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    Déjà vu


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    Déjà vu Empty Déjà vu

    Post by Yuiisai 9th December 2019, 5:33 pm

    It had been so odd since she ran away from what she believed was her home in Midi, she wandered for a while but she was shunned or people tried to get her to go with them. She feared the latter because she knew by now there would be people looking for her and a reward attached. It wasn't like there was a lot of people who had white hair or milky jade eyes as far as she knew, even if their was, her form was flawless from any sort of imperfections. She didn't want to be sent back, she knew she would be punished, reeducated and then deflowered by that same noble who wanted to do it in the first place. He might have been a nice man but she had never met him and she knew that the house had rules, rules that seemed to be overlooked because the man was offering a lot of money to her 'father'. She was usually an obedient young woman and done as she was told, this however was something that she could not. After her escape and how people had reacted to her she just decided it would better to remain away from people for the time being. She couldn't be accused of being a yokai or demon and no one could try and trick her to go home, before long she made her way to a dock in Midi. She had no idea where she would go if she was to get on one of the ship but surely it would be safer than where she had been, problem was when she went to get on one of the ships she was asked for a passport. To her knowledge she had never once travelled so didn't have one and explained this to the man, she was severly upset and had pleaded with him to let her on given how she was being treated by others.

    The man wanted to help but their was of course laws that everyone had to abide by, he asked her what she could give in return if he was to do such a thing and she held out some money. To most it would have been a small fortune but the man still wanted more, she agreed to entertain on top of the fee and explained it would be singing, dancing or playing music, that she wasn't that type of young woman. He agreed but explained that the first place she needed to go when they reached Fiore was Rose Garden and gain a passport as not every ship would be willing to smuggle someone into another country. She understood and agreed, telling him it would be where she would go as soon as they landed. It had taken around a week and for that week she entertained the crew, though some tried their luck only to get slapped for it. When they tried to blame her for attacking them for no reason, she brought out a lacrima she kept hidden showing the full incident and it was the person in question who received the punishment. (End of Job 1 WC: 521) She didn't like getting people into trouble but at the same time she wasn't about to let people have their way with her either. As soon as they had docked she left the ship only for the captain this time to approach her and give her, her money back. He explained that the man had no right to allow her on board, take money from her or even pretty much use her as that kind of woman. The last one confused her, but it turned out that he had told his friends that she was in his service and they could do as they wished with her. She covered her mouth to prevent herself from being sick at the thought and thanked the captain for allowing her to stay even though they had stopped at a number of ports along the way. He stated that she kept moral high and his crew was happy, it made the tedious journey that bit more enjoyable. She smiled bowing and thanked him for his kind words before she headed towards a train station.

    Buying a ticket she got onto the train and sighed just watching the landscape go by, she was frightened as she didn't know anyone here so was completely isolated. She feared that she would be affected by the culture shock, she could already tell by how she was dressed compared to the others she seen this was going to be difficult. Luckily she had at leas tbeen taught how to speak other languages in case a forigner wanted the taste of something exotic on their trip. She honestly didn't like the sound of that but there would have been nothing that she could have done to stop it. That life was behind her but as scary as that might have been the thought of facing this alone was terrifying but what was done, was done. She of course could go back and face the music but that would do little, she would just become a mindless doll and were she didn't mind the doll part she definatly did mind the mindless part. She knew what she was allowed to do was extremely limited but at least it was her choice on those few things. She had heard guilds were a thing so perhaps she could look into joining one of those after getting a passport for herself so she could travel a bit more freely. It made sense after all, she would have somewhere to stay, could find work and make some friends while doing it so with a nod of her head she would do that. Well, after she found out a bit about them. She realised they would all have different goals, bold personalities and would be different cogs in the less than perfect machine that was existance so needed to find the right fit for her. She bit her lip feeling anxious because it would mean until then she wouldn't have a roof over her head, this would be something she would have to address, perhaps she could find some basic work and rent a room in someone's house.

    There was now something she wondered, she knew they would have different goals that was a given but did they have different points of view? Were they all working for the greater good or were some only looking out for themselves? This was something else she would have to look into before making a decision. This would be life changing decision she believed, so wanted to make sure that her decision was based on good information but some things would be harder to find out as she was sure that some things they would keep secret for only their members. She was kinda worried she was about to join some sort of cult. Shaking her head she pushed those kind of thoughts to the back of her head, she was letting her imagination get the better of her and that wouldn't do anyone any good, especially her. It had taken close to seven or eight hours but she finally got off the train inside a rose garden her eyes lit up, problem was at the same time they started to water and then tears started to fall. Something about this place hurt her heart, hurt her but that was impossible, she had never been here before. Yet. It all seemed so familiar. "W... what's going on?" she whispered to herself as she brought up her sleeves to dry her eyes before walking forward looking around the area only to stop for a moment as she got a flash of the area done up for a festival, white, pinks and red garland and balloons hung everywhere, the vivid smells of chocolate and the sounds of lively yet romantic music. she put her hand to her head shaking it "Wh- what was that?" she seemed disorientated so sat on a bench near by, she had never been here before and she had been blind until her 'father' gave her, her birthday the unique gifts when she was younger.

