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    Motor City | Lost Bike | Job


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    Completed Motor City | Lost Bike | Job

    Post by Braxton-Pugh 23rd December 2019, 4:32 pm

    Neros is almost home. He has started hovering and his face looks completely exhausted, dragging his fiery hair on the ground. Flecks of dirt and wood chips enrobe his hair. He hears the sound of a child and it splashes water on him while riding past. “Child! Come here.” Neros responds while whipping the kid off of his bike.
    “Stop!” the kid replies as Neros begins to heat his whip through its spiraled metal coiling. “I am going to ….” the kid yells.
    “Going to what? Mhmm….” Neros states. “You look familiar. Where have I seen you?”, “You may speak anytime now.” Neros said.
    “I don’t know creep.” The kid replied.
    “He’s the neighborhood bully.” As a sound from the distance starts echoing Neros’ way.
    “Show yourself! And creep. Do you mean to offend me? Your awesome, incomparable, god! Well a bully I see and hear, then a bully it shall be!” Neros states.
    “Look man, I don’t know what they are talking about.” The kid replies.
    “I don’t know what they are talking about.” Neros mocks in a whining voice as his head looks up to see a lost bike poster and the bike laying on the ground. Neros begins to recognize the kid as the bully. “Thief.” Neros replies while dragging the kid on the floor and pulling the bike with his other hand. “Where are the others?” Neros asks as the kid yells, “Put me down!”
    “You heard the kid, put him down.” A local thug says. Neros whips the kid in the thugs’ direction. “Not cool man!” the thug responds. Neros can feel the bike being tugged by this tiny man trying to steal it. “Hahahaha” Neros begins to laugh at the situation. “Come to me!” Neros begins chanting a magnetism spell, compelling the lost items to him. They begin to head his way and entraps the thief, the bully, and the thug within its contents. The police begin to arrive to the scene says “You found all the bikes, our hero. Hip, hip, Horray!”
    “Ewww, humans can be so sentimental.” Neros replies. The mayor heads over to hand Neros a reward. “Thank You.” As the mayor says as he begins to plant a kiss upon him.
    “Disgusting.” Neros pulls back, grabs the reward and starts to sprint out of the town. “These people are crazy.” As he starts to run faster, leaving his enemies in the middle of the town in a magnetized ball. As he leaves the proximity, the ball begins to unravel and his spell is released. “Uh-oh” the mayor states as everything falls.
    “An honest pay, for honest work.” Neros states while whistling back home to his undeveloped plot of land. Looking out in the distance with his new items and money. Silence piercing his ears and the night starting to set in. “Hopefully, my tomorrow will be better than today.” Neros puts the jewels down to make a pillow out of them and wraps himself in a blanket of fire laying on the cold earth waiting for his tomorrow.
    (508 Words)

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