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    Chosen of the Flower [WIP]


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    Chosen of the Flower [WIP] Empty Chosen of the Flower [WIP]

    Post by TehDMCmaniac on 12/31/2019, 7:06 pm

    Chosen of the Flower

    Chosen of the Flower [WIP] The_az11

    Magic Name: Chosen of the Flower
    Primary Magic Type: Ancient
    Auxillary Magic Type: Holder

    Thu-thump. Thu-thump. Thu-thump.

    The pulse of the knight echoed deafeningly across the calamitous skies. His mouth hung open, agape and drooling. Just moments before, he was straining for a breath of air, then straining again to breathe through the ensuing coughs. The soot had covered his entire throat, just like how the crimson flames had dressed him in agony -- completely. Absent-mindedy, the Knight looked at the damp ashes at his feet. A puddle of tears -- his tears -- had turned the dust that was once his "family" to a muddy slush. There were, however, no more tears left. The last of them fell with the body of those who raised him, disappearing into the flames...

    Aegis' hollow eyes scraped up from the floor to behold what was before him, the only thing capable of standing upright in the wake of the crimson hellfire that had purged those lands. A sword. A single, shining sword, defiantly blue.

    It was called The Azure Flower.
    And now it called to him, to be its Azure Knight.

    There was nothing more to it. A life ended, burnt to ash, and now in its place came something new. The opening chapter to a tragedy that would unfold over countless decades, one which Aegis would carry with him forever.
    But, even more so,

    Staring at that blade, the boy's violet eyes saw the reflection of something else. It was the moment he realized something which, ironically, he would soon after come to gravely misunderstand. So, with a self-assured nod, the young Knight tossed aside the stake with which only moments ago he attempted suicide.

    And peering at that shining blue blade
    Without knowing why
    With a heart
    So full of deathly hope
    He asked a question
    A promise
    Which he could never break.

    "Though the soil may be tainted with lies,
    How can anything but beauty sprout while gazing at a sky so infinite?"

    And standing in that fallacious soot,
    The Azure Flower regarded him with silence.


    Chosen of the Flower is a term describing the one worthy of being The Azure Knight. There have only ever been two people who were Chosen, with Aegis being the first and current holder of that title. As such, Chosen of the Flower also serves to unify the aspects of Aegis' worthiness under one name.
    Said aspects are three: of the Flower, of Genesis and of Akala. The first governs the purity of a warrior's heart; the second rules the Knight's access to his innate powers; and the third dictates his technical ability with spell forging and disintegration. Together, these three elements are what makes Aegis worthy of being the Azure Knight.

    Description of the Aspects:

    Aspect of the Flower

    Lore of the Flower:

    There was once a world split between an ancient dichotomy: Order versus Chaos. But that world never knew balance between the two forces, for in the beginning Chaos ruled alone before it was eternally imprisoned by its counterpart. However, in time a great scientist-deity would be born, who would come to see this critical imbalance. That deity was Aegis' creator, and he was unique for he bore the Soul of Harmony.
    Understanding this, the deity forged a timeless blade to last through every age and past every trial. It was a self-refuting concept, meant to embody the conceptual union between Order and Chaos: the idea of a sword that gives life.

    The weapon chose Aegis as its champion, who in turn named it. As it was what bloomed before him underneath those boundless skies, through the soot and the misery, the blade was called The Azure Flower.
    The Flower was soon after betrayed by Aegis for reasons unknown, who defiled its blade by drawing blood. This caused it to shatter to pieces and mark the beginning of a dark chapter in the history of the world. In time, however, Aegis regained its favor and reclaimed the title of Azure Knight. Now reforged, the Flower once again bestows Aegis with its powers of equilibrium, guiding him on the way toward harmony.

    The Aspect of the Flower is everything Aegis has learned from the Azure Flower. It governs the warrior's heart, the strength of will and the notion of purity. These principles are embodied in the Five Forms of Purification, the adherence to which grants Aegis great powers along with the right to use the Flower itself to perform Rites of Equilibrium.

