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    iLac (Solo Job)

    Jay Silentmark
    Jay Silentmark

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    Guardian of Storms

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    iLac (Solo Job) Empty iLac (Solo Job)

    Post by Jay Silentmark on 9th January 2020, 4:09 pm

    Jay wasn’t sure quite why it was that people insisted he get an iLac, but he supposed it couldn’t hurt. Being in a crowded place like this wasn’t a good feeling, though. He hated crowds, because there were just too many people. Being around people in general was often too much. And those were the thoughts he kept in mind as he stepped into Neutral Grounds, nervous not just about the crowds but also the lack of ability to absorb resentful energy from any spirits. What if something happened while he was on the way to pick up the iLac? It wasn’t like he was physically very strong.

    But he was just picking up a free iLac, right? So it shouldn’t be a problem. Sighing, the young man began the trek to the factory, preferring to go on foot rather than in any kind of vehicle. Sure, it’s take longer, but vehicles were often stinking, large things, bad for the environment. He didn’t like that. And so, he walked, fists clenched tightly around his flute and face partially hidden by long bangs.

    Being in this city was making him nervous, though he hid it behind a sour expression and a hard glare that had most people steering clear of him. He needed a smoke... but he’d do that after he arrived to the factory. He had to stop to make sure he was headed the right way several times, an unfortunate delay that only served to make him more nervous, and by extension, more annoyed. He didn’t want to be here any more than he actually wanted the iLac, but the communication aspect might be useful for jobs..

    It took him all of an hour to finally arrive at the factory, not quite willing to approach just yet but seeing exactly where they were handing out the devices. There was quite the lineup, yet another obstacle in him getting in and out of this place quickly. He took one look at that line and changed his mind, he needed a smoke now. He kept respectfully away from anybody, and any no smoking signs, as he lit up the cigarette and took a long drag. The nerves he had just being here were slowly diminishing as he took several minutes to smoke and calm himself down a bit, each minute having him relaxing just a bit more. Luckily for him, the line had gotten smaller while he was smoking, a fact that had him sighing out in relief. Ah yes, this was much more manageable after a smoke. He stepped into the small line, standing maybe an extra foot behind the person in front of him, but the distance was enough to have him less likely to interact with them, and thereby freak himself out.

    The line moved quickly, and with a short wait, he was at the front and being handed the device by a somewhat nervous looking spokesperson. Whoops, maybe his scowl was making people as nervous as he was? Oh well, he had the damn iLac now and could leave this annoyingly crowded city. Storing the device in his pocket, he moved twice as fast leaving as he had travelling towards his destination.

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