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    [Errings Rising] Canary Contract - Signs of Another Realm


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    [Errings Rising]  Canary Contract - Signs of Another Realm Empty [Errings Rising] Canary Contract - Signs of Another Realm

    Post by Admin on 27th December 2019, 5:59 am

    Job Title: Canary Contract - Signs of Another Realm
    Rank: B
    Job Location: Phoenix Mountains
    Solo Word Count: 3500
    Group Word Count: 7000
    Additional Requirements: Find the source of the mysterious magical energy in the area and either take it for Errings Rising or destroy it.

    Job Description: In the Phoenix Mountains there used to be a large hidden city that had a guild inside of it that had a close relationship to what was thought to be an endless source of magical power from another plane of existence but the city was destroyed and with it the people who knew of or even access the magical power. Recently, the area around the city has suddenly started to burst with the magical power creating different phenomena around it. There are not many details on what it is creating but Errings Rising has taken it upon themselves to investigate the burst of magical energy. You are to go and do this job. Deal with any resistance to your assignment and find out exactly what is causing the magical energy to flood out in the area. You are to either destroy it or find a way to claim it. Others will have their own interests into the magical power which you are to dispatch as you see fit. Be careful as the magical energy may have caused unforeseen hostilities for you.

    Enemies: The enemies in this thread will be up to those taking it. They should be creatures created or changed by the magical energy, rival groups wanting to claim or destroy the magical energy, etc

    Reward: 40k jewels

    ~ Credit to Cirven.

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