    Aspect of Genesis

    Lore of Aegis' Genesis:
    Aegis, before he gained the gift of self-awareness, was known by a different name, as Prototype A.E.G.I.S. Born as a magically-constructed android, Aegis was first conceived for the purpose of being a test subject in a scientist-deity's experiments. Designed with the intention of being flawless -- which would aid the scientist in achieving experimental success -- Prototype Aegis's construction deviated from the standards of nature in an attempt to improve upon the formulas of biology. To that end, rather than having an entire body constructed, Aegis was built first as only a core of magical energy. This core was a complex metaphysical energy construct, programmed to be able to draw, receive, store, allocate, manage and consume vast quantities of magical energy for the purpose of sustaining itself. Then, upon this core, the blueprint of a humanoid body was imprinted, which allowed to core to trace the lines of the blueprint with its stored energy and, quite literally, build its own body. Lastly, the ensure that that there would be no malfunctions, the creator installed access-control and emergency protocols in the core and linked it to the primordial source of energy.
    Together, these measures allowed Prototype A.E.G.I.S. to be a one-of-a-kind magical creature, incapable of aging and gifted with intense regenerative and information-processing capabilities. Since its physical manifestation was sustained through energy following a blueprint, his physique was incapable of altering outside minor inconsequential things, such as changes to pigmentation, hair lengths, surface marks and so on. He had no need to work out or engage in any arduous activity in order to be healthy. Aegis was functionally immortal.

    He was, however, also mindless. There was simply no reason to give him a sanity if he was to be a mere test subject. Even so, his creator would, through the failure of his most prized experiment, come to realize that what he had made was so much more than he could have ever anticipated. It was the moment Prototype A.E.G.I.S. became Aegis Bright. The moment he was granted self-awareness.

    Not long after, a series of great tragedies would expose a flaw in his design. Finding itself unable to handle the overwhelming emotional information, Aegis' core overloaded and cracked, creating a constant leak of magical energy through his body and into the immediate vicinity. It was the beginning of Aegis' path to sorcery, for though the event produced nothing but calamity, once the dust had settled, the Knight found himself bearing access to a vast pool of energies that for millennia had remained sealed within his core...

    The Aspect of Genesis encompasses the innate abilities of Aegis that are the result of both his nature as a magical android and the crack in his core, causing a constant leak of magical energy. This aspect grants the Knight access to his divine origins, however artificial they may be, blessing him with agelessness, astounding restorative powers and the ability to influence his surroundings with will and presence alone.

    Aspect of Akala

    Lore of the Theory of Akala:
    There is an ancient, foreign system of magic known as the Theory of Akala, which seeks to expose and manipulate the primordial forces of the universe. This system has no natural origin in Earthland, as it was brought to that world from somewhere beyond along with Aegis Bright himself.
    Even so, experimentation revealed that the core principles of the system are fully applicable to Earthland's energies.

    According to the Theory of Akala, there are two primary magical forces, known as Lyth and Skarra. They originate from the eponymous primal force, Akala, which is said to have been what shaped the universe into what it currently is. Yet, though omnipotent, a certain cosmic catastrophe sundered Akala in two halves, identical in essence, but distinct in one important factor: resonance.
    According to the Theory, resonance is what gives magical energies their capacity to alter reality. The higher the resonance, the more they can destabilize matter, rendering it malleable to the sorcerer's will. It is for this reason that living beings are found to be fueled by Lyth, which has higher resonance than Skarra. It's powerful nature is believed to be the origin of living beings' capacity to exercise free will, as free will is a form world-altering phenomenon itself.

    Likewise, while living beings are sustained with Lyth, Skarra makes up the fabric of all of inanimate reality. According to the Theory, these Twin Forces both originate from the Primordial Sea, whereupon they flow through all of time and space via the leylines -- strands, like arteries, that bind together the space-time fabric.
    Based on this fundamental insight, the Theory of Akala states that a sorcerer may achieve power only by understanding the natural flow of the Twin Forces and learning to manipulate it for his benefit. Once this is achieved, the sorcerer would hypothetically be able to also merge them, distilling the two energies into their primal Akala form through a process known as Twining the Forces. Reaching such ability, it is said, would render the practitioner indistinguishable from a god.

