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    Eternal Winter

    Sakura Kisagami
    Sakura Kisagami

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    Eternal Winter Empty Eternal Winter

    Post by Sakura Kisagami 21st December 2019, 5:02 pm

    Eternal Winter BhhEgUj

    Eternal Winter

    Sakura Kisagami

    Proof of purchase:

    Winter has since time immemorial been a staple of the world and everything within. As icy cold, frigid winds, and darkness grasp the planet and those that dwell on it societies change, wildlife adapts and the cycle of seasons prepares for its ever-continuous process of death and rebirth, new life rising from the frozen wastes stronger than before. Winter, for many, is also synonymous with death, the cold and the ice bringing an end not just to the green that normally covers the land in its hues, but also those unfortunate enough to fall to the harsh and inhospitable surroundings. In many ways, Winter is unforgiving and relentless, this particular aspect of its power long desired by mages of all standing and background. Iceberg, in particular, is home to mages who are more than closely familiar with the elements that Winter bears, the region being covered year-round in thick ice and snow, though this fact makes individuals who survive these conditions some of the toughest out there. One particular group of powerful mages from Iceberg, however, took this philosophy to the extreme, seeking out the strongest of ice magic to learn, control, and wield to bring everlasting Winter to the rest of the world, so that indeed the weak may perish in the grasp of ice and darkness and the strong shall rise from the frozen white, ready to lead humanity into a new age of survival. Obviously, not much came of this ideology as the outside worlds saw these particular individuals as nothing short of fanatics at best and terrorists at worst. Some were executed for grueling crimes, others went into hiding to continue their plot from the shadows, the rest abandoning their old ways and returning to a more mild way of coexisting with the world around them. Regardless, some of the mages survived and passed on their particular powers to those that came after them, unbeknownst to them passing on the potential to wreak havoc upon the planet and turn it to ice once more.


    The user, in more than one way, embodies the characteristics of Winter, their peculiar abilities manifesting in the form of this ability. Frost, ice, and snow follow the user wherever they go. The area within the user's burst range (Up to S) is always extremely cold, so much so that it is harmful to all other entities, no matter the other environmental conditions the user finds themselves in, and any being that enters this range will receive user rank spell damage (Up to S) upon doing so instantly up to once per post. This ability can be toggled on and off at the user's will, but can only be either activated or deactivated in any given post. This ability also indiscriminately targets everything and everyone within that range, meaning the ability can potentially harm allies. Even if the ability is turned off the air around the user of the lineage is noticeably colder than that outside of their range at all times.

    Avatar of Frost:
    Strengthened by their heritage of unrelenting steadfastness in the face of the overwhelming power of nature itself, the user is a mage more talented than others of their kind. This specific inherent talent bestows upon them the ability to use stronger magic than other mages, provided they make use of their aptitudes. The user gains an additional advanced spell slot for one of their magics that ranks with them up to H+ rank. Further, the user also gains the ability to sacrifice one of their H rank spell slots within one of their magic to gain an H+ advanced spell slot within the same magic. Additionally, the user also gains 3 additional user rank spell slots for one of their magics which rank with them up to S rank. All of these additional spell slots must be in some way used for spells connected to or utilizing directly frost, ice, snow, or cold.

    When winter arrives the world comes to an almost complete standstill. This aspect of the season translates over to the bearer of this lineage as well, granting them strange powers that give their magic itself frost-like properties. The user's spells will always "feel" cold, and, if the user so wishes and allows it, will always carry a distinct variation of an ice-blue or snow-white color. The user's spells ignore counter-effects to immobilizations, bypassing those effects and working at full efficiency at all times. Unfortunately, the magic that allows this is deeply ingrained within the bearer, causing them to suffer from a similar effect, meaning that, as a drawback, the user of this lineage can never benefit from counter-effects to immobilizations under any given circumstance.

    Heart of Ice:
    The user has learned to channel, and thus use, the icy talents that lurk within them, granting them the inherent ability to command ice as if it was an extension of themselves. The user can freely manipulate naturally occurring ice to their liking and can produce ice wherever and whenever they desire, in whichever shape they desire. This, of course, can also be used to attack opponents. Regardless of the form the ice takes, it will always deal User Rank Advanced Multi Target Damage (Up to S+), possess a maximum range of User Rank Advanced Multi Target Range (Up to S+) around the user and move at User Rank Advanced Multi Target Speed (Up to S+). These inherent talents also grant the user a 100% increase to both their spell damage and their spell range.

    Gifts of Winter:
    The inherent harshness of Winter makes resourcefulness an absolute must. Not only that, those who wish to survive under its conditions must do their utmost to do so. As such, the user makes use of these attributes, using them to his advantage in a somewhat more indirect way. This grants them a 100% increase to all jewel rewards from jobs they complete.


    Shen Kadokawa
    Shen Kadokawa

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    Eternal Winter Empty Re: Eternal Winter

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 21st December 2019, 9:37 pm

    Eternal Winter XYonbFX



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