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    [Solo] Morning Training


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    [Solo] Morning Training Empty [Solo] Morning Training

    Post by Emma on 4th January 2020, 2:37 am

    Health Points250/250
    Magic Power200/200
    Melee Damage20
    Spell Power100%



    HP Lost:N/A
    MP Used:N/A
    Buffs: +25% HP
    Other Notes:N/A

    Emma had risen as early as possible this morning, quickly changing into her guild uniform and making her way to the kitchens to grab herself breakfast. She wanted to avoid all communication with the rest of the members if possible today, and as luck would have it, it seemed that they were either still sound asleep or too busy to acknowledge her as she placed two slices of white bread in the toaster and waited for them to turn a slight shade of brown. Upon hearing the popping sound that let her know it was finished Emma would slather on some butter before taking her toast with her outside to the guild’s trial grounds.

    Here she had wished to practice in peace some of her magic, in the hopes that perhaps both her and Amari could grow stronger. The two of them had been entwined together since she was three years old, but she had always been far too busy being the perfect daughter to ever properly train her magic. Now she finally had the opportunity, she wasn’t about to just let it slide by.

    ‘Oi Amari, hurry up.’ Emma scolded the ethereal creature directly into his mind as she scoffed down the buttered toast as quickly as possible, wishing she had grabbed a juice or bottle of water as she felt her mouth dry out slightly. ‘And grab me something to drink.’ she added, knowing that he could collect it far quicker than she could on her own due to his blinking ability.

    Err ... fine…’ Amari grumbled, obviously still tired and waking up. Despite being an immortal creature of the ethereal realm that didn’t need to sleep in the slightest in order to function he did seem to enjoy his slumber. However, he would soon appear, manifesting himself within the physical realm with a glass of orange juice in hand that he had collected from the kitchen, which he would offer to Emma, whom quickly gulped the liquid, letting it slide down her throat.

    “Alright return the glass and then let’s begin this.” Emma stated, handing him back the empty juice glass before starting to stretch in order to warm up her body.

    “Yea, yea… alright… Just treat me like your bloody maid then...” Amari muttered moodily, taking the glass and disappearing momentarily before reappearing empty handed. “What’s it going to be today? Strength or speed training?” The ethereal creature asked, readying himself for whatever she would choose.

    “Strength. Let’s head over to the practice dummies.” Emma declared, walking over without waiting for Amari’s response. Once in front of one of the dummies the ethereal mage would stand straight and take a deep breath, letting the air swirl within her lungs as she concentrated on calling energy from Amari’s ethereal realm in order to strengthen her muscles. Once complete she would send her fist into the humanoid model, striking its centre with one fist, then the other before twirling on the spot in a fluid motion and sending her foot into the same spot for a third time, the final hit enough to cause the wooden dummy to make a cracking sound.

    “Ah crap.” Emma swore out loud, realising she may have put too much strength behind that last strike. On the bright side the wooden dummy was made of some sort of magic that seemed to naturally repair itself. “Oh, that’s actually pretty handy…” Emma noted, before continuing her training for the next hour, practising her various melee techniques that she had trained in from a young age in order to defend herself.

    [End Training Job]

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