    The Aspect of Akala governs all of Aegis' knowledge of ancient magical concepts, brought with him from his home world. These form the Theory of Akala, which grants Aegis the ability to construct complex magical weaves and patterns, as well as enact changes to the world with surgical precision by manipulating its natural Lyth and Skarra systems. The Aspect of Akala is knowledge of reality's inner workings, and that opens the doors to unfathomable power.

    Unique Abilities

    The Five Forms of Purification:
    The Five Forms of Purification

    Rank: S
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Active (Self)
    Description: As the Chosen of the Flower, Aegis has inherited the Five Forms of Purification from the Spirit of Harmony residing within his sword. These Forms represent a specialized fighting style which is simultaneously a martial system and a spiritual practice of movement meditation and internal prayers. The Five Forms thus cultivate within the Azure Knight a sense of tranquility, equilibrium and purity of heart -- all traits which allow him to wield the sword as a tool of life and adapt to any situation.

    The Five Forms are five different passive states Aegis can enter. They do not require physical actions to be triggered, as the Forms are internal states, rather than external postures. Aegis can choose only one each post and it will remain in effect until his next post. If no Form is entered in a post, none of the Five Forms will be considered active.
    If a Form is exited, it cannot be re-entered within the next 3 posts. Aegis can choose to remain in a single Form for as long as he pleases, by re-entering it in consecutive posts.

    The Five Forms are as follows:

    • First Purification -- Form of Spirit
      "To know purpose is to know intent."

      The Form of Spirit is the first verse of the prayer, drawing attention to the user's conception of intent. It takes the form a set of breathing techniques which aid in the rooting of the practitioner in the here-and-now. This engenders a state of preparedness on both the physical and emotional levels; all pent-up tension is released and the urges and primal impulses of the psyche, such as fear and anger, can be controlled.
      The Form of Spirit is the form of water. Easy and free, it flows along to its destination, unconcerned with obstructions.

      When entering the Form of Spirit, Aegis becomes unshakable until the end of the post. If currently unstable, activating the Form allows him to immediately regain poise and composure, as well as negate the first non-attack impact he experiences (such as from high falls or collision with debree). He is granted a 50% buff to physical damage resistance.

    • Second Purification -- Form of Mind
      "A still heart is the size of a thousand leaves."

      The Form of Mind is the second verse of the prayer, drawing attention to the user's perception of truth, and of time. This is a mental state, which allows the practitioner to become hyper-aware of his senses by quieting his mind. If there are no thoughts, there are no distractions, and nothing will escape your awareness.

      Upon entering the Form of Mind, Aegis's perception of time speeds up, allowing him to see everything in slow-motion at half-speed, making it easier to react to events.
      Note: this does not increase Aegis' speed, only his perception of time.

    • Third Purification -- Form of Body
      "Thunder sparks from a kiss."

      Also known as the Form of Nonresistance, the Form of the Body is the third prayer and examines the user's source of power. It is a methodology of utilizing one's body as conduit for power generated not from muscles, but from something else deeper within. Understanding this, it becomes apparent to the user, that a conflict between two sides is merely the union between their intentions. All is one.

      The Form of Body allows Aegis to expel anything physical he comes in contact with, but cannot act upon the intent to attack. Rather, contact with something he wishes to be expelled causes a seemingly reflexive action, as if something from within the Knight sent out a shockwave, carried out through his body and limbs to be transferred into the body of the enemy, or object infringing upon his personal space.
      Note: the expulsions of energy performed as a result of this Form are treated as regular physical attacks as far as damage and/or special properties are concerned.

      The Form of Body is thus a very effective defensive form.

