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    Kidnap the Noble

    Odhran Aegisbane
    Odhran Aegisbane

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    Kidnap the Noble Empty Kidnap the Noble

    Post by Odhran Aegisbane 9th December 2019, 3:56 pm

    Odhran was never a fan of kidnappings. If he was to take someone down, he would have preferred to just kill them and get over with it. This job did not permit such things. He would have to kidnap the noblewoman in Shirotsume and bring her along to the final location where the employers were. Odhran had no use for the woman himself, but these people were paying him handsomely to kidnap her, so he had few qualms with this. Walking into Shirotsume was no issue in the slightest,  neither was getting into the mansion itself. That was the power of his imagination. He simply imagined that there was a ladder to climb over the wall and that his hands were claws to climb with, and suddenly he was atop the building, considering his next plan of action. He merely thought  for a moment before opting to let the roof open below him. He landed in what looked to be a bedroom, coming face-to-face with an older-looking gentleman. The two blinked at each other in silence before the gentleman dashed at Odhran. Rather than summon forth his Spirits at present, Odhran wished to use this as a way to train himself with his Ark of Embodiment. The gentleman, despite his apparent age, was shockingly quick. His punches were thrown with more speed and force than Odhran expected, but they were neither powerful enough nor hasty enough to make contact with the Celestial Spirit Wizard, who dodged out of the way many times with ease. He finally opted to meet the man's furious strikes with a scale-coated forearm. A sickening crunch came from the man's hand as he recoiled in pain. Odhran stared at the man, who darted his eyes between the door and his opponent. The gentleman attempted to escape, only to be met with Odhran's right arm extending forth and piercing the man in the neck. He stumbled to the ground, gripping hopelessly at his neck before he finally ceased moving.

    It was at this point that Odhran opted to summon forth his spirits, or at least Scorpio and Arnaluuk. Lupa would have been a bit too conspicuous to be in the mansion. He told the two to go and search for the noblewoman they were to capture and they all split ways, each searching their own section of the mansion. Odhran opted to check the top floor, Scorpio the second floor, and Arnaluuk the ground floor. They were all capable enough to handle themselves in a fight, so there was no issue of them being able to fight off whatever foes they would encounter.

    Odhran searched through each room on the top floor, to find them mostly barren. It was loaded with bedrooms, but none of them were occupied by anyone. It seemed as though the gentleman he had encountered likely was assisting in cleaning the area, though he had not gotten around to some of the rooms, giving their surprisingly dusty state. The employers had mentioned something about the family having betrayed hospitality, so perhaps this was a part of that detail. He found himself unable to find anything until the last room he checked, opening it up to see a woman with a duster brushing off a cabinet. Like the gentleman before,  the maid and Odhran stared at each other in disbelief, the maid slowly setting her duster down on the cabinet and rolling up her sleeves. She then lunged forwards at Odhran. She was much quicker than the butler, but it was still simple enough for Odhran to deal with. His body burst into spikes, the maid quickly and nimbly managing to slide between Odhran's legs to avoid the spikes. She kipped up to her feet before attempting a kick to the back of Odhran's head. Odhran quickly spun around, raising an arm that had since formed into a golden shield. The maid's first kick merely led into a second one that, too, was blocked. She backflipped off the shield, landing on a railing that would lead to an opening in the center of the floors that would be able to reach all the way to the ground floor. Odhran extended his arm once more, the spiked blade of his holy judgment being vaulted over by the maid, who still even yet prepared to strike down the man who had intruded upon her place of work. Odhran smiled, extending his other arm as a ring of blades surrounded it. The blades, rather than fly out to pierce his foes, each fired lasers from their tips, which the maid was unable to avoid for a prolonged period of time, finally falling to the ground in defeat. Odhran stepped up to her once more, his spiked arm drawn.

    "Truly you are a lucky woman. You have borne witness to a God descended to the realm of mortals. I have permitted you to look at my face and despair, and I shall ensure that you will become acquainted with your eternity in a gracious way. You should feel honored to look upon the face of a God. Now, I shall pass judgment." Having finished, he pierced the woman's neck and she fell to the ground, never to move again.

    Arnaluuk was slightly miffed to have been assigned to the ground floor.  It seemed unlikely that the noblewoman was going to be on the lowest floor of her mansion, but she had come to expect that Scorpio and Odhran would do their best to bring glory to themselves. She sighed. There was still the possibility that she would be going to be able to find the target. She was seemingly denied of this privilege when she heard the rasping of a blade leaving its scabbard. Standing behind her in the lobby was a grizzled-looking man with a sword and shield. He did not seem to be capable of magic, so Arnaluuk entertained a fair fight by bringing forth her trident to duel the man in melee combat. He swished his sword in a circle in front of him, slowly pacing towards the witch. He finally dashed towards Arnaluuk, attempting to slash away at her dress. Arnaluuk, parried the sword away with her trident before stabbing it at the man, who quickly raised his shield in defense. Just as quickly as the man had begun combat, he was on the defensive, feebly swinging his shield around to counter the flurry of strikes that Arnaluuk was giving. Arnaluuk gave a horizontal slash, which the man nimbly flipped out of the way of. His landing was far from clear, however, as Arnaluuk continued her onslaught of strikes towards the hopeless guard. After a particularly strong swing that the man attempted to block with his sword, he was disarmed, left only with his shield. Arnaluuk's icy trident continued to bounce off the steel guard, though she was slowly gaining an upper hand. Finally, she opted to simply finish the deal. She struck downwards with her trident, knocking his arm down to the ground. She then grabbed him by the neck and froze the man's head, sending him crashing to the ground. He may have been dead. Arnaluuk did not know, nor did she particularly care. She had always been told that it was odd for a Celestial Spirit to have such few qualms about murder, but perhaps the less-than-pristine nature of Odhran left her more apt to strike down foes permanently. Nonetheless, she continued her search of the bottom floor of the mansion, searching in vain for the noblewoman.

    Scorpio seemed to already know where the noblewoman would be. She knocked down the door the noblewoman was hiding in, the only thing standing between the zodiac and her would-be captive being a strong-looking woman. "Figured you would be here. Anyways, I'm not here to kill you, missy! Just here to take you and give you over to some other guys. I mean, if I were the one going about it, then I'd've just killed ya, but I suppose if that were the case, Odhran would'a just destroyed the whole house. Oh well. It's cool! Anyways, I'm going to have to ask you to move out of the way, ma'am."

    "I'm willing to give my life for Lady Irene, creature." The bodyguard scowled, tightening the grip on her greatsword.

    "Aww, how cute! You guys really are cute, aren't'cha? Oh well. Too bad I gotta make sure you follow up on that promise! No hard feelings~"

    Scorpio giggled, stepping forwards towards the woman, who dashed at the Zodiac. Scorpio parried aside the strike with her spear, flipping out of the way of the follow-up strike that would be attempted. The woman threw a nearby table at Scorpio, who dropped out of the way and dashed at the woman. The steel of Scorpio's golden spear clashed against the steel of the greatsword as she swung the spear furiously for a moment. The bodyguard was unable to keep up with the attacks, Scorpio stabbing her in the leg with the spear between a gap in the defenses. Without looking, Scorpio extended her open hand, firing a blast of sand that would crash against the noblewoman, sending her to the wall as she fell unconscious. Scorpio lifted the spear out of the guard's knee and swung it once more, where it struck against the side of her head, and the guard fell, unmoving. Scorpio sighed, hoping that the fight would be more difficult. Alas, it was not, so Scorpio took the body of the noblewoman. She made sure that the noblewoman was actually alive before carrying her out to the other mansion, where they would finally get their payment.

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