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    ♔ Becoming An Influencer ♔ (D/Solo)


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    Completed ♔ Becoming An Influencer ♔ (D/Solo)

    Post by Louie on 13th January 2020, 7:05 am


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    Ever since the iLac manufacturer in Neutral Grounds gave out their newest products for free (or at a discounted price), the buzz for them had never been higher. Many reporters were there along with MagiGram celebrities to check out the iLac X for themselves, and to witness the swarm of people, all neatly lined up for their very own. Louie, however, did not receive an iLac X. When he was in Neutral Grounds, he was so appalled and offended by the very idea that his ability to pay full price and more for their products was underestimated that he went ahead and bought the very next product on the lineup—the iLac X Pro. The iLac X Pro wasn't as heavily advertised as the iLac X, and wasn't being given out for free or at a discounted price like its "predecessor." Its prices were doubled compared to the iLac X despite their technological disparities being few and rather insignificant, and its accessories could have easily cost more than the people in line's rent.

    Of course, Louie purchased the iLac X Pro and many of its accessories with the intention of spending as much as he could in one day. Reporters or MagiGram micro-influencers (Louie didn't care) took notice of the golden blonde's iLac as soon as he put it in his hand, and needless to say, they were overcome with a blend of astoundment and awe and proceeded to accost him. Apparently, while there were either micro-influencers and reporters, they were all sponsors who had something to do with iLac's new lineup of apps coming to its store.

    While Louie would normally vehemently reject their offers, as people of their status were not worth his good graces, the idea that others were being praised for their sponsorships tempted him like a moth was tempted by a light's lethal light. He never thought about being an influencer—at least not in Fiore—but he enjoyed the thought of doing it better than those who already were.

    Lying on his side, sprawled in a traditional Midian kimono, Louie lounged on his king-sized bed within his Honsenkan suite. This was the second suite he had paid to stay in, as Honsenka was one of the few towns he had visited that he sincerely enjoyed. The room was nothing short of supreme, of course, and the golden-blonde lied there, looking at his iLac X Pro. He ended up getting sponsored by a particularly well-known company—even though Louie could not recall who they were.  

    "So this iLac has three cameras, huh?" Louie said to himself, reaching over to the mahogany nightstand to grab his original "iLac" from Napedia to hold it up side-by-side to his newly purchased one, "Mine has four." he sighed, noticing the quantitative differences between the two devices. In the end, Louie had ended up buying something that was "worse" than what he already had, and for a moment he was venomous with disappointment. But, it was brief, and he rolled over onto his belly to play with the iLac X Pro in preparation for his sponsorship video.

    It was Audiple that was sponsoring him, according to his texts, and he'd run down the message of his given script with incredible briskness. It was then afterward that he opened up his camera app and began to hold it up so that his best angles were exposed. In this case, those were small bits of his exposed chest as his loosely fitting kimono slipped over his unblemished body, his glistening golden hair, wet with water from a rainfall shower just minutes earlier, and a pink-tinted cheeked face from the heat of the water. If anything, he looked as if he were filming just after something far more suggestive and indecent had taken place.

    Louie did what he had to do: he mentioned Audiple, gave an acceptable review of the item, and showed off several of its features. He obviously didn't give much of a damn about the product or the sponsorship, but his beauty sold! After the filming, the video was very well-received. In fact, it did so well that the sponsorship paid him extra, leaving Louie with a mediocre and fulfilling sense of triumph, knowing that he excelled in influencing.



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