    • Fourth Purification -- Form of Heart
      "The feather shares kinship with the tooth."

      The fourth Form is that of the Heart. It draws attention to the nature of life itself, cultivating within the user a feeling of universal unity. It is the Form of compassion, revealing that to harm another is to harm one's self.
      This Form has no visible expression. It is not something one does, but rather something one understands; and when such a moment of understanding comes, it is marked by the warrior who cries for those he has to kill.

      80% of all magical damage sustained either directly or indirectly is instead stored within Aegis' magical core until this Form is exited. Once this happens, all stored magical damage is instantly dealt to Aegis through an explosion. If this damage exceeds 300 HP in total value, The Five Forms of Purification are disabled completely for 5 posts.
      The Form of Heart cannot be sustained for longer than 5 posts.

    • Fifth Purification -- Form of the Blade
      "To take is to be able to give."

      The Form of the Blade is the fifth and final prayer. It takes the form of an oath to act in harmony, no matter the cost, and fuels its oathsworn with a silent determination. Not a ferocity, not fervor, nor the desire to succeed. Simply, a determination so palpable that the air around the warrior suddenly feels thick and oppressive.

      Upon entering the Form of the Blade, the user appears to become one with the Azure Flower, like a conduit for its will. Their gaze becomes profoundly serene even in the thickest of battles, as if they have fallen in a trance, yet have remained fully lucid. Their movements appear as light as a dancer's.

      Every successful strike with The Azure Flower transfers 50 MP from Aegis to the target, but also transfers 50 HP from the target to Aegis. Furthermore, looking into his eyes or even standing within 10 meters of him begins to rapidly deter your very desire to fight. This pacifying effect grows stronger the bigger the difference is between Aegis' rank and the affected mages'.
      Mages above Aegis' rank can resist this effect without much issue, but will also certainly notice it, and his determination behind it.

    The Child of Chaos:
    The Child of Chaos

    Rank: S
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: As a result of his cracked magical core, Aegis' presence constantly leaks high-resonance Lyth energy into his surroundings. This destabilizes everything around him, weakening its fixture in space-time and creating a sort of energetic connection between the environment and the Knight. This unity grants Aegis a certain freedom in exerting his will over his surroundings.
    The destabilizing effect grows stronger the longer Aegis remains within an area, until it reaches a critical tipping point whereupon the area begins exerting a chaos-corrupting influence over all magical instances performed within it.
    Few mages enjoy Aegis' company, precisely because of this.

    Every post, Aegis leaks 50 MP into his surroundings. He cannot stop or prevent this through internal means. However, as a result of this leak, each post the Knight can create a single alteration to his surroundings within a 100 meter radius, the total value of which cannot exceed the amount of MP currently leaked nearby. The MP cannot be used to cast spells, only to afflict the environment, or anything within it, with alterations.
    The leaked MP can be used to to attempt to affect the course, structure, destination of other people's spells. However, nothing may be added to them; Aegis can only change the things that are already there. In this sense, attempting to alter foreign spells is functionally similar to a deflection/reflection ability.

    Any leaked MP that has not been utilized remains "stored" within the 100-meter vicinity, up to a maximum of 200 MP. Once this maximum is reached, the affected area begins to shimmer faintly and spread out, becoming a Chaos Zone.
    Magic cast within a Chaos Zone is entirely unpredictable. It may change its course, it may exhibit erratic or unorthodox behavior or it may altogether malfunction in its inception. Magic entering the Chaos Zone from outside has a 50% chance of resisting this effect. This also affects Aegis' abilities.
    The only magic type that is unaffected by the Chaos Zone is Burst. Burst spells retain all of their natural effects, simply because by their very nature, they are performed quick enough that the Zone's effects do not reach them in time.

    The Chaos Zone grows by 50 meters per post, with no upper limit. If Aegis consumes some of the leaked MP to perform an alteration, no matter how much MP he uses, the Chaos Zone immediately collapses, annulling all leaked MP.

