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    Frozen Flowers


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    Frozen Flowers Empty Frozen Flowers

    Post by Darataka on 19th December 2019, 12:32 am

    Magic Name: Frozen Flowers
    Magic Type: Ancient Magic
    Description:  Having grown up in the frozen wastes his entire young life, Darataka had never seen the color green in nature, let alone the beauty that is nature. His home tribe had always said it would take something special to trigger his personal affinity with magic, and it took the art of plant life to awaken the hidden powers within him. Dara became a lover of flowers and it incorporated itself in his ancient blood line. These flowers are always merely a frozen mimic of their true selves, but Dara pays loving attention to detail in all that he controls.
    Unique Abilities:

    • Ability: Born to the cold : Darataka has natural resilience to cold, hardly being affected by it. 50% Damage reduction to any Ice/Cold based magics.
    • Ability: N/A
    • Ability: N/A

    Solitary Benefit: +50% to Spell Power


    Name: Ice Rose
    Rank: D
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Mutliple Targets
    Damage: 30 HP
    Range: 45 meters
    Speed: 60 Meters Per Second
    Duration: 1 Turn
    Downside: Reduced duration in exchange for single target speeds.
    Description: Creating a rose made out of ice in his hand, Dataka can throw these in a fashion similar to a senbon needle causing the thorny stems to deal piercing damage. He can create as many as six at a given time, targeting opponents as he sees fit. However once the rose reaches past its maximum traveling distance, it fades away into snowflakes shaped like rose petals.

    Name: Frost Vine Whip
    Rank: D
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Single Target
    Damage: 40 HP
    Range: 60 meters
    Speed: 60 Meters Per Second
    Duration: 3 Turns
    Description: Taking a single rose stem, Darataka extends its length of ice out into a long whip made of a vine like spell. Although it seems fluid and plant like, its color and make are still like that of ice and has the similar effects.

    Name: Grip of the Grapevine
    Rank: D
    Category: Auxiliary ?
    Type: Single Target
    Durability: 60 HP
    Range: 60 meters
    Speed: 60 meters per second
    Duration: 3 turns
    Description: From the ground sprout icy veins with thorns, that wrap around the legs of the target and hold them in place. The enemy's movement speed is reduced to zero unless they destroy the vines.

    Name: Snow Eden's Dance
    Rank: D+
    Type: Area of effect
    Damage: 30HP
    Range:45 meters
    Speed: 25 Meters Per Second
    Duration: 5 turns
    Description: Darataka becomes surrounded by spinning flower petals made of ice, that act as a damaging aura around him while he moves and attacks.


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