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    To Earthland and Beyond! (Job|Sage)


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    To Earthland and Beyond! (Job|Sage) Empty To Earthland and Beyond! (Job|Sage)

    Post by sagey 28th December 2019, 10:14 am

    The night was a bit louder than the preceding nights. People had been talking about how the magic council had reopened the borders to outsiders all day long. Sage was in the pub that night, he did not know of anything that the townsfolk were talking about as he had spent the day on his own reading his favorite book about mythical creatures. He sat on the counter where there was another traveler sitting on the stool next to his. The traveler greeted Sage and he greeted him back. The bartender then went to serve them. After they had their food, Sage, the traveler and the bartender engaged in a conversation. They began to talk about how Fiore had reopened its borders to the outsiders and how Fiorans with passports can now go across the border to distant countries. Sage hear this with a sparkle in his eyes. He wondered what was out there and what new knowledge he could gain from their different cultures and upbringing. The thought of it simply thrilled him. He then asked the bartender and the traveler of where he could get the passport. They both then told him that tomorrow the first ever passport will be handed out. There would be two venue where the passports would be issued, one in hargeon town and the other in the rose garden in the capital city, crocus. The one closest to him was of course the rose garden. Sage thanked the traveler and the bartender for the information and paid for his food and left to go back to his place to get some rest. He needed to wake up early the next day if he don't want to wait for quite the amount of time.

    Sage had a good night sleep, though it was a bit hard for him to fall asleep at first as the thought of traveling and seeing new places and learning new cultures and new forms of arts just excites him. He woke up the next day feeling motivated. It was still dark outside, but silver lining could be seen at the edge of the horizon, signalling that it was daybreak. Sage quickly prepared himself and head towards the rose garden. There he could already see quite the number of people. From elderly to kids and married couples, adventurers and merchants, they were all there to grab that sweet passport. Sage got into the line, the counter wasn't even opened yet but people had already lined up. After a good one hour of standing in line, it was finally Sage's turn. By this time the sky was already clear, illuminated by the sun. Sage smiled as the officer smiled at him. He then filled a form and signed it. Got his passport stamped and was handed to him, ready for use. Sage couldn't be any happier he thanked the officer and left. He examined the passport, while wearing a big bright smile on his face, he couldn't wait to explore the other countries.


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