    Lastly, due to the flawed nature of his core, Aegis cannot regenerate MP normally. Instead, he only regenerates MP by staying within a Chaos Zone. Doing so restores 5% MP (30 MP currently) per post. If at maximum MP, he begins restoring 30 HP per post instead.

    For the purposes of making RPing easier and more fun, outside of combat situations where keeping track of such statistics is needed, Child of Chaos' current accumulation amount will not be monitored. The aura and leaked energy will be used just for plot purposes. If a combat situation arises, it is assumed that there is only 50 MP leaked and accumulated at present. This way, fights should be more fair and fun, without having to keep track of this ability concurrently even during non-combat scenarios.

    Dance of the World-Ender:
    Dance of the World-Ender
    Rank: S
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: Through profound understanding of the nature of both light and energy as waves, the Azure Knight has developed a way to apply the principle of refraction to his own body.

    As such, whenever he performs a melee attack, that attack is performed two more times simultaneously, from two different angles. The additional attacks appear as after-images, they happen 1 second after the original one and always come from directly opposite directions. The additional attacks retain the power and special properties, if any, of the one they are copying.
    Example: Aegis performs a downward strike. 1 second later, the two after-images perform horizontal strikes, with one coming from the left and the other -- from the right.

    Aegis can choose not to use this ability in non-PVP threads, for social and plot purposes.

    "Ancient legends speak of a sorcerer wielding a power known as "Dimensional Multicut", which sounds to have been strikingly similar to this ability."


    Signature Spells:
    Leyline Traversal
    Rank: S
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Burst
    Damage: None.
    Range: 100 meters.
    Speed: Instant.
    Duration: Instant.
    Description: Relying on his perception and understanding of Leylines, Aegis can link his core to a nearby Leyline and use it to effectively teleport to a point within 100 meters of his original location.

    Leylines are like highways for magical energy which intertwine to make up the fabric of reality. The Knight, his nature not much different from that of pure energy, can use these to hitch a ride.

    Lyth Echoes
    Rank: S
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive, Single-target.
    Damage: N/A
    Range: 250 meters.
    Speed: 400 meters per second. (Max range reached within ~0.62 seconds)
    Duration: N/A
    Downside: Shorter range; Lyth Echoes are only left by spells that have already affected Aegis.
    Description: Aegis is capable of detecting the echoes of an individual's Lyth energy in the remnants of their spells and retrace it through the surrounding leylines back to its origins, as long as the person is still within a 250-metre radius. Aegis can only do this for spells which have affected him directly in some form.

    After a spell has affected the Knight, a Lyth Echo remains at the location where this happened for 1 post. During this time, Aegis can strike the Echo with the Azure Flower. Once the Echo expires, the magus to whom it belongs will suffer all the effects of the strikes at once, as if they were struck directly; however, this will be foreshadowed by a momentary sense of magical danger, as if an energy surge is travelling through nearby leylines towards them, giving the astute time to react.

    Lyth Echoes have an appearance only for those trained to perceive Lythical and Skarric magical systems. However, when Aegis interacts with an Echo, any visual effects normally produced from his actions will appear to be frozen in space and faintly vibrating.

    Advanced Spells:
    Equilibrium: Kiss of the Flower
    Rank: D+
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive.
    Damage: None.
    Range: Melee.
    Speed: N/A
    Duration: N/A
    Downside: Only works with The Azure Flower.
    Description: Every successful strike with the Azure Flower causes the blade to get energized and raise Aegis' resilience, reducing the duration of a random negative effect currently ailing him by 1 post.

    As with all Equilibrium spells, the mode of execution is the performing of a physical attack with The Azure Flower, because of which the spell benefits from the effects of Dance of the World-ender.

    Equilibrium: Mirrari Askattah
    Rank: C+
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Burst
    Damage: None.
    Range: Self.
    Speed: N/A
    Duration: 6 posts.
    Downside: Can only be performed with the Azure Flower.
    Description: The Azure Flower momentarily extends its will so it may connect firmly with Aegis' heart, heightening his ability to flow with the rhythm of his enemies, as per the ebb and flow of Chaos and Order.

