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    The Home of the Celestial Spirits I

    Odhran Aegisbane
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    The Home of the Celestial Spirits I Empty The Home of the Celestial Spirits I

    Post by Odhran Aegisbane 11th December 2019, 2:34 pm

    Odhran was feeling bored, so he had opted to spend his time in the Celestial Spirit Realm. In his kindness, the Celestial Spirit King had prepared a mansion for Odhran's Spirits to live in when they were not called out to fight. There were maids and butlers that cared for the mansion, but they were mostly at this point assigned to be little more than zookeepers. Most of the Spirits Odhran was Keybearer for were creatures, save for Scorpio and Arnaluuk.

    Scorpio was in her female form as Odhran entered the mansion, perched atop a gilded balcony railing. "Glad you could come to hang out with us for once!" Scorpio said, smiling. She leaped down from the balcony, hugging her Keybearer. "As much as I loooooove the mortal realm, it, like, gets really boring sometimes, Odhran! Plus, this mansion is sooooo cool! I mean, I know part of it is because I have some rapport with His Majesty, but it's especially cool that you have some blood or whatever that makes it so that you get a ton of extra perks here." Scorpio, placed a finger on her chin in contemplation. "Have you even ever been to explore around this place?"

    "Alas, it is my great regret that I have been unable to explore the very lands in which my Spirits live! In times past, I could explore around this area, but I have never been given the wonders of touring my own palace that the Celestial Spirit King so graciously granted to us! I would be greatly honored if you were to give me a tour around my palace, dearest Scorpio!"

    Scorpio giggled, sticking her tongue out coyly. "As you wish, Odhran!"

    "I really wish you would stop enabling him, Scorpio."

    Scorpio pouted at the sudden emergence of her partner in crime. "Awwww but Odhran is, like, so fun to be around! He's always got so much energy! That, and he is also the one that we have contracts with, so we can't really turn on him too well." Suddenly Scorpio had an evil grin on her face. "Or are you just jealous of my female form stealing away the love of your life? Oh, woe is the Ice Queen! She is forever banished to a world of loneliness because her future hubby was stolen by a Zodiac spirit!"

    Arnaluuk was very visibly enraged by Scorpio's taunting. "I wouldn't ever care about that dunce! Not in any more capacity than as a Spirit or Guardian to him! You should even know that! No one could ever love that dunce! I'm starting to think that you're as big a dunce as he is, Scorpio!"

    Scorpio merely laughed. "You should even know that I'm teasing you, Arnaluuk. Odhran wouldn't be able to get over the fact that I can also be a man whenever I please. You've got this whole tsundere bit you got going on, so it's all fine. Plus, I already know that Odhran wouldn't feel the same, and if he did that might make a bit of a messy love triangle."

    Arnaluuk's rage turned to confusion. "Love triangle? What do you mean?"

    Scorpio laughed. "I'll let you figure that out on your own." Scorpio winked and teasingly stuck her tongue out once more, turning around to not only remember that Odhran was there, but that he had not paid attention to a single word the bickering humanoids said. Instead, he was fully engrossed in rubbing Lupa's belly. Scorpio was at least content with that. It was strange being a humanoid Spirit with real feelings, but Scorpio had to live with it. Scorpio finally forcibly dragged Odhran off of his wolf and brought him to tour around the mansion.

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