    "Are you alright dearie?" an elderly woman walked over from the bakery she owned a small paper plate holding a gingerbread man on it, offering it to her. "F- for me?" she asked looking to the woman dressed in a green dress with white lace trimming, she took it smiling "Thank you so very much. I... I seen a scene from here I think but this is my first time here." she explained taking a small bite into the still warm and soft baked good "Oh? What did you see, perhaps I can help." the woman said taking a seat next to her "The place was filled with the smell of sweets and chocolate, people were dancing to romantic and lively music and the area was full of garlands, balloons and other decorations of white, pinks and reds." she said gently looking to her treat. "Ah, the festival of love. It is held in Rose Garden yearly on the week Valentine's day happens. Being we are named after the flower of love, we go all out for it. This year one of the local chocolate companies allowed young lovers to go through a mock wedding so they could go deliver chocolate to customers together." the woman covered her cheeks "My husband I thought it was a very sweet twist to the already romantic festivities." she said with a happy smile, it was then the young woman got a flash of a faceless male but she noticed vibrant green hair and her cheeks flushed a little "Seems like you are thinking of your own love, hu?" the elder woman said with a soft chuckle, Yuiisai could only shake her head and looked down "Another fake memory, there was a man. I couldn't make out the face but his hair was something that couldn't be mistaken, neither could his dress sense. I've never experienced love and I don't know who the man is, just my mind playing tricks I guess." she said with a saddened smile. "Ah, if you are meant to be with that one, you'll find your way to them." the woman said giving her arm a caring rub to comfort her. "Could I ask a question?" Yuiisai asked the elder woman who smiled nodding "Of course dearie, what do you need?" she said watching her.

    Yuiisai smiled feeling at ease for the first time in a long time "Where do I get a passport?" she asked quietly, almost as if she was embarrassed not to know this already. "Follow me dearie and I'll take you." she said standing up, Yuiisai smiled nodding "Thank you again." she said her voice showing just how truly grateful she was to the elder woman. "What is your name?" she asked walking down the street "Chloe Maychilde." the older woman replied starting to walk down the street with her "I'm called Yuiisai, I'm not actually sure what my last name is." she said shyly. The woman stopped looking to her "There use to be a dark mage with that same name." the woman said making Yuiisai's eyes go wide "I.. I'm not like that, I'm really not I.. I'm a good person." She started to panic as her chest tightened "I wasn't saying you were dearie, she had dark hair and like you said this is your first time here." she said trying to comfort the panicing youth. "I am guessing in your culture it could be as common as my name here, I wouldn't know I've never actually been to Midi." she said stopping once again in front of a building. "This is where you get your passport, before you leave stop by the bakery and we can have a nice cup of tea." the woman said "Thank you Chloe san, I will." she said bowing the older woman waved her hand and headed back up the street. Yuiisai entered the building and moved down the hallway to were there was a young man. (End of Job 2 WC: 1,509) He was wearing glasses with black trim, a white shirt, black trousers, white socks and black shoes, his hair was cropped short and almost looked like he had just rolled out of bed. "How can I help miss?" he asked her as she got to the desk "I am looking to get a passport, I was told I could get one here." she said watching as she was given a form to fill out "Fill that in, hand it back to me. I'll take a picture as you get checked over for a guild mark via magic and if all goes well I'll stamp the passport." he said quickly, it was so quick that some of the information went right over Yuiisai's head but she took the form and went to a table nearby to fill in the information. She signed in her first name but left the last name as she had no idea what that was, she put in her age, gender, the fact she wasn't a member of a guild, that she was a mage, she left the rank part out because she didn't know what that was and her nationality as far as she knew it.

    Once done she was content she went back to the desk with the man and handed over her form, he looked at it and blinked "Some of the things are blank." he said getting ready to hand it back "I was raised in a place were last names weren't used and I know I can use magic but I don't know how strong I am." she explained to him, he made a note in the passport about the last name thing as he continued to fill everything else. "I'll get your strength at the same time as checking for a guild mark if that is okay with you." he said to her and she nodded "Yes, of course. It seems kind of important. How do you check for markings." she said tilting her head before looking at her feet as a mint green seal appeared and surrounded her by energy and she looked at it with confusion. It lasted for around thirty seconds before vanishing "Verified, no guild association and you are a mage of S rank. You are very strong." he said finishing the information and giving her over the passport. "If your circumstances change, this needs to be updated." the man explained, Yuisai took it with both hands nodding shocked to hear just how strong she was apparently. "Thank you, I will." she said bowing and heading out of the building and down the street, she however stopped hearing some whispering about a rumour of a guild that wants to make utopia within the country of Sin. This was a place she had never heard of but was curious, she decided that since she just got her passport she should go and have a look into this new guild, but first she had agreed to go and have tea with Chloe at her bakery. (End of Job 3 WC: 506)

    Word count for first job: 521
    Word count for second job: 1,509
    Word count for third job: 506


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