    In effect, when an enemy is successfully struck with the Flower during the duration of Mirrari Askattah, Aegis becomes attuned to their rhythm of fighting. Because of this, whenever that character casts a spell within the first 50% of the words in the player's post, the Knight has a 50% chance of evading the spell's effects. If a spell is cast in the latter half of the player's post, there is a 50% chance of the duration of Mirrari Askattah being increased by 1 post.
    This attunement is considered a negative effect for the character to whom Aegis is attuned and lasts for 2 posts. Striking the same enemy multiple times may refresh the duration of this ability, but it may not increase its duration to more than 2 posts.

    As with all Equilibrium spells, the mode of execution is the performing of a physical attack with The Azure Flower, because of which the spell benefits from the effects of Dance of the World-ender.

    Equilibrium: Law of Attraction
    Rank: B+
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Burst
    Damage: None.
    Range: Melee.
    Speed: N/A
    Duration: 8 posts.
    Downside: Can only be performed at melee range and with The Azure Flower. Cannot be active at the same time as Equilibrium: Chaos Infusion and Equilibrium: Sword of Life.
    Description: For creations to flourish, the tides of Chaos cannot be given limitless freedom. Recognizing this, the Flower energizes itself, covering its blade with swirling white flames whith emit a soft, but strangely comforting glow.

    Anyone struck by the Flower during this spell's duration will suffer a 3% MP burn and be locked from using movement and teleportation abilities if they are attempting to move to a location more than 10 meters away from Aegis, for 2 posts. Multiple hits against the same target only refresh the duration of the movement-restricting effect and cannot extend it beyond 2 posts.

    This effect breaks if either party is incapacitated, somehow removed from the fight or reaches 0% MP.

    As with all Equilibrium spells, the mode of execution is the performing of a physical attack with The Azure Flower, because of which the spell benefits from the effects of Dance of the World-ender.

    Equilibrium: Chaos Infusion
    Rank: A+
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Burst
    Damage: 225
    Range: Melee.
    Speed: N/A
    Duration: 1 post.
    Downside: Can only be performed at melee range with the Azure Flower. Cannot be performed while Equilibrium: Law of Attraction or Equilibrium: Sword of Life are active.
    Description: For new things to be created, the old must come to be undone. Sensing the necessity for such benevolent destruction, the Flower taps into its Chaotic side to harness violent energies. The blade weapon's blade is then covered with swirling black flames which emit a soft, murky glow.

    If a person is struck with The Azure Flower by the end of the post, they will find that the blade actually passes right through them, as if it were immaterial, causing no damages to their body. However, the first magical barrier the sword collides with by the end of the post will suffer heavy damage from it, absorbing the black flames and ending the effect of Chaos Infusion. If the barrier ends up destroyed by Chaos Infusion, a Lyth Echo will appear at the location of its destruction, so long as the Lyth Echoes ability is currently active.

    As with all Equilibrium spells, the mode of execution is the performing of a physical attack with The Azure Flower, because of which the spell benefits from the effects of Dance of the World-ender.

    Equilibrium: Sword of Life
    Rank: S+
    Category: Supportive
    Type: Burst
    Healing/Shield: 250/350 HP, respectively.
    Range: Melee
    Speed: Instant
    Duration: 5 posts for the shield. 5 posts for the healing.
    Downside: Can be performed only at melee range. Can only be performed with The Azure Flower. Due to its nature, the target of the spell may try to avoid receiving it out of fear of treachery. Cannot be performed while Equilibrium: Chaos Infusion or Equilibrium: Law of Attraction are active.
    Description: The Azure Flower senses its wielder's desire not to usher death and responds in kind by drawing upon the powers of the Soul of Harmony encased within it. The blade begins to shine in beautiful swirling black and white hues, appearing almost like magical flames emanating from inside the weapon. These "flames" dance with eachother mesmerisingly, casting a faint illumination.

