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    The Raven Joins The Fun


    The Raven Joins The Fun Empty The Raven Joins The Fun

    Post by Guest 24th January 2020, 2:08 pm

    WC: 130
    Akujin soared up the mountain with his majestic, black wings, hoping to reach the top quickly before he freezes to death. All he is wearing is a black oversized coat with red clouds on the outside which seemed to fit him. On the way to the top, it seemed to get colder and colder for him, which made it harder for him to flap his wings. He finally got to the top of the mountain and he started shaking violently the main reason being because of the harsh and cold weather. He rubbed his shoulder and let out a cold sigh. "W-Why d-did I think that w-wearing a simple c-coat like this c-could counter this k-kind of w-weather?"

    He moved slowly to the gate and opened it. "I-Is anyone home??"

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