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    Batting and Beyond!


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    Batting and Beyond! Empty Batting and Beyond!

    Post by Lee 12th January 2020, 2:01 pm

    Doran has always been known for hitting anything and anyone with a bat. It had gotten so bad that in the passed people have told me that there is only one place that one is allowed to hit people with bats non stop. Tho the place to do so had no name but was somewhere out in the international area and sadly he couldn't go there without a passport. Which had been unattainable for him because one needed to be part of a light/legal guild to get their hands of one. So shortly after getting himself into a guild called Sabertooth, he begged, pleaded, and even threaten to hit a person for a second time to get the information about where to obtain a passport from. The chaos had gone on for quite a while, screams could be heard all over the place from the countless fellow guildmates that he had spoken to and as always hit them one or two times before, after, and sometimes during having a conversation with them. Finally, after a few days of this happening, suprisingly enough one of them told Doran that he had been in luck. Due to the simple fact that there would be a group of people giving out passports this afternoon in town of Hargeon. "Would you show me the way there miss?" He asked the young girl around his age that had given him the much needed information for obtaining a passport. "No, sorry." The girl had replied and as it seemed as he was about to swing his bat in hand. As it was being pulled back in the young boy's hands and she put her arms up to try and block it as best as she could. "Wait! I'm sorry that I can't go with you but I do have something that can help you get there." She pleaded out to him, while she dropped her arms down to pull a folded up map out of her pocket and trys to hand it to him. "Thank you." The young boy replies while putting the bat down for a second and takes the map. Opening it up and folding it back out it seemed as if the young girl had came with the intent to give this map to him, as it had simple and clear directions on how to get to the town from the guild hall.

    Not even a moment after looking and reading the map in his hands, Doran had taken off and when racing down the road. Map had been in one hand while the other hand had the bat in tow so there was bond to be more trouble down the road for others. The young boy had ran as much and fast as he coul all the way to the town of Hargeon. Only stopped a few times to caught his breath but did stop quite a few times to hit random stranger with his bat when they passed by or as he passed them by. It had taken quite a while for him to travel to the town by just his feet. It was already evening time by the moment Doran arrived at the town. Opened up the map again as he remember something had been written on it right belowed the circled mark of the area where the town was located. It read, "Be sure to make it to the docks before dark!" was written in big block text. "OH CRAP!" As he had noticed that it was starting to get dark just at this time and he had only been standing at the gate of the town. Doran booked it with bat in hand at the ready to swing, while running so fast that it had seemed he was speeding down the walk ways knocking people over or pushing them out of the way with the top of his bat.

    Finally, after running at full speed and pissing everyone in the town off at him, he had arrived at the docks. Quickly looking around the area he had wanted to get to so that he could finally obtain a passport. Thats when he noticed that on the third dock there where people packing papers/little books up and folding up tables/chairs. It seemed as if they were about to leave after doing something there. That is when it had clicked in his head that it was there that he could get what he came for. Rushing over to the third dock and getting to the start of it as the other people that looked tired where about to leave. "Are you guys... the ones... giving out... passports?!" He had yelled out in urgency, while he had been trying to caught his own breath from running all over town and then even faster to try and make it to them before they left. "Yes sir, we were the people handing out passport after people filled out the proper paperwork." At the words of 'we were', Doran raised up his bat and got ready to swing it. Tho as he did that he spoke out to them, "It's very important to me to obtain one of those passport. So we can do this the easy or hard way." The one that spoke to him before was wide eyed and shocked at the situation before them. At the same time a tall woman that had been carring the chairs had dropped them all on the ground and grabbed ahold of the bat. "Now there is no reason for there to be violence. Edd and Jay, lets help this young boy out. There most be a really good reason for him to be acting out like this." The tall lady had quickly settled everything out as soon as it began. Jay had folded one of the tables back out, Edd got the paperwork out along with a single passport. Jess the tall lady had taken ahold of Doran's bat and helped the young boy fill out all the in formation. She had done things this way to make sure no one would get hurt. "Thank you all!" Doran yelled out as he finaly got to hold his very own passport. "Just remember as it seems that you are new to being in the legal guild of Sabertooth. There is no reason for violence and always show respect to those you meet at anytime. Now have a great night and I hope you find whatever it is your looking for out there." As Jess had spoken and tossed the bat to Doran as she finished. He nodded his head to her and took off happily back towards the guild with bat in one hand, passport in the other, and the map handing out of his mouth.

    -Exits both of the Jobs-

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