    The first target to be struck by the Flower by the end of the post will experience momentary sharp pain before receiving all of the energies swirling within the weapon. Those are the powers of Order and Chaos, combined in Harmony, and upon entering their new host, they have a 50% chance of healing them and 50% chance of applying a shield. When healing, 100 HP's worth of restoration is immediately received, with the rest happening in equal portions over the duration of the spell; when shielding, the the defensive aura is applied instantly and dissipates immediately upon the expiry of the duration, if not yet destroyed.
    To the onlooker, the shielded target appears to have a shimmering aura around them which hardens into a streak of white-black flames as it blocks incoming attacks. Likewise, a healed target appears to be faintly smoldering with the same white-black flames, their visible wounds as if being stiched together by the tongues of spellfire.

    As with all Equilibrium spells, the mode of execution is the performing of a physical attack with The Azure Flower, because of which the spell benefits from the effects of Dance of the World-ender.

    Name: (Name of the Spell )
    Rank: (What rank is your spell? D, C, B, A, S, or H)
    Category: (Offensive, Defensive, Supportive, Auxiliary)
    Type: (Single Target, Multiple Target, Area of Effect, Burst.)
    Damage: (Put the amount of damage the spell deals here, see the magic rules for how much damage each spell type deals. Alternatively, change "Damage" to "Durability" for defensive spells and "Healing" for healing spells)
    Range: (Put the range of the spell, see tables and faq thread in the rules area for the range each spell type has)
    Speed: (Put the speed of the spell, see tables and faq thread in the rules area for the speed each spell type has)
    Duration: (How long does the spell last?)
    Downside: (An optional field, a downside applies to the spell specifically in order to attempt to increase one of its aspects for an impactful trade-off)
    Description: (How the spell is cast, what it looks like, what it does, extra info. )

    The abilities currently there allow Aegis to remain close to the enemy, resist debilitating effects, deal damage, apply healing and power through shields. The enemy is also unlikely to flee.
    We need abilities to counter other ways for the enemy to be intangible or invisible, abilities to use in case Chaos Zone is dispelled and more utility. Most spells will have to be Burst-type, except maybe those designed for use when Chaos Zone is inactive.

    D-rank spells ideas:
    - Genesis: an ability related to Aegis' sight, allowing him to see and/or possibly lock invisible/immaterial magi out of their intangibility.
    - Genesis: Shadow of the Past. A passive ability related to his fractured core, where magi would find it difficult to not have their attention drawn to him. Less disciplined individuals may find themselves more inclined to target him than others nearby because of this.
    - Genesis: Chaos Within. Aegis temporarily internalizes a Chaos Field, freezing the MP accumulation in his surroundings and gaining the effects of a Chaos Field for (X) posts. This also hides his otherwise unmissable presence from magic-sensitives. If no Chaos Field was active when this ability was cast, Aegis still gains the benefits of a Chaos Field, but once the spell's duration ends, he is again returned to a state where no Chaos Fields are active around him, at which point the accumulation of MP continues from where it left off when the spell was cast. This deactivates Shadow of the Past for its duration.
    - A Foolish Promise: the more damage Aegis sustains, the more determined he becomes. This effect increases when in the presence of something worth protecting. For every (100?) damage, he stores 1 post of duration for this spell. He can activate this ability to harden his grit and continue fighting, even if his MP or HP drop to 0. However, as soon as this ability ends, he immediately becomes incapacitated as per the rules. Aegis cannot cast spells with an MP requirement if at 0 MP while A Foolish Promise is active. If an otherwise depleted resource is somehow restored while this spell is active, upon its expiration that resource's value is set to 1 point and the negative effects of depleting it are avoided. A Foolish Promise can be activated when Aegis is at 0 HP or MP, but only if done immediately upon depleting the resource. "Immediately" means within the post where he would first begin experiencing the negative effects of the depletion.

      Current date/time is 9/30/2020, 2:22 pm