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    First Class Shipping (exam)

    Sakura Kisagami
    Sakura Kisagami

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    First Class Shipping (exam) Empty First Class Shipping (exam)

    Post by Sakura Kisagami 9th December 2019, 1:27 pm

    Of all things for her to draw the straw on getting, it had to be that she was given escort duties. Of course, there were some upsides to it to say the least; one being she actually got to wear her uniform for a change. Ever since she got them, they had been collecting some dust in the closet of her room in a small space kept hidden with old material from Black Rose. Nothing wrong with keepsakes, right? Never the less, the doll had been getting herself prepared to deal with the mess of a situation that would be dealt with in the case of this job. At least on the upside it really was something that could be relaxing and nothing more than just sitting around to get from point A to point B without a hassle. With her luck, that wouldn’t happen, but there were hopes and dreams to be had!

    Putting the bits together of what she had in to deal with or not, it was almost an even pro and con list, maybe swaying more towards positive. Firstly, she had the fact she didn’t really talk too much when she wasn’t trying to put on any facade. There was also that being that her intended client happened to be a boy, so for her sake even with the disguise was a blessing. Last thing she needed was a little girl thinking she was some toy and trying to buy her. Might end up failing this job by killing the client or at least maiming the child. No matter, she had no worries over that. What was the best use of her pro lists was that this client was he was young, so even she could probably keep him from being too much trouble. Fat chance, but it was worth trying.

    Without wasting much more time, Sakura had found her client to be a little more close to home than she imagined. Not having to leave Rose Garden made this a little bit easier to get to her location to meet their client, so that was at her very least comforting to say the least. And to go from here to Shirotsume Town was a bit of a trek to on, but at least the ride would be quiet... or so she hoped so. What made this whole complicated approach to be easier had been the doll’s ability to move through the crowds much quieter as the armor had done its job just as intended by completely keeping her from seen by most of the people. The rest had no chance as the slayer had moved through alleys and side streets to avoid much of the people to begin with. Old habits dying hard, or more so just being so used to it because of the doll body to begin with that she just stuck to the idea of following a pattern with it.

    When she arrived to the house that was located on her mission papers, she had watched a kid place a bag into a small carriage. Afterward was an older male who placed another, larger bag inside. She watched the older gentleman setting himself up on the carriage seat and it hit her that this man was simply the driver for their trip to Shirotsume. Then a small oof of the boy whom made his way inside the back. “E-Exshume, who might chu be?” The older male asked, looking down to see the shorter cloaked figure standing by the cart. He seemed a bit nervous, which she couldn’t blame him for, when she reached up one arm with her hand extended. In said hand held a latter, to which she made no real reply verbally, she simply remained quiet while he took it nervously and then opened it.

    The nervous look turned to a sigh of relief as he had realized reading that she wasn’t here to rob them before they could even depart on their trip. Without a word said, Sakura decided to walk to the back where she stopped to admire the Gaul of this child. As she stood there, silent and arms folded at her chest watching, she could see him trying to sneak out in such a way that he thought he wouldn’t make a noise, or use the push of the cart to let him be thrown off essentially. It wasn’t a bad plan, but he didn’t pay much attention to their driver so she was still an unknown to him. While he continued to wriggle his way free, she would make her way up onto the back and with one firm, forceful push from his rear end, the doll heaved the boy back inside the cart and then climbed in after, only to sit by the back of the carriage while her attention remained silently on him. ”Sit.” It was the first word, but the only one she would say as they began to move out of Rose Garden and no I towards their destination.

    The first part of the ride was in sheer silence. The boy sat in the corner, glaring angrily at the girl who had foiled his escape attempt and was essentially making him going to a very torturous place to him. “So why do you wear that mask? Did something happen to your face? Are you some kind of disfigured freak or something like that?” His intention of hurting her feelings was brushed off as her head just slightly shifted to him to show he had her attention, but she shook her head. She gave no response, much like she had the driver, but it was soon apparent he really didn’t want to be here. “GAAAAAAWWWWD... I’M SO BORED! I just wanna play some Mineshaft and Daycamp!” He whined, Albeit throwing himself onto the floor of the cart and huffing like the spoiled child he really was. ”Video games aren’t good for you, you know.” She stated, reaching into her cloak and pulling a book out of it.

    Opening the book to a page she marked, she started to read the book while he looked at her like she had 6 heads. “Do you have an iLac? Can I play some Daycamp on your phone?” He seemed desperate. It was honestly sad that he was so dependent, but she just shook her head after looking up from her book. ”I didn’t bring my iLac because it isn’t necessary. It also can be tracked, so another reason to say no.” With that she turned to her book, but he wasn’t very happy about that at all. “But what if you get lost!? Or you’re injured or that dumb book you’re reading is finished? What else do you do? You need a phone!” Rolling her eyes, she just returned to her book, not paying the little entitled kid a moment. Kids are too spoiled these days...

