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    Planting the Seeds of Growth

    Morgana Primrose
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    Planting the Seeds of Growth Empty Planting the Seeds of Growth

    Post by Morgana Primrose 29th December 2019, 1:25 pm

    Brynn walked across the empty fields on the outskirts of Hargeon City, her feet carrying her gracefully towards the small old fashioned house standing in the middle of the fields. She was fairly anxious to be out and about in this location. Her first true job alone, picked on some of the mission boards nearby the place she was staying at. The contact would be an elderly farmer, one who had hurt himself in a previous injury and lacked the ability to lay the seeds down for the coming winter. As Bryn approached, a man stepped out of the cabin. His right foot came bandaged in medical wrappings and the girl felt a twinge of regret go through her system while coming a halt in front of him. "Are you the help for the season?" He asked with hopeful eyes. The woman looked forward. His bright white hair was tied into a ponytail and his burly, strong hands were leaning against the framework of the door.

    "Yes. I am Brynn. I saw your posting on the mission board and came as soon as I could. Please, allow me to help."

    She was lead towards the barn a few feet across from the house, a large bag of seed waiting for them across the way. "You came just in time. I was worried that I was gunna have to start on this myself." The old man said. "Makes it hard after your leg gets caught in the milling station." They came to a halt while he showed Brynn the task ahead of her. "It's pretty simple stuff. Just lay down the seed in small patches, but make sure there's some space between each one. Don't want them to choke each other out. Hehehe..."

    With the brief explanation given, the woman set about her task. She grabbed the seed bag with one hand and the small metal tool used to dig the holes in the other. Her first row was right by the house, nearest to the old wooden fencing around the perimeter. No doubt to keep any hungry wild life out. Her knees lowered Brynn into the cold and damp soil, where her pale hands grasped the tool and dug a small hole for the seeds to reside in. She mentally calculated a few "finger-steps" to separate the distance between each hole and continued onto the next. The work was certainly tedious, but rewarding in its own way. She continued on, hole after hole until about 2 hours in. Brynn would rise from the dirt after her final hole dug. The seed bag was about a quarter of the way full though it would likely be all used up sooner or later. She hoped that her efforts had helped the kind old man some, standing up to report the progress of her mission done. "Oh, goodie! Thanks, miss. I owe ya one!" The old man said, looking joyful that his work had been done and the fields would be full for the harvest next season. "It was my pleasure, sir." She received her payment and would make her way back into town, in search of a shower.

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