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    ♔ The iLac X Pro ♔ (D/Solo)


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    Completed ♔ The iLac X Pro ♔ (D/Solo)

    Post by Louie on 12th January 2020, 7:49 pm


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    There was a certain amount of competitiveness Louie possessed that captivated him with the idea that there was always something better than what most people. He was entirely enchanted of always having the one-up in both mind and matter, and nothing was better in kickstarting his materialistic habits than coming to a brand new country. It had been nearly a week since his arrival to Fiore, and while there were many things that, as some people put it, "turned him off", there were equal amounts of things that piqued his interest.

    So there Louie was, standing outside of an iLac manufacturing factory with his very own iLac X Pro, wrapped in a protective casing that easily cost more than some people's rent—and maybe even the people themselves if, by chance, they found themselves on the black market. He held the item in front of him, beholding it with acute admiration and complacency and yet, strangely enough, he already had an iLac. The one he already had was not distributed from any of the establishments on Earthland but was equal in performance to the iLac X Pro he was so proud of. So, it was not unusual to wonder why he purchased another one. But, however, the answer was quite simple.

    Earlier this afternoon—in fact, not even two hours prior—the golden-kissed man was wandering the various towns and villages of Fiore, looking for something to do while he searched for a place to pay for residency, when a pair a young women, if not teenagers, chatted about the same iLac Louie had now purchased. Interested, the conversation went something along the lines of the following:

    "Pardon me, mademoiselle. I don't mean to intrude," Louie would say, shamelessly intruding but gently so, "but what's this about an iLac?

    Both of the girls went red at the cheeks when they beheld his stunning face and seductive tones, although nothing about what he said or how he said it was seductive at all. "Oh! T-The iLac X, you mean?"

    Louie smiles at their girlish reactions, innocent and kind. They were bound to grow into rather unattractive women if they were unaware of the indecent expressions they were making at that time. "Is that what it is? I'm not from here, so I'm a little unfamiliar with these things. Does everyone have them?"

    "They'd ought to! They're giving them out at the factory today!"

    Louie's expression was overcome with feigned surprise. "I see. . . I see. . ." He nodded, smiling again, "I must be off, then. Merci."

    Now, they were giving out iLac X's for free, but Louie not only felt his ability to pay full price (and more) being attacked, but wanted something better than what everyone else already had. As a result, not only did he purchase the unnecessarily expensive iLac X Pro, but he also purchased the most expensive, needlessly impractical casing they were selling at that time. It was a rose-gold iLac with a pearl, golden-laced case. It was heavy with metal, and it all came with wireless earbuds and supreme accessories. Needless to say, Louie wore his haughtiest, most triumphant smirk knowing he had yet another prize to add to his collection of items.


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