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    Getting healed


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    Getting healed Empty Getting healed

    Post by Aurora 29th December 2019, 7:57 am

    Gangting had barely spent a handful of day on Amber Isle when he received a message. He had been inquiring everywhere about healers and apothecaries that could heal his wounds. The wounds devilled with demonic venom and scourged by hellfire. The wounds still fester even thoughts he received the wounds more than a year ago, within the walls of his beloved city which he had tried to relieve of the demon spawn that invested it. His attempt was going well until he had entered the inner walls. The hordes of demons were too great for him and he got overwhelmed, it was that moment that he was wounded. He near lost his consciousness but then his god arose above him in the shape of a sandstorm, his divine intervention saved Gangting. Who could barely escape under the cover given by Tudigong, the God of Earth and Soil. The wounded Giant fled Duoshang and travelled away from his beloved city and his kingdom, back towards Fiore from where his crusade began. He travelled for days at the end, sometimes even unconscious as his wounds weakened him. Every village and town he came, he would ask after healers, mages and all sorts of people with medicinal knowledge to curse his accursed wounds but to no avail. Dozens have looked but could not help him, at least not with anything more than stilling the pain and slowing it’s spread. Eventually, he had found an elder with the knowledge to place himself out of the grip of death but fully curing him was not an option. The wounds limited the Slayers powers a great deal, him weaker and limited him in his movement. His wounds were also extremely vulnerable to attack. A great loss of ability for an esteemed warrior such as Gangting. However, he had gained a newfound strength, bestowed upon him by Tudigong at that crucial moment in Duoshang. It was force, a state of being a slayer can achieve by consuming great quantities of magical energy from their element, but what Gangting was given in terms of force was the ability to instantly achieve force at his own will. Without the need to acquire all the energy needed for the powerful state of being. He came to explore its potential on his way back to Fiore, or rather at the border of Fiore and Seven. It was there that he was ambushed by marauders who were no match for even a wounded Gangting nor for the warrior a head-on which Gangting stumbled when he chased his opponents who had gone to flight near instantly. The grey-haired warrior was an old friend of Gangting, Johann von Weiss; with whom he had shared in many an adventure before the Slayer had taken it upon himself to cleans his city and kingdom. Johann had recognised Gangting immediately but Gangting, not him, he nearly punched his head straight off if Johann had not been as strong as he was. Without effort, the attack was made undone and with a couple, words familiarized Gangting with whom was before him. Gangting had not recognized his old friend for two reasons: he smelled of demon and thus was bound to be destroyed by the demon hating demon slayer and Johann looked different; he was younger than he had been, much younger and the cause of that was the same that caused his demonic smell. Well, the smell was not only demonic, but also angelic from nature. Johann had a seal within him, a horseman, a demonic and angle hybrid and it had been unlocked. The seal, whose name was Mars, was the seal of war. It gave its vessel, Johann, great powers and strength. Fair beyond Gangting’s capabilities just now, and likely that Johann would remain much stronger than him. Gangting being used to be the strongest had some difficulty with accepting that, but that paled in comparison with his struggle to coexist with Mars; he could only accept it because Johann was the best friend he had left to the world. And he found later that there were more seals, he met with Amalie and Siv; both of them were seals as well and then there was Solmar who was bound to a pure demon but kept it at bay with his fire demon slayer magic. Gangting had to sway his drilled instinct of killing demons on multiple occasions as things seemed not as black and white as he thought they would always be. But it was just after the reunion with Johann that he got again the taste of demon slaughter and the experience of using force.

    Johann was hunting the marauders who were keeping the far north of Fiore busy with raids and murder. They agreed to work together to vanquish these pests. It had been a task Johann had accepted on behave of his guild Dies Irae, that took a more drastic approach to destroy the evil from the face of the earth and especially in Earthland. Gangting had joined eagerly, especially with the promise of aid in a future attempt to reconquer his kingdom and cleans it of its demonic filth. It did not take long for them to find the village of the marauders and they quickly destroyed it. But it was not the village that was the problem, in reality, there had been going on a lot more. Thousands of demons and demon-worshippers were summoned to revenge their fallen brothers. It was thereupon the slopes of the oppida that Gangting went into force. The divine aura spiralled around, flashes like the thunder of pure light crackled around him; his eyes glowed with heavenly light. The earth shook, the earth roared. The Seal of War and the Warrior-King of Duoshang vanquished their foe, leaving a path of destruction in their wake; which nature would take decades to cover.