    Roughly a couple hours into their trip, the cart pulled off to the side and stopped. “One shecond, Mish. I need to water the garden, if you know what I mean. He he he.” The cart driver had tried to joke, but his rather perverted joke was ignored... or at least that’s why she led him to believe. Beneath that mask was a doll gritting her teeth from the annoyance she had in that comment being made at all. Once he stepped away, the boy took a look to the book worm of an escort he had and pouted. “Hey, you.” He called out, which got her to raise her head as she knew she was the only one he could be calling to. “What’s your name?” Rather quick to it... but oh well. ”Siren.” Again, to her one word replies, but the boy just stood up and walked over to her, his hands on his hips and acting like some rather annoying mother figure. “I said your name. Not some silly nickname. And who are those two? Mom and dad didn’t say anything about three people taking me to that old bag of dusts prison.”

    The boy pointed out a pair of males who stood in the middle of the path on the way to their destination. Still, the driver was not there, but figuring it was some kind of trick so he could try and run while she was distracted, she stood in front of him by the edge of the cart while looking out to where he was trying to direct her attention to. Sure enough, there were a pair of people who seemed to be a little jittery and nervous. The kind of desperation you see in those who are backed in a corner with little to no other choices left. That was a feeling that she knew all too well and it was wrenching to see it in others. ”Give up the boy! We need him! One yelled out. The other had begun to walk closer to the cart, and all Sakura could think to do was to run, but they were nearly half way to their destination. She couldn’t possibly think he could run the distance it took them hours to travel in one direction to by cart. By foot would surely take a day if they ran nonstop. No, this wasn’t going to be a fun thing at all.

    ”Get down and stay down. I’ll take care of this.” Motioning for him to lay down on the ground, he did so with little hesitation. The teenage girl hopped out of the cart and walked around, stopping before the two potential bandits. “You need to get out of the way! We need him so our father can get help!” Thinking laying out that comment would work, they looked on to the mystery person whom dared to get in their way. “We don’t have time for this! Let me just blow them to fucking pieces and we can grab the boy!” One spoke to the other, sounding incredibly impatient. The impatient one held out his hand and fire began to ball up in the palm of his hand. It grew exponentially large before firing, and all she did in retaliation was snap her fingers. Yes, odd for a doll, but her clothing made it a little more possible. A bubble formed of water around the cart and the cloaked doll, shielding both the girl and her client from the blast as the bubble shield had extinguished the fireball with ease. “You bitch! Hurry up and get her, you idiot!” He now screamed at his brother who began to charge at the bubble.

    Trying to keep to the different seeming dynamic of the pair, she had to get them both before they could charge through her bubble. Nodding to herself, Sakura played herself a new idea in her head and was ready to put it to the test. Gliding across the side of the bubble from the back was a shark fin. Traveling rather fast, it hadn’t been fast enough for the bulkier brother to have pushed through the bubble. That’s where he was now in perfect placement. The moving bit of water shot through the bubble wall of the barrier and a shark made of water shot out and made a heavy collision into the male, exploding on contact and then sending him flying off into a tree trunk where he would drop down to the ground.

    That was one.

    Seeing his bow unconscious brother, the angry fireballing mage now decided he wanted to charge himself up some electricity. Playtime was about to be over. What she didn’t expect to happen next was instead of the magic using brother to fire his lightning at her, he instead used it to shoot himself towards her as though he wanted to attack, but he was quickly halted. Not by her, but a large armored spirit had appeared and took the whole brunt of his attack. ”Desperation only clouds your judgement.” She informed him. From underneath the guardian of hers, she had slid underneath and aimed herself in a way where she would be just below the mage and then fired off a blast of her bellow, shooting him off into the air. Watching him, she then aimed her arm out into the air in a random direction and took a bit of aim. ”PULL!” Firing the blast of light out, she struck the airborne mage and knocked him into a new bit of momentum, essentially breaking his fall.

    “Did I mish shomething, young one?” The old mans voice got her to turn around, seeing that he had finally returned. ”No, sir. Let’s please get moving, hastily.” she replied, walking back to the cart and climbing in, where the boy had stars in his eyes almost. “OH MAN THAT WAS SO COOL!” He burst out in her face while the cart pushed off once again. ”Oh, that wasn’t even my final form~” It was a mocking comment, but the Starr struck boy simply laughed and began to pester her through the rest of their ride over her magic and though it pained her to remain distanced, it kept him from trying to escape as they got to his grandmothers, so she had given him extremely vague replies.

    By roughly nightfall, the carriage arrived in the town of Shirotsume and though it stopped in front of his grandmothers, he had been fed a lot of really childish antics to cause him to happily dart into the house of the grandmother, who was rather surprised to see him so happy to run in. ”Don’t expect it for long. He’s only a little hyperactive because I told him if he studied hard enough and laid off the video games enough, he could possibly learn magic... he’ll figure it out soon enough.” She informed the boys current guardian, nodding her head and thanking her for everything and leaving her to have a little free time in the town before reporting in to the guild for a job completed.

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