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    Interesting encounters (private)


    Shadow of Death

    Shadow of Death

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    Interesting encounters (private) Empty Interesting encounters (private)

    Post by Sol 14th December 2019, 1:21 pm

    The sun was Shining in the city of Ace of Spades as two figures walked thru the gates the guards stepping aside to let them in without even an issue. Both were dressed in midi style and both clad in geta sandals, Sol was dressed as he normally was outside of work in a hakama pants and an under kimono with a dark haori over it, the Haori and under kimono has his symbol on them which was a simple Yin Yang Mark. The other one beside him was a male equal to sol in height if not a slight bit taller, he was clad in a dark colored Hakama pants and kimono top with a set of large prayer beads around his neck and waist and his hair was dark like Sols but longer and more wild while he had the same red eyes as Sol but more piercing and a goatee finished off his appearance. “hatching tell me why we are here again” the older male said with a bored tone in his voice. Sol glanced at him before looking ahead again.”Otou San we haven’t traveled together in a while and I have to deliver something here. After that we can eat and do some training nearby if you want” the younger male suggested to his foster father as Ballom thought for a moment then nodded.

    alright lead the way Hatchling lets hope that you have picked up some new things since becoming more then a dragon” he said with a small smirk on his face. The moved and quickly approached the shop that Sol needed to deliver something to and as the slayer gave the owner a shipment of fine silks from a shadow portal the two headed to a small tea shop where Ballom proceeded to order a cup of jasmine tea with Yakitori while Sol sat beside him having Sencha and a bowl of Chikara Udon. “you know good places around here Hatchling I take it you visit often?” Ballom asked as Sol nodded a bit.”While I mostly stay on Tolgalen I do tend to visit and do delieverys out here now and then” he explained as Ballom smiled a little bit and nodded."You are in a high position but yet you don’t let that stop you from doing simple and humble tasks for your job this is good” he said as he sipped his tea.

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    Interesting encounters (private) Empty Re: Interesting encounters (private)

    Post by Tyson Rhodes 14th December 2019, 6:26 pm

    "Watch out people! Out the way out the wayyy!" Tyson shouted, the big orange bunny flying down a descending street as a bunch of barrels tumbled around wildly. He had no idea where did those come from, nor why they had been set loose. Perhaps a merchant from the place had lost some of his own cargo while going up the street to the market.

    The problem however, remained. The barrels had no intention of stopping any time soon, so he would have to to keep on running or risk getting trampled by wood and metal. That would not feel good at all. Thankfully, being able to turn into a giant bunny person has its perks. Namely, leg muscles. He sure had no shortage of that. It would do him really good the moment he had to vault over something or onto something to get away from the crazed stampede of rolling barrels.

    "HEY YOU! GET BACK!" He shouted at a young pretty girl that was just then turning the corner into the street. Gah, no time. By the moment she would notice and undestand him, the barrels would just trample over her.

    Tyson had to act fast. Of one thing, he could be thankful of. He was currently in his home turf and near Geyger Park. The space at the end of the street was called that for a reason, namely, the only garden around town. Bushes like those would be way better than getting a barrel to the face. The young half bunny half slayer leaped forward as fast as he could, tackling the lady out the way and onto the grass. The barrels would continue on and crash into the center square's fountain, splashing water all around.

    Tyson grumbled, now splattered on the floor with a stranger on his chest. His head was spinning. Grass softened the blow, but he still fell somewhat hard. He grumbled around, trying to snap out of his daze. "H-hey...Are you alright, miss?" He asked, slowly coming back to his senses. "It's all fine now...are you hurt? You okay over there..."


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