    Gangting travelled to Amber Isle to introduce himself to the guild, there he met with Amalie for the first time. He took a couple of weeks to rest and restore his body before going on missions for the guild. There he met Solmar, the Fire Demon Slayer; Aura, the Demonic Princess and others. It was during those quests that he kept informing about mages and healers who could help him but to no avail until now. The letter wrote about a healer in Seven, a shaman of the Old Order. He was a master healer, unparalleled by none. If anyone could draw the venom from his wounds and quench the hellfire burning in his flesh, then it was him. If not then he would remain maimed for the rest of his life and never gain his full potential, leave alone his former strength. Eager and happy, for the cure, did Gangting leave the island; strange enough he barely felt seasick upon the ship as he travelled, his mind was set upon one thing alone and that was his cure. The cure that would unshackle him from the malice, the cure that would allow him to be whom he was. The Warrior-King of Duoshang, the Champion of Tudigong, The Slayer, The Mountain that Walked, The Boulder, The Liberator, the Bane of Marg-netoch, The Vanquisher of Demons, The Liberator of the Wicked. He could continue his divine task once more, to rid the world of demons; of course, he still had to find out what to do with the seals and people like Solmar, but those thoughts were for later.

    The travel was quick as he travelled light and with his chariot, pulled by magnificent aurochs; it was as fast as lightning, as it had once belonged to a god of thunder. He travelled through meadows and fields of Minstrel, the hills and forest of Northern Fiore and then entered the heavily forested lands of Seven. All the way to the sea cliffs of the East. It was there that Gangting dismounted from his chariot as he looked at an enormous tree that had grown near-horizontal by winds, hanging over the cliffs above the grey waves of the sea. The residence of the druid was built within the canopy of the tree, above the water. Gangting climbed the log of the tree, it was near thrice his length in width. A more solid bridge did not exist but Gangting moved carefully over the tree. The bark was whitewashed with salt and weather by the winds. The oceans breeze howled through the twigs and arms of the tree, the ocean mashed against the cliffs; spraying foam and saltwater everywhere. The tree was slippery. The noises of the clutching sea made the Giant nauseous and he nearly slipped. But he managed to reach the structure that was largely hidden by the leaves. The Giant knocked on the door and a voice from the inside called him in, “Come in.”. Gangting pushed the door open and had to nearly crouch to get through the portal of the door. The inside of the treehouse was large, with large shelves full of books and scrolls on nearly every wall. If shelves did not contain literature then it contains all kinds of gems, minerals, potions and vials. Not to forget the stores of herbs and other ingredients. A small man came from another room and walked straight up to the Giant. Sniffing with his nose, “Hellfire?” he asked, and the shaman was already on his way to some shelves, browsing through its contents. He has dressed meagrely dark green breeches and a brown shirt. He wore two kinds of shoes; both could use repairing; his clothing was patched with all kinds of coloured cloth. His head was bolding, and his beard was irregularly shaped. ”Yes,” answered the Slayer who followed the druid with curiosity, ”From demon.” “Yes yes, of course. I don’t like that if you come from hell itself, although.” The old man paused a liked at Gangting, “You did not cross the river Styx right?” There was a hint of distrust in his eyes, followed with a smile upon his face. “Oow don’t answer that, I am making a joke of course. Although you look terrible… but very much alive.” He grabbed a couple of herbs and a vial of icy blue fluid. Took a moulder and moulded the herbs, added the contents of the vial and then hurried about to grab a little box. He took something out of it and sprinkled it in the sludge of the moulder, but Gangting could not see what it was. He then proceeded to chant in a language that Gangting did not know and seemed to brows again for some ingredient. The sight of that made Gangting worry. The mage took a tooth from a bear skull and ground it in a different cup and add some chunks of prismarine. The entire contents of that cup were thrown into the sludge and it seemed to boil and then stopped. The colour was now light green and thickened, the druid placed his hand into the sludge and took some out of it and walked to Gangting. “Remove the bandages will you.” Gangting hesitated for a moment. “I don’t have all day,” The druid said irritated, stamping with his feet on the ground. Gangting took a dagger and removed the bindings. “Oof that looks bad, very bad,” and pressed his hand against wound, smearing the sludge all over the burnings. All the hairs on Gangting’s body rose as he felled the shilling touch upon his body. The wound that had kept radiating heat suddenly stopped emitting the warmth. “I also smell something else, is that what I think it is?” Gangting was so distracted by the cold touch that he didn’t even hear the druid the first time. “Em, that was from a demon too; it venomous,” said the Giant. “Ow, you are kidding me? Venom? I would have never guessed. Tell me how this demon looked like. Ugh take a seat over there I’ll get some new bandages for you. I probably need to take some samples from that other wound, just to be sure that you describe the right demon.”


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