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    Post by Juuya on 21st December 2019, 10:31 am

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    Nico Dixon
    Someone needs to step up and do something.
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    "Uwaaaah. . . they all look so good! Gee, I
    unno which I should even try first."
    Nico said airily, looking at the arrangment of hot chocolate drinks all lined up in decorative colums and rows. It was a booth where people could come and try various different mixtures of hot chocolate brewed by others until they could decide on their favorite one. Some had whole pieces of peppermint bark swimming within while others had thick layers of marshmallows sitting on top of butterscotch-infused cocoa. He wasn't sure whether or not the makers were rewarded with anything depending on how many people liked their hot chocolate best, but if they were, the taste-testers weren't aware of it. Needless to say, Nico found himself lured over to the booth by the sweet smell of cocoa and the festive designs of the mugs, and seemed more interested in admiring each concoction more than trying them.

    The tall young man stood there towards the front with twinkling eyes captured with puppylike awe as he admired the booth. Nico was aware that he could try all of them, but seemed so stumped as to which he should try first. He was wearing a forest green insulated down-coat with a navy blue sweater and white dress shirt underneath. He wore black jeans and equally dark combat boots, prepared for the day's frosty chill.


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