with another poisonous attack. It was all she needed to finish this fight. As she inhaled the elemental energy from the attack, green smoke began to swirl around her legs at first, rising up to wrap around her entire body from head to toe, and she seemed to have taken on physical properties of both a demon and a god, as the ground seemed to lightly crack beneath her feet. She launched herself towards this copycat with a tremendous force as green ethereal claws extended from her fists, and began swiping at her opponent. Her hybrid force might not last too long against this opponent, but in the time she had, she would do as much damage to them as she could, in an attempt to subdue them. "You have no idea what you've brought upon yourself."

    Sarah was in her element now, both figuratively, and very literally. She wasn't about to let the woman off with a light warning either. She retracted the claws, but maintained force as she bruised and battered this opponent who had dared attempt to slander her name. "You think you can just come into this town and do whatever you want? While looking like me? I don't think so." At the end of her barrage, she channeled as much energy as she could into her fists before she started to sway back and forth, picking up momentum before she unleashed rapid-fire hooks on her opponent. Once satisfied that they were unconscious, she looked around for anything she could use to restrain them. After a few moments, she found a length of rope, which she was able to use to tie their limbs behind them.

    Sure, she would have to carry this person to avoid letting them get hurt any worse than they already had, but she was willing to make that compromise. They had put up a good fight, and only made two mistakes in doing so. The first was that they had underestimated Sarah. The second was that they had attacked Sarah with her hybrid element, allowing her to store up that energy to activate her force as a Slayer. It was a poor judgement call on their part. She was still curious about how they had gotten so far looking like her, though. Just as she was pondering this, her captive copycat seemed to wake up. "What...hey! let me go!" Sarah couldn't stifle her laughter when she heard this.

    "Sorry, can't do that. Tell you what, tell me how you were able to copy my abilities, and I'll make sure that you are treated better than the average criminal." "Criminal? I thought that was you!" Sarah frowned a bit hearing this. "Nice try, the folks here know that I don't just go around destroying public property and trying to hurt people. There's a lot of charges coming your way, not the least of which is impersonation. If I were you, I would start talking. Of course, I don't exactly mean here. We could do that at the guild hall, where everyone can hear about how you can copy abilities of even a slayer. It's an interesting ability. Of course, the council will likely need to perform their own investigation as well, so that would probably lead to further charges if they choose to charge you with anything more than what I'm already doing."

    "Let's see, there's Impersonation, Criminal Mischief, Destruction of property, both public and private, and Assault with intent to do bodily harm, and that's just the beginning. You see, if you do eventually get released, there are heavy fines with most if not all of those charges, not to mention court fees, and damages. After all, you did try to misuse my appearance, and therefore my name." Sarah didn't wait for an answer, and instead dragged the copycat off to the guild hall for further interrogation. She found the fact that she could so easily be replicated to be interesting. After all, Slayer magic was not exactly the most common form in the world, to the best of her knowledge.

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