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    fight, flight, or freeze [event]


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    fight, flight, or freeze [event] Empty fight, flight, or freeze [event]

    Post by Althea 21st December 2019, 4:58 pm


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    ٩( ๑•̀o•́๑ )و
    Winter was seriously one of the best things ever in Althea’s books.  If she were to truly communicate how much she loved cold weather in a comprehensible way, the relationship would be like if she was peanut butter and winter was like jelly.  And one could probably tell just how confident the water mage was about her body’s resistance to cold seeing as the only cold-weather clothing article she was wearing were some tights under her skirt.  If you were to take it a step further, then mountains would be the bread in this situation, but that’s enough with that metaphor.

    One of the many features of winter was how obscenely long the night was.  Even though it was still a perfectly fine time to be awake, the sun was already beginning to set over the festival.  The freshly fallen snow shimmered as the dying light of the sun prompted the festival stalls to start turning on their lanterns.  In her peripheral vision, she could see some small children playing with sleds, which actually seemed to be a fairly enjoyable endeavor.  Of course, Althea already knew her track record with interacting with those not of the age to start driving, so she wouldn’t dare approaching them.  The last Valentine’s Day told her that much, and despite her childish behavior the girl had no clue how to behave around those younger than her.  They were kind of like mini people, right?  So then… she’d just have to do normal stuff… but little!

    Despite her flawless logic, the slayer could make no sense of anything she had just taken the effort to spend brain cells pondering.


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    fight, flight, or freeze [event] Empty Re: fight, flight, or freeze [event]

    Post by Sir Leonard 25th December 2019, 11:05 pm

    Winter came at last in the world and with it comes the near end of the year. Pondering this thought, Leo could not help but look back at the year that is about to pass as he walked in the streets of Magnolia as the snow fell to the earth. The chill that came with the season demanded thicker clothing and though Leo's usual attire was warm enough, he had a thicker fur cloak than his usual cloth one. Walking by his side was his daughter Lina who wore a thick white jacket and winter hat that paired nicely with her beautiful fluffy white snow boots. She hummed as she walked alongside her father content to just spend the little time they have together since they weren’t able to do much last Halloween. Leo had hoped things would be different now while they looked around at the various stalls at the sides of the snowy streets. Yes everything was slower and more peaceful than the past few events in town Leo thought in delightedly as they walked with the snow being compacted together under their feet with every step they took.

    Around them, they could see stall lanterns being lit up as the sky grew dark, adding a more serene atmosphere with their yellow lighting in conjunction with the falling snow that made Leo smile at their beauty and Lina to gasp in wonder. Indeed the Christmas spirit was alive in every soul and not a single intent of evil can be seen or felt, strangers who pass by others greets them in joy and peace and it was prevalent in everyone including the people around Leo whom he would exchange greetings with, using a smile and wave and Lina adding more cheer and glee with her personality and youth.

    Having greeted the last stranger near them, Leo spotted a girl within the crowd whom he had seen before inside the halls of the guild. Overcome with the holiday spirit, he decided to walk towards the person and engage in a conversation because he had been back for almost a year and it felt shameful that he had only met two new people since then: Nessa and Arcadia. Approaching by the mage’s side, he waved his hand and greeted her with a simple “Hi” before following it up with some small talk ”You’re from Fairy Tail, right? So am I.” he said with calm in his voice, a small on his face, and with the hand he had used to wave out extended for a hand shake. With Lina all the while was simply smiling at her, behaving herself with courtesy.

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